Eurovision 2015: The Big 5, Host and Australia to Rehearse for 2nd Time

Eurovision badgesEurovision 2015 – Today the Big 5 of Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom will take to the stage a second time along with Hosts Austria and guest Country Australia

Eurovision.tv will be publishing full length videos of these rehearsals today but we will also be watching from the Arena

Keep watching to see if anything goes wrong

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

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123 comments on “Eurovision 2015: The Big 5, Host and Australia to Rehearse for 2nd Time

  1. Germany drew 2nd half. UK press conference taking place now. Australia is on stage

  2. UK first half… #1 spot has our name on it

    • They might give the 1st spot to Serbia too …

      • Jan Ola Sand would find himself very much in danger were that to happen!
        Remember I said my Nan was from Italy, might have to make a few phone calls to some family in the south!!! ;)

    • They could make it Australia. Have the guest open up the show etc.

      • Possible, given that Ukraine did well last year in that position anyway. UK probably going 4th (seems to be the weird/fun song slot: No Prejudice in 2014, Marry Me in 2013… and, uhh, Love is Blind in 2012).

    • Guy performs his song very well. The song presentation is fine. Will It win? No, I do not think so. Top 5 or top 10.

  3. Germany is as cold and distanced as Spain is melodramatic and smouldering. Both countries perfectly serve to the cultural stereotypes. Both won’t set the scoreboard on fire but I expect Germany to get the better result.

  4. They’re gonna stick Austria and Hungary as palette cleansers between Italy and Russia.

    • Very well put. :)

      • Just realized that with Austria in 14th, that’s not gonna happen. Hah. Most likely just Hungary and maybe something like Albania or Germany (or whatever more chilled out downtempo song from the second semifinal actually makes it and draws the second half… theoretically, something like Ireland or Cyprus).

        • Nevermind. I haven’t paid much attention to the final yet. Anyway, a draw should decide the running order, imo.

          Have to go now. Enjoy the rest of the day, Ren, and everyone else. :)

  5. Lol my Aussie uncle just texted me (its 9pm there) he didn’t vote for Moldova because “the main singer was really ugly and “she” looked and sounded… like a man” :P #facepalm

    Basically thought Eduard was a woman who looked like a man, rather than just a man

    Turns out he voted for Albania!?! Well I guess someone had to, it made the final after all. (Albania is pretty neutral to me, didn’t think he’d pick it) He said she reminded him of Leona Lewis!?

    • He thought that Eduard was a woman? Even after he had ripped off his t-shirt???

      • hmm good point, to be fair it was 5am when he was watching so probably tired and its 9pm now (hes been back to sleep, been to work, come home etc so its a bit of a distant memory)

        And the fault might be partly mine, I said to vote for Moldova “for the hot girl” (meaning the Head Of Police) but he probably thought I meant that the singer was going to be a hot woman.

        Or maybe he’s winding me up (he does that) I dont know. ;)

      • Lol pointed out to him about the shirt rip, says he thought she was just naturally flat chested :D

        Think/hope he’s joking. ;)

  6. Waiting for France, UK and Australia to be uploaded … Come on, I want to go to the gym at 2 …

  7. Italy : Really works on stage. Vocals on point, the backdrop not too distracting and the focus on the song and the voice.

    Austria : It is what it is. I find the staging a tad too dark up until the last part though. Vocals fine, staging fine. Ok I guess for anyone who likes it.

    Spain : She looked stunning at the beginning. There is a flow in the whole performance on stage, even when it gets to the dancing parts towards the end. Edurne’s voice cracks at a moment or two but overall very effective on stage.

    Germany : One of the most stylish presentation. Ann Sophie looks so cool on stage really. I find it quirky and memorable personally. I was a tad underwhelmed by her vocals performance in the clip we saw (official channel) at certain points but overall I really liked this one.

  8. UK – OMG ROFL :( :( :( Why are you doing this to us, BBC? Have you never heard of the Geneva Convention???
    The LEDs on Bianca’s dress loke like those blinking things signposting dangerous turns in Spain put vertical. Oh my … train wreck and car crash are euphemisms when it comes to this one imo.

  9. My uncle watching it again with his family this time says he thought Armenia was about harry potter what with all the cloaks and the whomping willow in the background. :D He seems to agree it was messy.

    Personally I really loved it.

  10. France first half.

  11. they seem to be taking forever to announce what half australia will be in?


