Eurovision 2015: 2nd Semi Finalists Chart Across Europe

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – So now that the second lot of qualifiers are known, we have taken another look at the charts across Europe to see who is coming out on top from last night’s show. Only two countries seem to be selling well above the rest… Sweden and Latvia.

We have taken the information of ESCTracker.com and have picked out the second semi finalists.

Måns Zelmerlöw fro Sweden with ‘Heroes‘ was the winner of the night, currently charting in 26 countries.
charts sweden
Latvia’s Aminata with ‘Love injected‘ was the next biggest seller, charting in 13 countries.
charts latvia
No other country really made much of an impact. There were some chart positions for Israel, Slovenia, Norway and Cyprus (And the Czech Republic despite them not qualifying).
charts 2nd semi 1
Montenegro and Azerbaijan also picked up a few positions.
charts 2nd semi 2

(Greyed out repeated names are for remixes or where the track is on an album compilation)

22 comments on “Eurovision 2015: 2nd Semi Finalists Chart Across Europe

  1. If you look at the songs charting and the countries having ESC songs in their charts, it once more becomes very obvious which regions of Europe have hijacked this contest. In ESC, there is most certainly no space for countries like France, Portugal and Spain anymore.

    • That’s quite unfair imo. The 2 best charting songs are from western Europe and with western musical aesthetics and we see good charting performances in Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium and The Netherlands. We should expect to see more of that after the final though in many countries and France especially was always a tough market to crack for esc (I was watching charting positions for the winning songs from 1956 to today and in France they were always less succesful).

      I am sorry you are in a bad mood :-( Cheer up and let’s enjoy the final :-)

      And who knows ? Loic may win and everyone on the forum (except Donnie lol) will be happy :-D !

      • My argument wasn’t anti Easttern but anti central and nordic …
        Loic would be the perfect winner. In fact, he would even hold my frustration with ESC at bay. :)

        • Tbh seeing the odds and how well he charts even after the 2nd semi and in countries that did not participate in the 1st semi (thus lower viewing figures) I am starting to believe that anything can happen.. :) Difficult but it can :)

      • I don’t really want him to win at this point. :P I haven’t really warmed up to the live performance.

      • Believe me I will be more than THRILLED with a Belgian win!
        I will make 400 E!!!

    • problem is Portugal, France and Spain are stubborn and refuse to move with the times, France and Portugal in particular, they’re never gonna score well if they just stuck to their native language, they’ll never win carrying on like that, its not commercial enough.

      • That’s exactly what I meant. I just take a different perspective. I want diversity in ESC and not 40 songs that all sond as if they could be in the UK charts or MF. From a strictly musical point of view f. e. the French song is much stronger than the Swedish one, which is little more than a soundtrack for a stage gimmick. But of course Sweden is much more compatible with what’s going om in contemporary pop music, which is 95 % total waste anyway imho.

        • Do you really feel that France and Portugal haven’t won just because they stick to their native language?Because i haven’t heard and i haven’t seen a winning performance from them irrespective of the language in which the song is sung.

          • I am not talking about winning but about getting fair results. Amandine’s and Vânia’s results f. e. were a total disgrace imo. Plus, it’s not only about language but about composition and sound too.

  2. It’s slightly irritating that the only ESC song troubling the UK charts is the UK’s own song. Having just got back from a fantastic festival in Brighton featuring bands from Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Latvia, Israel, Australia, USA, Canada, Japan and even a few from the UK, it’s frustrating to see that our singles charts are as blinkered as ever.

    • to be fair though while the final gets decent viewing figures the semis aren’t watched hardly at all in the UK.So I’d expect a few songs to break into the charts after the final. Actually none of the big 5 feature on this list much at all.

      The majority of people I speak to about Eurovision still have no idea the semi finals exist 11 years after first being introduced.

      • Fair point. I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose a few non-UK songs did get into the Top 40 last year.

        By the way, I had a mini-party (a semi-party?) last night and the Golden Boy went down very well among my Eurovision friends, including a few on Facebook who took a shine to him. We were bemoaning the lack of key changes this year and a cheer went up when The King Of Fun delivered! His Herreys-esque golden boots didn’t go unnoticed either!

    • Look at last year…. an awful lot of songs charted in the UK

      Iceland, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark to name a few and even France!!!! We never buy French songs but we got Moustache into the Top 50

      I think Sweden, Estonia and Belgium will be the heavy hitters on the UK charts this year come Sunday

      • OK, fair dos, perhaps I’m being unfair, although it was only Austria, Netherlands and Sweden who cracked the Top 40. I’m pretty sure France did not make the Top 75. Are we looking at the same charts? I’m looking at the Official UK Singles Chart.

        Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this year’s crop fair in the charts after the weekend.

    • Actually, Sweden is 172 in UK atm :)

  3. Don’t worry about Slovenia, they will be on the charts on Monday in a big way.

    • This is the type of song that the viewer voting for will also go out and purchase, no matter where it ends up on Saturday. The sales won’t be hurt even if they finish 20th, which I don’t think will happen.

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