Recap of Rehearsals Day 10

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With only a few days to go to the final, daily rehearsals conclude and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the last rehearsals to the 7 finalists: pics and vids have been officially released, so tell us what you think so far!

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the picture to see a full photoset, or in the song’s title to watch the recap video (the artist’s name will redirect you to the participant’s official page on Eurovision.tv).

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow will be the second semifinal!

41 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 10

  1. Australia gave the most convincing performance! Top 10 contender! Jury ARE SO LOVING THIS!
    Italy felt like they were holding back and I am not keen on the backdrop. Still one of the hottest candidates for the crown along with Sweden, Russia, Australia, Belgium, Azerbaijan and maybe Latvia :P (I have only placed money on Italy, Belgium and Azerbaijan though)
    France was very good indeed (backdrop boost this one immensely like Hungary’s) but I find the song generic and boring.
    Spain was not that good aesthetically but her vocals are good and I can see some appeal. I think they can manage top 15.
    Germany is classy but shouty and forgettable (#18-27 in Final)
    Austria has a good song that gets boring after several listenings (#12-18 in Final)
    UK is a DISASTER! (#20-27 in Final if not #24-27…)

  2. there’ll be a lot of circles in the backdrop no?

    also, with the first three having picked second half too, the last three were doomed to first half… if France goes first of its half for the third year in a row I give up on this so called better system… the only chance for us is to be around 10th-13th… sadly that also means we’ll be next to Belgium and Estonia so doom either way…

  3. Everyone was pretty good today, even the UK for what they have to work with.
    Lisa blows me away literally, this could be a top 10 contender at the end of the day.
    Ann Sophie is stylish and on point vocally on stage but I can’t see much success.
    Il Volo deliver everytime and maintain their favourite status.
    The Makemakes meh..They stick to who they are so that’s a plus but still..meh..
    Guy Sebastian is one of the most comfortable ones on stage, he has star quality and I believe he will be in the top 10 easily but may not crack the top 5.
    Edurne did good. Very theatrical performance, very dramatic that may attract some mediterranean and eastern votes but will leave the north and central europe cold most probably.

    P.S. Belgium is seeing a slow but sturdy surge in beating odds, it is now 8th, surpassing Azerbaijan and chasing Norway :D !

  4. Off topic and after the dust has settled can anyone explain what happened with Oxi and he said that he’ll come back in July?

    • I got back in the thread and saw he got in the middle of a fight between Max and Dino and then to make it worse lina came around and told him he never supports anything greek or something…He seemed pretty mad.

      • I see!Thanks!I hope he’ll reconsider.

        • Oxi is the kindest person on ET imo. I hope that he’ll reconsider too. I’ve just sent him an e-mail …

          • Some people here are so mean and stony hearted that they don’t even deserve to get in touch with beautiful souls like Oxi…he is too good that he even replies like a gentleman to the rudest comments..
            I think kindness should only be given to those who deserve…Till now in my life I’ve always wanted to give people chances thinking that they may mature in time and behave but I have been proven wrong all the time…I will pick whom to talk carefully here too…After all you can’t teach an old dog a new trick ;)

            • Are you talking about me? What did I say to upset him? I was trying to do the opposite and comfort him

            • I am talkıng in general…We have seen enough bad people here…I wont name names…everyone knows everyone.If you think you did nothing wrong then you shouldn’t feel responsible

            • So it wasnt me you were referring to when you said immature and weren’t going to talk to them anymore?

              I dont feel responsible but dimitri made it sound like it was because of me and dino. And although our argument stemmed from a comment oxi said, it was nothing to do with him, and nothing was said to him.

              I just told him not to worry about greece as it had a few advantages, as juries would like it

            • That’s a very wise comment. :)
              I hope that oxi won’t survive without your company for more than a day. If anyone will bring him back, that one is you.

          • Can you send me an email about what ive allegedly said to make him and mermaid angry at me?

            All I said was that I was sure Greece would get through as it had a few allies and that the juries would like it.

            How is that in anyway offensive or immature? I was trying to be nice and comfort someone worried there country was not going to make the final!

        • I hope so too. He was one of the few people to give any points to my entry in FdlC 6.

          No, not just because of that of course :-)

      • Yeah it takes very big shoulders to handle everyone on ET (everyone individually is great to talk to, but as soon as it’s three people it gets insane, confusing and therefore often to big misunderstandings): not everyone can be a webmaster :p

      • Exactly Lina coming out of the blue to provoke him was over the top.

      • He said he was worried Greece would not get through and I said they would.

        How did that put him off posting here??? I think the 2 things just happened around the same time but were unrealted

  5. I read that Australia was amazing…I am so happy for Guy…I think he has one of the best uptempo songs this year❤️

  6. Btw off topic, but what happened to the Eurovision times predictions for the 1 semi final? Have I missed it or are you gonna publish it later? :P

  7. Polina comforting poor Uzari after the results were announced:

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