Anti-booing Measures in Place for Eurovision Final

Polina GagarinaEurovision 2015 – Anti-booing technology is could be used during this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for the first time to mask any booing which may be directed at Russian entry Polina Gagarina. Organisers say they do not want a repeat of last year when Russia’s act were booed in an apparent response to its involvement in Ukraine. The organisers’ intervention also comes after Russia’s anti-gay laws continue to be condemned by the international community,

Eurovision Communications Coordinator Jarmo Siim told The Moscow Times:

“It was very embarrassing for us last year when this happened and is not in the spirit of the contest.

“We are here to build bridges, as the motto [of the contest] suggests.”

Siim said there were no problems when this year’s Russian act Gagarina performed at the semi finals.

‘It is the first time we have prepared in this way, we want to be ready in all scenarios [but] we have high expectations that nothing like this will happen.”

But he confirmed “sound reducers” had been installed in case they were needed.

Gagarina is hopeful that the Eurovision audience will be appreciative. But even if they boo, she won’t hear them, as she will have two earphones in.

“Normally I just have one earphone in when I perform so that I can hear the audience and feel the energy of the arena,” said Gagarina in an interview with Russkaya Sluzhba Novostei, saying that Eurovision makes artists use two earphones.

Gagarina put a short video of her meeting with Conchita on Instagram.

polina conchita

In the video, Wurst tells Gagarina she is amazing and the two hug and exchange air kisses. The post got more than 37,000 likes but some homophobic responses.

And Vitaly Milonov, the St. Petersburg lawmaker who was a pioneer of the anti-gay law, furiously responded to Gagarina being polite to Wurst.

Gagarina didn’t respond directly to Milonov but her response to the comments on her Instagram posts could also be directed at him: “Why so angry? It is only a stage persona and it works. She performs excellently and is very cultured. Мind what you write!!!”

Source: Moscow Times

44 comments on “Anti-booing Measures in Place for Eurovision Final

  1. I disapprove of booing artists but this is totally pathetic. Blocking reality to get a perfect surface? A big BOOOOOO to that! :(

  2. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. :)

    Even if I think booing an artist just because what his/her land is doing is awful, I’m not sure how this is gonna solve the problem. Modifying the sound or whatever is just a way of making it plastic and fake (how was it now again, did they use pre-recorded cheers and applauses yesterday?). It sorta reminds me of the World Cup in 2010 where a few scientists were working hard to make a filter to stop the awful sound from the vuvuzelas.

    But why stop at “anti-booing”? Can’t they just follow this up with sitcom studio laughter each time the hosts tell a joke? ;)

    • Great comment, Niclas. I still terribly miss your old nickname btw …

      • I prefer Niclas as Niclas :p

        • He’s lost the mystery he’s had before. :(

          • Oh yeah, I miss Eulenspiegel from time to time. I think tricksters overall are fascinating characters, only interested in playing with people for the very sake of it. From Loki in Norse Mythology to Mr. Mxyzptlk in Superman; they’re always the most interesting characters in the plot.

            But at the end of the day, I considered it to be the right decision to finally follow Alf Poier’s suggestion and kill Eulenspiegel. The reason why was because the very reason I chose that name to begin with was so farfetched that it was pointless.

  3. And Polina saying “Why so angry? It is only a stage persona and it works. She performs excellently and is very cultured. Мind what you write!!!” really disappointed me. “Only”??? So Conchita wouldn’t deserve respect if she was a person in everyday life? Sorry Polina, I love you, but I have to shout out a big BOOOOOO for that one. :(

    • I agree.That’s why i’m usually so sceptical when it comes to artists willing to work with Russia 1.

    • But Conchitta is a persona, a drag character isn’t she?

      • But it’s a gay guy underneath as well, and she’s only saying its wrong to hate the character, nothing about the person underneath. Straight guys can go in drag and still be straight (just seen any student union bar) so she’s saying its wrong to hate him, just because its an act, but conveniently doesn’t say its wrong to hate him/her for being gay.

        • As if Conchita is exposing his gay character…Polina was commenting only on the drag charachter. I don’t see any diplomacy in this at all. Off to sleep now. I have a long day tmr…jogging one hour, ironing, prepare a luggage, lunch and off to work and watch ESC later :)

  4. The EBU much like the BBC shows it’s servitude to Russia once again.

    Plenty of acts have been booed in the past, but when it’s Russia suddenly we have to commission some new expensive technology just to not hurt poor Vlad’s feelings.

    And agree with Toggie, Polina’s comments show her mask is slipping. “It’s only act” I think we all know who the one acting is dear, and it’s not Conchita!!!

  5. The flipside of technology.

    I was sitting in front of the television thinking “yes, she was not booed, what a relief”. Was that only an illusion? Did people actually boo her in the hall?

