Eurovision 2015: Results of Semifinal 2

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Tonight we finally saw the second semifinal, with 17 entries participating and 21 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

Australia, Germany, Italy and the United-Kingdom all also voted in this semifinal.

After a 2h show that made us see more of the stage in action, of the three underwhelming female hosts (and a lovely drag queen in the green room), and a second boring interval act, the ten countries that qualified were finally announced. And they were:

  • Lithuania (drawn in the first half)
  • Poland (drawn in the second half)
  • Slovenia (drawn in the first half)
  • Sweden (drawn in the first half)
  • Norway (drawn in the first half)
  • Montenegro (drawn in the second half)
  • Cyprus (drawn in the first half)
  • Azerbaijan (drawn in the second half)
  • Latvia (drawn in the second half)
  • Israel (drawn in the first half)

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366 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Results of Semifinal 2

  1. My suggestion for the running order:
    1. Serbia
    2. Cyprus
    3. UK
    4. Armenia
    5. Sweden
    6. Lithuania
    7. Australia
    8. Norway
    9. Slovenia
    10. France
    11. Israel
    12. Estonia
    13. Belgium
    14. Austria
    15. Montenegro
    16. Poland
    17. Germany
    18. Azerbaijan
    19. Latvia
    20. Georgia
    21. Italy
    22. Spain
    23. Russia
    24. Hungary
    25. Romania
    26. Greece
    27. Albania

    • Don’t kill us yet. I want Sweden to get slot number. We need a suspense. Will No2 gives us a winner at last?

  2. Having listened to all the songs, here is my personal ranking of semi 2 (top 3 is very tight):

    1. Azerbaijan (best song, but underwhelming performance)
    2. Cyprus
    3. Latvia (I’m probably unfair to this, the loud chorus has just started to annoy me after a lot of listenings. The performance was flawless though and I hope I will like this more on Saturday)
    4. Montenegro
    5. Slovenia
    6. Sweden
    7. Norway
    8. Czech Republic (they made it soar live)
    9. Lithuania
    10. Israel
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    11. Ireland
    12. Poland (glossy and scheming, but the melody has something soothing I actually like)
    13. Malta
    14. Portugal
    15. Switzerland
    16. San Marino (the song is kinda cheesy cute, but this was a terribly weak performance)
    17. Iceland (the Albania of this semi, so unbelievably boring! Plus that she looked like a 7 year old trying to dress as a Disney princess)

  3. No real surge as far as odds go, except Belgium somehow still improving (passing Serbia and Norway). Norway, Azerbaijan, and Slovenia all came in at decent positions so no upward movement there, though I imagine at least one of those could pass Serbia. Israel with the biggest jump but to 12th. Spain somehow up to 11th. Latvia currently down (by one) to 13th after being passed by Israel, though odds are improving for both.

    And of course Sweden was already #1 so it couldn’t have gone any higher. But its odds are still shortening.

  4. Unsurprising results, although I really hoped the Czech Republic would’ve gone through. The EBU will have to really go out of their way to keep them in the contest now.

    Portugal need to follow Albania and remember that while it’s good to have a song your country can be proud of, it has to have continent-wide appeal. FdC is giving us none of that. They have the ability to produce a top 5 result, but not with their current method.

    P.S: Can Portugal enter Brazillian artists like how France/Switzerland have sent Canadian ones? Brazil has a HUGE music industry with a diverse range of genres and a good amount of superstars to choose from.
    While I don’t support the producer-led draw, the chance of splitting up-tempo and slower entries in the first/second halves is still completely by chance. It could’ve (and probably has; correct me if I’m wrong) happened with either system.

    That being said, Georgia is my winner for the draw. She brings the fiercest package out of all the contestants, and, if put between a string of slower songs and ballads, will stand out in all the right ways. France are actually in a good place as well, although it risks being overshadowed later on. Lisa should be able to give them a respectable (not bottom 5) placing on Saturday, hopefully better than the past 3 years.

    If Belgium or Australia run late in the first half or right after a commercial break, they’re the only other challengers to the Sweden vs. Italy battle. It seems very likely we will have a male winner this year; I only see Russia (sweeping the iTunes charts in the Soviet bloc but not nearly as much outside of it) and Latvia (the biggest dark horse IMO) challenging them in the top 5.

