Eurovision 2015: Official Running Order!

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – After the two semis gave us the 20 finalists to join the 7 entries already qualified for the final and that everyone got drawn randomly into one of the halves, the running order was finally released tonight! Check it out!

This is Saturday night’s running-order:

  1. Slovenia Slovenia | Maraaya | Here For You
  2. France France | Lisa Angell | N’oubliez Pas
  3. Israel IsraelNadav GuedjGolden Boy
  4. Estonia EstoniaElina Born & Stig Rästa | Goodbye To Yesterday
  5. United Kingdom United Kingdom | Electro VelvetStill In Love With You
  6. Armenia Armenia | Genealogy | Face The Shadow
  7. Lithuania LithuaniaMonika Linkytė & Vaidas Baumila | This Time
  8. Serbia Serbia Bojana Stamenov | Beauty Never Lies
  9. Norway NorwayMørland & Debrah Scarlett | A Monster Like Me
  10. Sweden SwedenMåns ZelmerlöwHeroes
  11. Cyprus CyprusJohn KarayiannisOne Thing I Should Have Done
  12. Australia Australia | Guy SebastianTonight Again
  13. Belgium Belgium | Loïc Nottet | Rhythm Inside
  14. Austria Austria | The MakemakesI Am Yours
  15. Greece GreeceMaria Elena Kyriakou | One Last Breath
  16. Montenegro Montenegro | Knez | Adio
  17. Germany Germany | Ann Sophie | Black Smoke
  18. Poland PolandMonika KuszyńskaIn The Name Of Love
  19. Latvia Latvia | Aminata SavadogoLove Injected
  20. Romania Romania | Voltaj | All Over Again
  21. Spain SpainEdurneAmanecer
  22. Hungary Hungary | Boggie | Wars For Nothing
  23. Georgia Georgia | Nina Sublatti | Warrior
  24. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan | Elnur Huseynov | Hour Of The Wolf
  25. Russia Russia | Polina Gagarina | A Million Voices
  26. Albania AlbaniaElhaida Dani | I’m Alive
  27. Italy Italy | Il VoloGrande Amore

So what do you think of the draw? Who gained and who lost from it?

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299 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Official Running Order!

  1. We are about to watch the first full rehearsal of the grand final. Jane’s in the arena, myself and Jade in the press centre. Let’s see how it feels hearing the songs in order…

  2. According to the bookers there is a clear top4 Sweden, Russia, Italy and Belgium. It makes sense. Sweden will not win though. 5th place is open but I think it can be taken by either Estonia or Australia.

  3. Grand final starts with footage of a large classical concert held at Schönbrunn Palace. Then we have the footage of Concita winning last year. Then lots of images of Austria (I presume) which is pointless and not very good. Lots of bubbles and balls in the shots, I guess the bubbles then all go up to form the wavey dangly balls above the crowd. There’s a sole violinist on stage, then the orchestra appear. They go into a classical version of Rise Like a Phoenix.

  4. Conchita comes up out of the floor mid audience and sings. Presume it’s the building bridges song. Oh god, the three presenters then sing it. Oh god this is bad. Oh my god, now Conchita is flying across the arena on a high wire. Oh and here come the children on stage now. And here’s some rapper flopping about stage and miming… oh he’s stopped even miming, he’s just dancing about to a backing tape. WTF?? Now it’s gone wrong and they’ve had to stop it.

    Car crash!!

  5. The acts all just piled on the stage without being read out or in any order, not sure if that will happen, and it took forever.

    Then it’s the home made video clips of fans building bridges to “What If” by Dina Garipova. Then we’re back to the presenters to start the show.

    Well they need to rehearse the crap out of that and sort it out, it was a mess and totally boring.

  6. The Chinese broadcaster is here in all seriousness this year, there’s a small team in the press centre all week working hard on coverage. What year do you expect them to get the special invite?

  7. UK screams so so so LAST.

    • Yeah, and probably only Australia can save us from nul points

      • Why? Do you think Australians have a bad taste? Malta will be the one saving you. When they miss they final they become wild and vote for the worse songs possible.

        2007: UK
        2008: Sweden
        2010: Started licking asses (Azerbaijan).
        2011: The alliance was formed (Azerbaijan).

        • All the UK ex-pats that live there

          • Are you sure they do go care to wake up and cast a vote? I doubt.

          • UK ex-pats are not obsessed with UK. Had they were they could influence the televoting in countries such as Spain, Cyprus, Germany.

            • Saying that we do seem to do slightly better with Spain. Ie the years we get points, Spain is one of the ones that give them to us, and the years we do well Spain gives us a high score.

              I think Brits in general are happy to slag off the UK and our entry and are much fairer in that they won’t automatically vote for the UK, if the song is rubbish, but will if the song is halfway decent./ average.

      • Malta might be pissed again and give 12 pts to the UK, just like in 2007.

        • I am thinking to place a bet :p Is there one on already?