    In any case, hats off to Polina and Conchita doing this. I can only have symphathy for that. It is such small steps we need to work against the rising “them and us” discourse between the West and Russia. We are not in the need of a new cold war.

    And as for her “only” remark she made, I think we should take it easy. It may not be the smartest thing to say, but we all say silly things from time to time. We have had enough examples of people getting into a public “pillory” for such remarks. A dark flipside of social media.

  6. Such a pathetic measure really. I don’t care what’s your opinion on booeing Russia, nobody the right to silence people in that way to produce the “reality” they want. Not everything is fluffy bunnies and rainbows.
    I hope the EBU, who so boldly stands by Russia, will be at least as considerate about the measures that will be needed to protect the reputation of the contest first and foremost by protecting first and foremost its principles of diversity and free expression (well I guess that one went down the drain didn’t it ?).
    As for Gagarina and her PR thingies with Conchita everythign is exposed by her answer. Conchita is “allowed” to be flamboyant and quirky because she is a stage act right Polina ? Newsflash ! There are loads of people out there who might not have stage personas like that one but they may have naturally feminine manneurisms or feel better expressing themselves dressing a certain way, or speaking a certain way or, I don’t know, feeling free to be the person they love and not being afraid of losing their jobs, their families, their freedom, their lives. And they do not live in the bubble of the artistic scene at their vast majority.
    Are these people worthy of mean comments because they are not stage personas Ms. Gagarina ? I suppose the “love” for which you so emotionally talked about when asked what most people would want to ask you is limited to PR stunts with Conchita and an artistic bubble.

    You know what’s the only different thing between you and Milonov ? The diplomatic attitude. Which so hollow when real people are involved.

    Honestly…Can Russia not win this year ? Please ? Anyone, really, anyone else BUT them ? Please ?

    • I agree so much, if Russia look like they might be about to take a lead I will cheer on whoever is best placed to stop them, be it Sweden, Italy, or even Hungary or Norway (2 entries I really hate)

  7. After the live performance of Albania yesterday I’d prefer anti-voice technology or a voice correction technology. Just kidding.

  8. This issue and topic is full blown negativity and I do have to take my mind off the possibility of Russia winning (or the referendum in Ireland failing)..So here is a nice blast from the past I thoroughly enjoy listening to the last few weeks :

    • Ive also put light-hearted pics in this to relax things a bit!

    • Well in the UK we’ve learnt not to trust poles over the past 2 weeks lol, but even I don’t think they can be so wrong that the 70%+ of people saying they will support equal marriage falling below 50 on the day.

      I think it will be a great day, to see Catholic Ireland, voting in favour, they really are making a lot of progress. My Grandad is Irish (he doesn’t know I’m bi by the way) and it does tend to be the older generation that are most opposed, and even he says he’s not voting as he’s neither for or against as it doesn’t concern him. Yes that’s not vote for equality I’d have liked, but to go from being solidly against, to don’t mind, is at least some substantial progress.

      • The main worry is a) the no side has picked up momentum due to the vile misleading campaign led by the no side and b) voter turnout. Older people are significantly more against and they have a higher turn out than younger people usually. Fingers crossed. I cannot take both a failure to this referendum and a Russian esc victory..

  9. If you don’t like what you see on stage just don’t cheer or clap your hands. Booing is bad style.

  10. Off topic: Fahrenhaidt released the preview for the new single and video:

  11. It’s common knowledge that I’m against booing an act for political reasons especially. Booing the Russian act won’t change policy not make any difference at all. It might make the people booing feel better, but nothing will change policy wise.

    I know booing Russia in the arena is en vogue but it’s wrong to single them out. Name me one country at Eurovision that has never done anything wrong?

    One thing I would not have done though is tell people I will turn the sound down if need be. That only calls more attention to the matter and makes the people booing more resolute.

    • But ESC is a political event or at the very least it is used for political purposes such as PR.

      Russia is conscious of its image, and was deeply embarrassed to be booed so openly on the world stage, as well as the LGBT issue, it also sent a message to the people of Ukraine and Georgia that Europe is with them, and stands in solidarity.

      Now this year Putin will be able to say it was just a flash in the pan, it died down no one really cared, in fact he strengthened the anti gay laws this year and now they’ve been met with cheers. It will demoralise everyone in Russia, and on the global stage opposed to Putin’s vile regime!

  12. I always had that feeling about Polina. She comes off as fake but then again I don’t know her on a personal level. I just can’t warm up to her.

    And this is truly pathetic. So many have been booed in the past and now Russia gets this treatment? I may not approve of booing artists but this is not needed. No point in covering up what we already know.

  13. No comments.

  14. A bit ridiculous in my opinion… Sure, booing is not a really nice thing to do, but to silence the people who have a negative opinion is, let’s say, very Russian.

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