  5. Either RTE completely change there eurovision approach or just withdraw…whats the point on us entering if RTE aren’t willing to put in any effort.

  6. I guessed 8 finalists right. Not bad. Most of my favourite songs are in the final, namely Belgium and Latvia! :) Congrats to the finalists!

  7. Elnur is “a little drunk.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqHneJFsT30

    Wonder if he and Mans are gonna celebrate tonight…. ;-)

  8. It’s now officially gone midnight in Ireland (and UK) so the date is now Friday 22nd May

    Will Ireland today make history and be the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage via a national popular vote?

    Opinion polls say it will be a landslide in favour, but a few are saying it could be a lot closer if the people saying Don’t Know, are actually decided on voting No but too shy to say

    • yeah, like conservatives not daring say they voted Cameron in general elections

      • Ah yes, another great day this month :D Still not quite wiped the smile off my face yet.

        But in the election opinion polls underestimated us by 3% and over estimated Labour by 3%.

        But in Ireland for gay marriage to not be passed the opinion polls have to be out by about 21%

    • After we got shafted tonight we might sulk and vote no :) all of the polls have been predicting a yes vote of between 70 and 80% so it should be carried but probably by a smaller margin. If the counting goes to plan the result should be announced about an hour or so before the final on Saturday. By the way voting actually started today, the more Islands vote earlier just in case bad weather prevents their ballot boxes being transported to the count centres

  9. The Netherlands is charting in Tajikistan.They’re #10.lol

  10. This is how I ranked all countries:

    1.Slovenia 9
    2. Norway 8
    3. Latvia 8
    4. Czech Republic 8
    5. Lithuania 7
    6. Cyprus 7
    7. Sweden 6.5
    8. Montenegro 6.5
    9. Israel 6
    10. Azerbaijan 6
    11. Ireland 6
    12. Malta 5.5
    13. Iceland 5
    14. Portugal 5
    15. Switzerland 4
    16. Poland 3.5
    17. San Marino 3.5

    Tie break among the ISR, AZR and IRL was resolved as follows

    Israel: pure entertainment; well performed as well.
    Azerbaijan: they brought smth new; Elnur appeared lost, however.
    Ireland: it came across as dull; I was not a big fan of it and feared it might lose out to better package-entry.

    As for my prediction I got 9/10. I didn’t see Poland coming and thought Czech Republic would make it this time. Pity because Poland is lame!

    • Yeah, but that was your bias call: without your love for Czech Rep and hatred for Poland (4th and 16th), you would have been able to predict it all right. Though I agree Czech Rep was so much better than Poland! esc is unfair and gimmicky, we knew that though!

    • I got 9/10 too. Had Malta through, instead of Poland. Funny thing is I was sure Poland would make it since day 1 and changed my mind early this week.
      Ovrerall good and predictable results.
      I only disagree with Poland and Serbia to a lesser extent!
      Latvia is my semi 2 winner and joins Estonia in my top 2!
      Slovenia and Norway complete my top 4!
      I find Georgia and Belgium overrated this year but I hope either Belgium or Italy wins as I have placed money on them!

      • You went crazy for IRL too as I did as well. Both doomed :p For some reason Latvia got lost in marking do to better packages. From 3rd i dropped to 8th still however maintains its 8 of 10.

        • Ireland gets a respectable 8/10 from me and will remain in my top 10. Poland stole their ticket tonight!

    • So Russia and Italy can sleep tight tonight! ;)
      Not only we are saying goodbye to yesterday but also to Estonia’s and Slovenia’s chances for a top 3 as well.
      For another time France is screwed!
      Greece gets a nice draw between 2 calm songs…

  11. Oh,they screwed Italy!

  12. I knew Slovenia would open the show.

  13. Italy last ?? Oh my god they really don’t want us to go to Rome ! They left Russia playing the field and put Azerbaijan right before them as I said lol ! Elhaida has been crushed completely. Polina is now the frontrunner to win by a mile imo.