        • I’d say probably Russia

          It’s a syrupy ballad which they love, and a big protest vote against ESC fans, (plus Malta isn’t the most advanced when it comes to LGBT rights, they are still suffering from a heavy case of something called Catholicism.

          Hopefully today though Ireland will prove their is a cure for some of the nastier symptoms! :)

          • ??? Gosh! Max, check your facts, please. In Malta civil partnership is equal to marriage, except for the name, including adoption. And it is the only country in the world to have this constitutionally guaranteed.

            • I beg your pardon, just checked the rainbow map and malta is ranked 3rd ahead of Sweden.

              (Then again take it with a pinch of salt, Croatia which has a constitutional ban is somehow 5th?)


            • Rights are the equal in Croatia too but just like on Malta, it is not allowed to be called marriage. There has been a lot of progress in countries where you had thought NO WAY 10 years ago. :)

            • I knew there had been rapid progress, but I wouldn’t have thought Croatia had overtaken countries like Norway and the Netherlands and essentially now become level with Sweden.

            • A small footnote. A Croatian friend told me that the referendum restricting the term “marriage” to heterosexual partnership was actually decided in BiH. During the Yugoslavian Wars, Croatian nationalist leader Franjo Tudman (Yuck!) gave Croatian citizenship to all Craots living in BiH, who even today still hold double citizenship and are therefore allowed to vote in Croatia too. The BiH Croats tend to be reactionary and voted heavily yes when it came to changing the constitution by adding the gay marriage ban.

            • Are you sure, the result was 2/3 in favour of the ban. “the State Election Commission announced that 65.87% voted yes, 33.51% no”

              My best friend is Croatian (he doesnt know Im bi) and sadly he was in favour of the ban on marriage, as well (he was too young to vote however) so there definitely still is a lot of homophobia there. But at least we can see there is change, and its moving quite fast.

              Like I said on tuesday, Serbia, sending that song, a big gay anthem about being yourself, loving yourself its ok to be different, and waving multi coloured flags, was a very shocking but nice surprise to see from that country.

            • No, I don’t know. I only told you what my Croatian friend said. When I visited Mostar in 2013, I met a lovely Bosnian-Croat student, who more or less confirmed what my Croatian friend said. She totally detests the reactionary and nationalist attitude of her fellow Bosnian Croats. I am very happy that I’ll meet her again in July. :)

            • And I guess that there was a huge difference in results between liberal central Croatia and conservative Dalmatia …

          • There’s no way Croatia is more tolerant than the Nordics towards LGBT rights.

        • But that was in the years before the jury. Now they get money from Azerbaijan for the 12 points.

          • … which went to Italy last year. :)

            • Did it? Then they simply have no taste.

            • Maltese taste definitely is special. I lived there but I never managed to really understand what they like in music. What seems corrupted and bad to the rest of Europe might seem perfectly normal and good to the Maltese. :)
              It’s a singular place for sure and I love it to bits.

  8. We’re only on about song 10 ad have lost the will to live in here. Everyone is a bit jaded and weary now. Acts are going through the motions for this rehearsal pretty much. Holding back on their voices, understandably. Many don’t have their stage outfits on or hair and make-up done. And still look gorgeous.

  9. Hey all! Long time no speak. I’ve been enjoying Vienna and the jury finals of the semis, so I hope you’ll understand my absence. ;)

    Some thoughts:
    – The hosts have a weird kind of charm to them, especially Mirjam and Alice, but the script doesn’t really play to that as much as it should.
    – Conchita is queen and, in retrospect, should’ve just done a Petra and hosted the whole thing herself.
    – The stage is properly grand. I’m one of the ants standing around it and walking in (or should I say running, as that’s what’s necessary to get a good place ;) ) to the hall, it’s breathtaking.
    – The kinetic sculpture is underused. Were delegations just not allowed to use it?
    – Opening the contest with the orchestra was a great idea.
    – Watching the semis at the Eurovision Village in Rathausplatz has been amazing.
    – The Israeli, Serbian, and Latvian qualifications are highlights of the year so far.
    – My favorite has changed twice. Albania’s live performance at the jury final was flawless but everything about their performance in the actual semi was dreadful, and Slovenia’s staging is lifeless and off-putting, so I’m welcoming Austria to my top!
    – On that topic, musically speaking, the best thing about this year’s contest was the concert the Makemakes did at the village before the second semi. They’re great musicians and we’re privileged to have them on the ESC stage.
    – Vienna is totally Eurovision obsessed. The logo is everywhere and the city really seems excited for the contest. I even got two packs of pretzel mix with the Eurovision logo on it when I went to the store the other day!

