Eurovision 2015: Semi Finalists Chart Across Europe

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – So now that the first qualifiers are known, we have taken a look at the charts across Europe to see who is coming out on top from tonight’s show. Three countries seem to be selling well above the rest… These are Belgium, Estonia and Russia.

We have taken the information of ESCTracker.com and have picked out the first semi finalists. Polina Gagorina of Russia is charting in sixteen countries cross Europe, thirteen of which will be able to vote for her in the Final. Loïc Nottet of Belgium is charting in 17 countries, 14 of which can vote for him in the final. Both Loïc and Polina are number one in a country other than their own. Polina is #1 in the Belorussian iTunes chart and Loïc is #1 in the Armenian iTunes Chart. Estonia’s Elina and Stig Rasta have also charted in seventeen countries but are only #1 in their native country

We’ll re-visit the charts after Thursday’s 2nd semi-final to see how sales of that night’s participants go!

(Greyed out repeated names are for remixes or where the track is on an album compilation)

iTunes 1

iTunes 2

iTunes 3

iTunes 4

iTunes 5

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

9 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Semi Finalists Chart Across Europe

  1. I’m still puzzled by how well Serbia can do in the odds (even better than Belgium) but not chart well on iTunes. Is it a distribution issue? Or are the odds just overestimating Bojana?

  2. I’m sorry but look at the Top 7, where Russia is charting, 1 is itself, and the other 6 are all former soviet republics some of which aren’t even in ESC. We all know the soviet republics are going to give high points to Russia but they can’t give more than 12, so it doesn’t matter if she smashes every single sales record ever made in Belarus, she’s still not going to get more than 12 from them.

    The Tolmachevy’s came 6th last year, maybe Polina will do one better and go to 5th or 4th, but I can’t see her breaking the Top 3 (Sweden, Italy, Australia)

    • Australia being top3 is a tad daring, IMO but I see your point. It is too Western and modern for the majority of the viewers.

  3. -look at it delayed-


    This was amazing!

    it’s one of the few times I’m truly satisfied with the lives. Only three left me dissapointed and they didn’t qualify

    Netherlands: Way too much going on, nothing fit and left the song without identity.
    Macedonia: They ruined a perfect Balkan ballad and tried to make it cool.
    Denmark: This was dead from the get go. Disensaging and forgettable.

    Belarus wasn’t bad, but very dissapointing, didn’t break their curse.

    Otherwise, man this show rocked! Albania, Belgium, Georgia, Estonia, perfection. Incredible.

    Armenia, Hungary and Moldova’s visuals were spot on. Miffed that Moldova didn’t make it, for all the song wasn’t great comments, the show was flawless, and the live decent. Would be more entertaining than Greece or Hungary

    Man, both Nordics are out! And Netherlands’ third time wasn’t the charm.

  4. Belgium may win the whole thing….Estonia is also great but Russia definitely doesn’t deserve all the attention it gets

  5. EBU has to reconsider jury system…When all the votes have been published we will see how these so called music experts voted for countries and not songs again!

    I am afraid we won’t see Macedonia competing next year..Same goes for Malta,Portugal etc. after Thursday and I can’t blame them…

  6. Youtube views from the official Eurovision channel (I only posted the qualifiers)

    1 Russia 101994
    2 Serbia 79227 (!)
    3 Belgium 61912
    4 Estonia 55984
    5 Greece 54562
    6 Armenia 33697
    7 Albania 33004
    8 Georgia 29848
    11 Romania 21088
    15 Hungary 8449 (!)

    • Russia has always boosted views (her video clip had many as well) mainly due to the fact that she is well known in her region outside esc as well.

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