    Loic right after Australia ? F*ck…But 13th is the best he could get..! Could he have been 2nd in the semi ?

    Slovenia opening the final…They murdered them. Estonia 4th is also..not terribly good but away from Norway at least. They put the 2 nordics next to each other and absolutely murdered Cyprus by putting them between Sweden and Australia.

    • word on the street is if it’s Italy, Turin could be fave to host.

    • First isn’t all bad, Ukraine didn’t do too badly, but I don’t think Slovenia is gonna be as memorable.

      Cyprus was never gonna be a contender anyway, so the positioning is about par for the course.

      • Ukraine is Ukraine. It’s not by chance that the only countries lately to do very well from that position were Azerbaijan in 2010 and Ukraine in 2014.

  14. Yeesh. Weird one.

    France killed at #2.

    Estonia at #4 isn’t gonna help it, especially going after Israel, but could be helped by having dreck like UK and Armenia after it.

    Norway effectively dead by going between Serbia and Sweden. Sweden pretty early, though, but it’s around the same order as Conchita last year.

    Not surprised Cyprus gets a slot as a palette cleanser between potential winners.

    Belgium after Australia? Not sure how I feel about this. I imagine the ad break is around that area, though.

    Latvia actually has a GREAT position. Right after Poland, before Romania. Nothing to keep people from thinking about it.

    BIG shift in tone from Hungary to Georgia. Hungary gets slotted between two “loud” songs again, lmao.

    Russia in 25th… around the same position Netherlands was last year.

    Ouch, Italy.

    This draw is good for: Slovenia, Latvia, Georgia, Russia.
    This draw is okay for: Sweden, Australia, Belgium, Spain.
    This draw is bad for: Israel, Estonia, Italy.

  15. A playlist of the complete running order: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8LMBRuP6BnaT7ZJyy7Cb5LUqXF3lMQ4k

    Belgium and Georgia are the two winners from the draw. It’s the last really “instant” song for a while, and there’s nothing to really overshadow it until Latvia comes on. Loic can manage a top 10 (dare I say top 5?), as can Georgia, sticking out like a sore thumb in the end; Hungary is the calm before the storm that is Nina.

    I won’t count out Slovenia, Sweden or Italy quite yet; they are both strong songs and, while their chances may be hindered, can still place well.

  16. My semi 2 reaction!

    Latvia – Aminata Savadogo – “Love Injected”

    The camera really worked for Aminata’s performance, creating a mysterious mood for the first vocals and creating a visceral visual experience that kept the person interesting until the chorus really started the song. The visuals and styling are stunning, even if I don’t like the cut of the dress and think another dress could have provided the same general effect. They also finally got the backing vocalists to sound correct for the stage performance, so yay to that. 11/12

    Switzerland – Mélanie René – “Time to Shine”

    I thought this was visually stunning. The tribal motifs, the forest background, the lighting, the drummers’ coordinated moves, Mélanie’s body language. The thing I really hated about this performance was her outfit, which didn’t suit the song. I would have preferred a look similar to the look in the official music video, which was less polished and glitzy and would have fit the visuals that showed on stage more. I was even okay with the black to white reveal, but again, I would have preferred it to be with completely different clothing and styling. 9/12

    Lithuania – Monika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila – “This Time”

    Everything about this performance was cute. It was a great opener for the contest, as it had a bright positive energy with no dark subtext or complications, just simple joy. The bright colors didn’t provide a strong contrast to the darker colors of the rest of the night, as the opener, but they likely will in the final. The kiss gimmick was more powerful in the nf, when she literally pulled him to her for the kiss, while here, it felt like it just occurred. Nothing else to really say, except that I’m glad it made it. 8/12

    Azerbaijan – Elnur Huseynov – “Hour of the Wolf”

    I love the background of this performance. It painted a very clear picture of the type of song this was and created a beautiful thing for the eye to look at. Elnur struggled a bit with the quiet notes before the song explodes, but he has such great control of his voice on the big notes and the falsetto that I tend to forgive him this point. The biggest problem I have with the performance is the camp gay dancers, which take the idea of interpretive dance and fail to deliver anything more than distraction. It’s not even the idea of dancers that I don’t like for this performance but rather, I hate the choreography that they were given. 8/12