  13. UK : I still don’t get the staircases to be honest. The neon gimmick works in the concept of the song and the performance. The vocals are ok, their chemistry is a bit sugary and seems not quite genuine right now.Backing vocals are a tad too distracting maybe, especially at the beginning. Alex is more comfortable on stage. I can see them opening the show,them or Serbia definately.

    France : Most effective use of the backdrop by miles (probably followed by Hungary imo). Stunning visually, Lisa nails it vocally and I honestly got the chills at the end with the drummers. I wonder why Russia is considered better on stage than this..

    Australia : Guy is a natural on stage, he really knows how to work it. Slick choreography, a bit over blown but functional staging. Guy is obviously holding back vocally but I don’t see a reason not to trust him when it comes to vocals. As Australia is in the first half it could compete for that opening spot with UK and Serbia (or Belgium ? Hopefully not..) but I doubt they would put Australia first up honestly.

    • Australia would be a nice show opener ” i don’t want tomorrow,tonight’s all good” and since they’re the guests it makes perfect sense.

      • Yeah but it’s in bad taste imo. “Oh you are guests and can only participate if you win again. So let’s put you first and let you pull a 1975,1976,1984 !”

        • Well,they’ve given them the right to directly compete in the final and vote in both semis.Giving them a slot between 10 and 13 would be too much,imo.

          • I don’t think that’s how it works personally. I believe it will be either Serbia or the Uk at the end though. Fingers crossed it’s not Belgium.

            • I believe Belgium will be allocated between 10 and 13.They did get number 3 in the semi,anyway so our 2 years experience has shown that they avoid placing a song too early in both the semi and the final.Estonia might be allocated 4 to 8.Serbia or Australia are my bets.
              On the other hand,i don’t think #26 or even more performing last in the final will do the songs allocated there any favor.

            • I have the reverse prediction for Belgium and Estonia – Estonia 10th – 13th, Belgium 4th – 8th. I would want both in the 10 -13 bracket but we have to see what will happen in the 2nd semi and what Sweden draws really…If Sweden goes first half, Russia cannot be stopped imo.

            • I believe you’re placing too much importance on the running order.Sure it’s better to be at the second half but a song can win from any position.See Conchita last year.

            • I believe this is a special case tbh. We’ll see.

  14. This is how I am rating the final atm – it isn’t a ranking yet:

    10: Estonia
    8.5: Australia
    8: Austria, Italy and Belgium
    7.5: Albania and Georgia
    7: France, Hungary and Russia
    6.5: Germany, Greece and Spain
    6: Romania
    4.5: Armenia
    4: Serbia
    3: United Kingdom

    We have a winner; ITALY. And a last place contender UK.

  15. At this rate, I’m expecting that the show is going to close with Greece or Spain. Possibly Romania. There are a LOT of big ballad-y numbers in the second half, it’s gonna be hard to split them up.

    I can imagine them putting one of the potential favorites from the first half – Australia, Belgium, or Estonia – right at the end of that first half and immediately after the first ad break, like they did with Sweden last year.

  16. Edurne said she would want to perform with Loic on stage because she thought their voices would match (?)…Um..I like Edurne but..no.

    • Think Greece would be good “One Last Breath” as in, the last song.
      And also musically it has that big climax at the end

  17. I am back from the gym.

    France – Utterly stunning and Lisa didn’t even give 100 %. This deserves to be in top 10. :)

    Australia – Coming after France, this is just a funky contemporary pop song, very well executed though. Deserves to end up in the top 10 too.

  18. Ann Sophie has a cold. :(

  19. Germany again proving why they are the best big 5 country, hands down. When is the last time they didn’t send something good? That last minute withdrawal was a blessing in disguise, as nobody remembers that now.

    Nobody else does, but I love what the UK sent this year. Makes me smile every time. Their best entry since Jade.

    France has a song that I like now more than ever, but Hungary still does it better. I do expect it to do well though.

    Can’t get into the Italian or Spanish songs at all even if they are well done.

    Australia is good, but it’s been definitely overhyped. If Moldova sent this for instance nobody would have given it a second look. The song isn’t as good as either the hype or the odds say it is.

    Austria is a solid entry when all is said and done.

  20. Love the contrast between here and Wiwi ;)

    Spain seems to be getting a lot of stick on ET, but on Wiwi under the question best of the pre qualified Spain wins 47% :D

  21. I’m sorry I couldnt make this one. I hesitated doing it last night, and then not, and never found a time today to do it! Im just around now, and I’ll do the recap article!

  22. If they want to keep the few fast-paced songs for later, France might be a good show opener too. But will they put them first when they onyl opened the show two years ago?

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