Poll: Who Had the Best Rehearsal of the Big 7?

pollPoll – Today the seven acts that are already qualified for the Final rehearsed for the second time. The Big 5 of France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom, as well the host nation Austria and the special guests Australia, performed… but who did it the best?

The songs are as follows…

Italy – Il VoloGrande amore
Austria – The MakemakesI’m yours
Spain – EdurneAmancer
Germany – Ann SophieBlack smoke
United Kingdom – Electro VelvetStill in love with you
France – Lisa AngellN’oubliez pas
Australia – Guy SebastianTonight again

Please vote in the poll below

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

29 comments on “Poll: Who Had the Best Rehearsal of the Big 7?

  1. The winner ;)

  2. Australia!

  3. Italt, Germany and France got my votes.

  4. Spain far away the best, better of course also then the Putin doll ,

    • Spain really? To each his own I guess…

    • Who is the Putin doll?

      • I think he means Polina and mistaken out pre qualified and “in the final”

        • Yes Max of course i mean Polina , and ona question , Is Putin merried ????? have Putin children???? IS HE GAY??????????????

          • I’ve often thought he was a closet case. If we look to the US, the Senators found with a male prostitute in a motel tend to always be homophibic Republicans. The same was true in the UK in the past that it was homophobic conservatives. Or if we look to France the deputy of Front national which has strong ties to russia and is very homophobic, was outed as gay recently.

            Also just based on stereotypes of how gay people tend to act, the manerisms the voice, he comes across quite camp. I think the tough guy image he tries to portray is to deflect that. How many other world leaders do you know that love Eurovision, Andrew Lloyd Webber and t.A.T.u?

            Also theirs a photo online of him kissing a 6 year old boys stomach, of course he dismissed it as just affection, but seems quite creepy to me.

  5. So I’ve updated my ranking (hopefully the formatting works) the changes are from when I made it (which was just after all the songs were announced (well a couple of days after) this is why, it incorporates more than just the movement from last nights semi. (For instance Serbia had drifted quite a bit but now is my 2nd fave, however it only shows as moving 1 place as I never recorded her moving down)

    Rank Country Movement
    1   Israel +1
    2   Serbia +1
    3   Sweden -2
    4   Moldova ==
    5   Belgium +8
    6   Spain +4
    7   Slovenia +2
    8 Georgia ==
    9 Armenia +13
    10 Australia +1
    11 United Kingdom -6
    12 Greece +20
    13 Germany -6
    14 Albania -2
    15 Belarus -9
    16 San Marino +1
    17 Macedonia -3
    18 Netherlands -2
    19 Iceland -4
    20 Lithuania +8
    21 Czech Republic +2
    22 Italy +2
    23 Poland +6
    24 Azerbaijan +6
    25 Estonia -5
    26 Switzerland -7
    27 Ireland -9
    28 Denmark -7
    29 France +2
    30 Romania -5
    31 Malta -4
    32 Montenegro -6
    33 Portugal +2
    34 Latvia ==
    35 Cyprus +2
    36 Hungary +2
    37 Austria -1
    38 Norway -5
    39 Finland ==
    40 Russia ==

    So the big gainers are Greece, Armenia, Belgium (and even Lithuania) and the big losers are Belarus, Ireland, Switzerland and Denmark. (Will Ireland and Switzerland be able to recover some lost ground on Thursday however?

  6. Voted for L’Espania! :D

  7. Italy!France had a very good performance i just don’t get the relevance of the whole act to modern France.Is she singing about Syria,f.i?Or is it a message against extremism in general?
    Australia and Germany were competent.

    • Austria was nice in its’ simplicity,
      Spain was weird.So by “Se fue” she meant that he died?lol I didn’t like her dress either.It’s over the top but Spanish fans overhype this like crazy.All those cheers and calling her “Guapa” were so funny.lol
      UK was bad. :(

    • I am pretty sure she wants to pass a subtle message about the France post – Charlie Hebdo, even if the song is, on first read anyway, about world war I.

  8. France has a very effective backdrop.This combined with her vocals will probably get them a top-10 results with the juries.
    I loved the German backdrop.If only i could warm up to Ann Sophie’s voice but i really can’t.Too shouty.

    • I agree that “subtle” is not the first word that comes to mind when discussing Ann Sophie’s vocals … but she’s worked on this issue a lot and has improved. Obviously not quite there though.

      • I was actually referring to the French stage performance as not being very subtle.It’s all there.You can’t really miss the message. :)

  9. Germany is really boooooring, France , nice but again to French , Italy , hello , il divo ??? never i was liking this music, U.K. i find catchy Austria and Australia really good too , I LOVE TO LIVE IN OTHER DIMENSION OUT EUROVISION UNIVERSE

  10. France – most effective rehearsal. Lisa chose a better dress as well.

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