    Portugal – Leonor Andrade – “Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa”

    Every time I watch this performance, I like it more. That’s not to say it was a perfect performance but more along the line that I can appreciate what she was going for more and more each time. Personally, I loved the outfit, even if the top didn’t fit. The sleeves were perfect for the performance, and I love her styling in it. Very dark, fitting her deeper, on the edge of raspy vocals. The one thing that I absolutely hated about the performance though was when she started clapping and jumping, which I thought didn’t come across well on camera and looked a bit more desperate than active, if that makes sense. Still, I’ve come to appreciate this song a lot. 8/12

    Malta – Amber – “Warrior”

    There were some smart ideas in this performance. For one thing, I was correct about Amber bringing the power back to the song after they took the power out with the new, more-orchestral version of the song. In addition, I like how the background created a glow behind Amber for most of the song, centering the visuals on her without becoming instantly stale. The staging in that way was very similar to Slovenia 2014 last year, which centered everything around the singer (but it wasn’t as busy as SLO 2014). If I hadn’t read the comparison to the phoenix wings from last year, I would not have made the comparison myself, which means it was different enough for me to not being stealing from last year. The thing that killed this song though, besides not being incredibly interesting, was ORF’s camera work, which refused to show Amber right in front of the background so the audience could never get the full visual effect. Anyway, I liked it, though I can understand the criticism. 7/12

    Slovenia – Maraaya – “Here for You”

    I think this was the worst camera work of the semi. The random shots to Raay doing pretty much nothing but rocking to the song made no sense, and while I enjoy looking at him, I don’t think that random shots to him add to the performance. Sadly Marjeta doesn’t have the stage charisma to carry the song anyway (and get rid of the headphones goddamnit). I liked that the main color of the performance was yellow. It was very easy to get behind the song do to that. However, I wish they had made a little more use of lights and potential for backdrop. 7/12

    Czech Republic – Marta Jandová & Václav Noid Bárta – “Hope Never Dies”

    Well, hope never died until the very end for Eurofans that wanted to see the Czech Republic rewarded for coming back. But with this Slovakia 2009 performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if they got a similar place. The biggest problem with this song was that nothing was incredibly memorable. The background was pleasant but didn’t leave an impression. The vocals were good but not memorable. The performance was good but not memorable. The clothes were excellent choices for a cocktail party or a night out, but they didn’t fit as stage clothing. Very forgettable. When she threw her shoes off, it didn’t create the impact that she expected either, and I think that’s because she seemed to struggle to get out of the one shoe, which just ended up looking awkward. 6/12

    Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw – “Heroes”

    I’ve come to the realization that this song is as meaningless as Estonia 2011 but without the visuals that were meant to pervade a move. This is the song with “word salad” lyrics that nobody is talking about. Literally, none of the lyrics make sense next to each other. The chorus is inclusive but the verses talk exclusively about himself. The song is essentially words strung together to sound nice in conjunction with each other. The performance didn’t really change from the nf, so there’s nothing really to say about that aspect. It existed and is just as visually effective as before. 5/12

    Montenegro – Knez – “Adio”

    This was the surprise qualifier of the night for me. After watching the performance, I was sure that Knez would follow Montenegro’s long tradition of non-qualifications with ease. Knez looks like your drunk uncle, trying to take his turn at karaoke. And the performance was very “paint by numbers” Balkan ballad but missing anything to make it memorable. Even the backdrop and lighting was nothing special. 5/12


    Israel – Nadav Guedj – “Golden Boy”

    Those shoes. Those were the ugliest things on stage for the semi. Nadav proved that he could perform okay vocally when he needed to, but the song still leaves me very cold. On the other hand, I see entirely why it qualified. This did what I said Lithuania could do in the final, use the bright lighting to contrast with the darker songs around it The dancing was okay, but it was mostly fun, although the rolling pelvic thrust on the “do you like my dancing” line was vulgar and the self-referential ending was stupid. I guess that’s really all I have to say. 5/12

    Norway – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – “A Monster Like Me”

