Italy: Il Volo Sign CDs for Hundreds of Fans

Il VoloItaly – Italy’s Il Volo signed CDs, leaflets, t-shirts and Italian flags for hundreds of fans today in the EMI record store in Vienna. Screaming girls and Eurovsion fans all queued for up to an hour to secure the autographs of one of this year’s favourite acts.
The fans that went first were lucky enough to grab photographs with the threesome.

Il volo signing 1

il volo signing 2

Later fans were rushed through by grumpy security and not allowed any pictures or to talk to the guys, which was disappointing for many, but there were just too many fans there and they wanted to get everyone through to get an item signed.

Il Volo signing

Italy will perform in the second half of the grand final on Saturday 23rd May.

The Eurovision Times has a signed Il Volo CD up for grabs and we’ll be running a  competition soon for you to enter, so watch this space!

4 comments on “Italy: Il Volo Sign CDs for Hundreds of Fans

  1. There were lots of very excited and happy Italians queueing!

  2. After watching one of their performances,i just feel they’re the winners.I hope it’s Slovenia or them anyway.

  3. Oh God!Aren’t they lovely? :D :

  4. I made it to this! My friend really wanted to meet them so I accompanied her to the store. It was fun and the guys came off as really friendly, even if we only got to see them for about a minute or two. Really hope they do well on Saturday.

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