Eurovision 2015: View from the Press Centre

eurovision logoEurovision 2015 – Or penultimate day in the press centre today saw the first run through of the grand final, our first look at the interval act and opening sequence, and the last chance for some interviews with the finalists… as well as news about Junior Eurovision. The day started with the cancellation of the first rehearsal of the opening. They may have regretted this later…

Then we had the chance to chat with Italy’s  Il Volo, you can watch the interview here.

Lynn Italy

The opening of the grand final was a shambles, we can only hope it’s better tonight. There was open mouths and stifled laughter as Conchita flew through the air on a wire…

As we got on to Israel performing, Aminata of Latvia was dancing away to it in the press centre whilst she waited to do an interview with the BBC.

27 songs and three hours later and it was all a bit of a blur. Thankfully the coffee was strong.

Mans arena

We caught Loïc Nottet of Belgium coming out of his BBC interview, and he and the team are delighted with how well he is doing in the charts.

jane loic

Meanwhile the drummers were beating away madly on stage for the start of the interval act.

This was followed by a press conference for Junior Eurovision, where Bulgaria revealed the motto this year was ‘Discover!’ and San Marino’s Michele and Anita entertained the press. Junior Eurovision could hold up to 8000 spectators this year.

The Big 5 also undertook more press conferences. The latest press voting has Italy in the lead over Sweden by one vote!

A bit of a bromance has been struck up today between Australia’s Guy Sebastian and Belgium’s Loïc Nottet

Loic Nottet

Loic Guy

Time for the jury final now before the grand final tomorrow!!


5 comments on “Eurovision 2015: View from the Press Centre

  1. Oh “bromance” please…Loic simply saw all the up close and personals between Mans and Elnur and decided to pay Elnur with the same price and hooked up with Guy.
    If he was smarter though he would hook up with one of the israeli boys ;-)

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