    Can we just get this out of the way in the beginning? Mørland is a much better performer, singer, and actor than Debrah, who has ruined every performance she has been in so far. However, neither singer really looked like they should be singing that song, with Mørland sporting an asymmetric t-shirt and blazer combo, while Debrah had a crop top and a poofy but structured skirt with a giant butt panel. Another group of artists that should have hired better stylists (although in this case, I think it was the stylists doing the best they could with two artists that have bad personal style). Vocals were inconsistent and the body movements were very cliché duet. All in all, a very “meh” performance. 5/12

    Ireland – Molly Sterling – “Playing with Numbers”

    Lyrics that I can appreciate with a performer that does nothing for the song. Her makeup for the performance was very heavy and reminded me of the contouring of a drag queen. The autumn color scheme was pleasant to the eye but so neutral that it didn’t do anything to help convey the emotion that Molly did not with her vocals. I will say this for her: her vocals were much better than they were in the semi, and I imagine this was a borderline qualifier. But I’m glad it’s out because it was so dreadfully overrated by friends. 5/12

    Poland – Monika Kuszyńska – “In the Name of Love”

    And the award for weakest vocals of the night go to Poland! Monika couldn’t hold a note longer than about a second and a half before her voice wobbles and loses its tone. Pink was such an obvious tonal color for the spring-y, life-giving essence of the song that I’m not surprised that they chose it, but I almost see this as more of a pastel blue with pink embellishment visually. Like, instead of having a pink/purple sky, they could have had a bright blue one (and gotten rid of those bad LED curtains). Disappointing all around, to tell the truth. 3/12

    Cyprus – John Karayiannis – “One Thing I Should Have Done”

    There is one moment in this entire song that destroyed any sense of intimacy that this song tries to build, and it is when the stage explodes into lights during the bridge. Any sense that the song was genuine was ruined by that one act. But I’ve always hates this one, so I’m not going to spend a whole paragraph bashing it. It’s not worth the time. 3/12

    Iceland – Maria Olafs – “Unbroken”

    Painful vocals, uncharismatic singer, failure to step where the ripple effects come from. Stupid ugly dress that looks like my friend’s daughter playing dress-up. Hera Bjork had more stage presence as the middle backing singer than Maria Olafs had if you combine every moment of charisma in the whole song. 2/12

    San Marino – Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola – “Chain of Lights”

    Easily the biggest shit performance for the biggest shit song. And I feel bad because Michele and Anita (indivually) aren’t shit. They don’t belong in a duet together though. Their voices don’t mesh, and the fact that the song literally could be sung by a tone deaf parrot didn’t help this fact. Their verses were rough vocally and rhythmically. I hope Michele tries again on his own sometime (ideally without Ralph, but then… San Marino would probably withdraw). 2/12

  17. Off-Topic: 13 out of the 17 songs from semi 2 are now to be found on Esctracker’s iTunes list. Only four songs are not on any iTunes list in the world (of which two are finalists!): Lithuania, Malta, Iceland and Poland.

    The strangest thing is that Portugal now has taken the 1st place in Lithuania, wtf?

  18. Am quite sad Ireland didn’t make it and that woeful offering from Poland got through. Ah well, it wasn’t to be. Well done Molly. You gave it a good go. Still had a great night last night and really enjoyed the show with some wonderful people. I managed 9/10 again in this semi final (Czech Rep out/ Poland (yuck) in) so 18/20 overall. Pretty darn happy with that. The big referendum in Ireland today. Here’s hoping it’s a resounding YES! :)

    • I made the same Czech Rep/Poland mistake. My prediction was based on hope beating sense though … Silly me!
      Good luck with the referendum! At what time will we get the result?

      • We had the same prediction :)
        I’d have have even given it to Malta or Switzerland (both much improved) rather than that dirge from Poland.
        I’d say we won’t know the result until tomorrow morning since voting closes at 10pm tonight.
        A big day tomorrow indeed!

        • Thanks!
          Last night, Switzerland climbed up into 10th place on my list too. If only it had been vocally as good as it was visually …

  19. Well, you all know that I have a strong dislike for the Icelandic entry this year, and thus I simply have to share this comment from a German blog: “María looked and sounded as if she had just stepped into her own piss.” :)

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