Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

Eurovision badgesEurovision 2015 – Today is the second semi final that will be airing on Television Stations all over the world and another ten finalists will be decided on. Earlier in the week we asked you who you thought would qualify from the second semi final and the results are in…

It is very close within your Top 5 with countries only placing around 2 votes apart from each other but you think Slovenia and Maraaya will win this semi final beating Norway and Sweden. Check out the results below…

12 Pts Slovenia (99 Votes)
10 Pts Sweden (96 Votes)
8 Pts Azerbaijan (94 Votes)
7 Pts Norway (93 Votes)
6 Pts Latvia (68 Votes)
5 Pts Lithuania (66 Votes)
4 Pts Israel (65 Votes)
3 Pts Iceland (62 Votes)
2 Pts Cyprus (50 Votes)
1 Pt Czech Republic (49 Votes)
Montenegro (47 Votes)
Malta (46 Votes)
Ireland (44 Votes)
Poland (34 Votes)
Switzerland (23 Votes)
Portugal (6 Votes)
San Marino (4 Votes)

In the poll for the first semi final you predicted 9 out of the 10 finalists so will you be just as correct this time? We will soon see.

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

12 comments on “Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final Two?

  1. I think these results are correct except Montenegro will qualify over Israel.

  2. I think (and hope!!!) that Iceland will be out and make room for a very deserved Montenegrin qualification. #nololitaactsatesc

  3. I think Czech Republic will be replaced by Poland.

  4. I think (and also hope) that Cyprus and Iceland will be replaced by Montenegro and Ireland.

  5. if we go by packs: ET pollers have a clear top 4, then 4 more that seem a lock (which includes Iceland oddly enough), then there are 5 songs very close for the 2 last spots. 2 that are more clearly out, but only 2 which are apparently completely dead in the water. Let’s see how ET pollers did.

    • I think the results show just how close this semifinal really is. (I’d also like to know the sample size; a top ranking of 99 votes is small compared to the 155 votes Estonia got in the other poll.)

      Only 4 countries got 90 or more votes in this one, versus 8 in the other poll. (Again, I’d imagine there’s a huge disparity in the sample size.) Then everything after 4th has fewer votes than Netherlands, which was listed as qualifying in the other poll but didn’t. (Hungary got 54 votes there.)

      Those last six slots are gonna be verrrrrry tricky (and probably really close, too).

  6. The top 5 there is kinda given and the last two are doomed imo, but all the other song will fight till the end for the 5 last spots, hoping for Irelands song to qualify ^^ :)

  7. The Golden boys trying to teach us their dance routine:

  8. The second semi final much superior in music than first semi final. I am irish and its a pity ireland weren’t in first semi it would have got through but it’s not a good song…the three hostess aren’t very good but conchita is an excellent host. So far the contest hAsnt ben great..hopefully Saturday’s night final will outshine the 2 semis

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