    As for predictions, I did 7/10 for semi 1, which is on par for me ( xD ). I had the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark in and Armenia, Greece, and Georgia out. However, I was 9/10 (!) for semi 2, just missing Cyprus, as I had Malta in instead, as her vocals in the jury final were impeccable, and I couldn’t see people going for the Disney syrup of Cyprus. If I was to ride the high of my good luck, I’d wager some predictions for the final, but I’m not that confident. ;)

    Some statements, though:
    – Sweden’s a dead cert for top three. A win is looking likely at this point.
    – Latvia’s poised to make a Common Linnets-esque run to the top, with their amazing draw.
    – Belgium will be the commercial breakthrough of the contest. Whether that results in a win is yet to be seen, but the draw is helping him.
    – Austria leading into the ad break will do wonders for them. Having to follow Belgium will not.
    – There’s no way Australia will win after the world is coming down from “Uptown Funk” fever. Top 10 is probable, top five is likely, top three is a stretch.
    – Italy’s been killed going last. Top 10 will be the new goal.
    – Albania can make some noise going 26th, especially if she refines everything.
    – Greece and Cyprus are both dead.

    In a weird way, I’m almost eager to be done with 2015. The lack of anything substantive for me to enjoy has soured the year for me, but being here has (obviously) saved it. But 2016 is just another opportunity for Europe to get back on its feet and try to create the best Eurovision ever. ˆ-ˆ

    Anyway, after my time in Vienna, I’m off to Finland for a week to visit some friends *and* see Softengine LIVE on the Saturday after the final, so don’t expect to hear from me any time soon. I’m only commenting because I’m resting for the grand final tomorrow, which I will be attending! :D If I end up getting a flag, I’ll let you know which one to look for. ;)

    • Hey Nick I am so glad you enjoy your time in Vienna :) ! Sounds amazing and I am sooo jealous :D !

      What do you make of Russia’s chances to win ?

      • Hey there! :)
        Re: Russia’s chances. Nonexistent. No way the politics will let that song win. I’m thinking that Hungary got into the final as the more “socially acceptable” peace song to vote for from SF1 since Russia sending that song is so ridiculous.
        That being said, the race to the top is certainly an open one. Along with Sweden, I can’t find any other contenders. It’s bound to be an exciting night tomorrow. :)

        • Fingers crossed you are right about Russia :-\
          I am perfectly ok with Mans winning but here hoping Loic can pull a stunt and go all the way there :) !

          Enjoy this experience to the fullest (and take some pictures with some artists haha ;) ) !

    • I am glad you’re enjoying the experience. :)

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying your stay in Vienna Nick.I hope you can bring some luck to my favorites. :P

    • Enjoy your time in Vienna and Finland, Nick. :)

    • Hello Nicke enjoy Vienna.

  10. We’re up to Boggie, song 22. It’s so easy to forget what has already gone. The coffee is getting stronger in here and is much needed.

    I can’t begin to guess what viewers at home seeing all 27 for the first time are going to remember at the end.

    • Genuinely, I think a lot (especially in the UK) will switch off during the 2nd half.
      I don’t mean switch off as in physically switch off the tv, but they won’t be concentrating, if they are watching with friends and family, they will be talking about other stuff, next doors cat, Sue at work’s new BF, etc

      Congrats on your article by the way, I compliment you on holding back when it came to the UK lol, that must have been hard :)

      • Agree. With the sea of ballads that lie in the 2nd half I doubt people will stick around. Half of Europe will be asleep mid-way and will miss out voting afterwards lol.

  11. I’ve been watching the show since 2011 (well I actually started following the esc season only the following year, I didn’t even watch the 2011 final live) and I must say this is definitely the most exciting edition for me so far!
    Yeah, last year we had no clear favourite either, but after the semifinal Conchita clearly had gained momentum and half way through the show I was 100% sure she would win,

    On the contrary, I have no clue about this year: I think the main contenders for the top 2 are Sweden and Belgium, Russia is definitely going to be in the top 5 but I can’t see them getting enough big points from Western countries.
    In the last years Italy’s slowly built a “Mediterranean Block” along with Malta, Greece (already charting in the top 5 in both countries), and Albania, and they are close friends with Spain and Switzerland, so they could definitely gather some 12 points.
    What about Estonia? They do have relatively few views on youtube but they’re doing great in some countries in the charts.
    Australia’s not a real contender imo, I guess he’ll come something around 7th.
    Just like last year, Norway’s a big favourite but they had little impact on the charts.
    Serbia and Israel are the true underdogs of the season, but they’re not going to trouble the top 7 imo.
    Good luck to everyone!

  12. Hello guys, I’m a very very old follower of this site(I believe I’ve been reading eurovisiontimes since 2011), but a very silent one :D a lil’ bit shy. Anyway, this year is, in my humble opinion, very hard to predict. I believe Sweden and Belgium have a good shot at winning, but I’d prefer to see Norway taking the trophy in the end(but I know it won’t happen). Estonia would be a great winner too, but can they overcome the bad luck of performing in the 4th spot? Not sure.
    I hope Russia doesn’t win because I don’t think “A million voices” is a deserved winner, even though she has very good vocals.
    Italy and Spain might have a shot, but the first is kind of killed by the draw and I’m not sure about how well Edurne will sing live. We’ll see.

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