Tonight: Semi Final One

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Tonight we will finally find out the first ten qualifiers that will join the Big 5 and Austria and Australia in the Grand Final on Friday. The anticipation will finally be over. When you sit down to watch it and would like to discuss it, please do so here.

Again, a recap of who is performing in this semi final One.

1. Moldova – Eduard Romanyuta “I Want Your Love”
2. Armenia – Genealogy “Face Every Shadow”
3. Belgium – Loïc Nottet “Rhythm Inside”
4. The Netherlands – Trijntje Oosterhuis “Walk Along”
5. Finland – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät “Aina Mun Pitää”
6. Greece – Elena Kyriakou “One Last Breath”
7. Estonia – Stig and Elina “Goodbye to Yesterday”
8. FYR Macedonia – Daniel Kajmakoski “Autumn Leaves”
9. Serbia – Bojana Stamenov “Beauty Never Lies”
10. Hungary – Boggie “Wars for Nothing”
11. Belarus – Uzari and Maimuna “Time”
12. Russia – Polina Gagorina “A Million Voices”
13. Denmark – Anti Social Media “The Way You Are”
14. Albania – Elhaida Dani “I’m Alive”
15. Romania – Voltaj “De La Capat”
16. Georgia – Nina Sublatti “Warrior”

Australia, Austria, France and Spain will also be able to vote in this Semi Final as well so it will be interesting to see how these countries vote.

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514 comments on “Tonight: Semi Final One

  1. Well it has to be said Denmark misses the final for the first time since 2007!

  2. 8/10 pre-show (missed Albania and Hungary), 8/10 post-show (missed Belgium and Albania). Not bad. My gut feeling earlier about Hungary qualifying wasn’t wrong, as it turns out…

    • I totally overestimated Finland, but that was such a unique case that it was hard to really get a read on how it would do. And Belarus seemed like a good idea at the time (was one of my pre-show picks) but the performance was rather weak. Thought Denmark would pull it off in the end but I guess too much (drunk?) creepy smiling was too much for Europe, lol.

  3. I got 9/10. My one mistake was predicting Denmark in and Albania out.

  4. The last finalists announced were Georgia, Estonia and Belgium. Given the usual trends of announcement order (Austria last and Netherlands second last in 2014) – can we safely assume they were in the top five?

  5. If Denmark had chosen Suitcase they wouldn’t have had this problem.

  6. Also: When was the last time all Scandinavian countries in a semifinal didn’t qualify? I’d imagine having less than three performing in a semi isn’t an ideal situation for them.

  7. Seems to me that the loudest cheers tonight (at the announcements) were for Serbia, Estonia, and Belgium. I might have to re-watch that bit to get a better pulse of it.

    Also: The hosts are TERRIBLE. No personality and no chemistry whatsoever. And their script was horrid, too. A big let-down after the past two years. Conchita was quite charming and showed more personality than the three hosts combined.

  8. For the records my ranking for tonight:

    1. Estonia
    2. Belgium
    3. Georgia
    4. Albania
    5. Hungary
    6. Russia
    7. Greece
    8. Romania
    9. Denmark
    10. Armenia
    11. FYR Macedonia
    12. Belarus
    13. Serbia
    14. the Netherlands
    15. Moldova
    16. Finland

    Armenia compared to by pre-contest ranking climbed 4 slots. It won over FYR Macedonia and Belarus on the tie-break rule by being a better package. Serbia and the Netherlands saw losses while Belarus and Russia (the Polina factor) saw gains.

  9. My ranking for tonight:
    1 Estonia
    2 Hungary
    3 Belgium
    4 Georgia
    5 Serbia (the guilty pleasure of the year)
    6 Finland (just because of them)
    7 Albania
    8 Romania
    9 Greece
    10 Russia
    11 Armenia
    12 Denmark
    13 Belarus
    14 FYR Macedonia
    15 Netherlands
    16 Moldova

  10. Honestly this was one of the weakest semis and the most boring show ever! Disliked the stage aswell!

  11. Hungary since their come back can’t miss the final whatever they send, but they are always competitive.

  12. Last year’s host and the runner up of last year missed out ;)

  13. My ranking for the 1st semi:
    1.Estonia. Loved the song since day 1. Brilliant stage performance 12/10
    2.Greece. Song is average but she gave the best female performance tonight for my taste! 7/10
    3.Albania. Love the song ! Underwhelming performance. Downgraded to 7/10 (from 9/10)
    4.Russia. Same as Greece but a bit cynical. Great visuals! 6/10
    5.Denmark. I always found it charming but “Suitcase” would have done better. 6/10
    6.Belgium. This is slightly overrated. Production seems messy. 6/10
    7.Hungary. Perfect harmonies, moving performance but cringe worthy lyrics. 6/10
    8.The Netherlands. They did repeat 2011, didn’t they? Very weak presentation.I still like the song 5.5/10
    9.Romania. Forced drama but competent overall. Not keen on the song! 5,5/10
    10.Moldova. Biggest climber of the night! Very slick performance of a catchy song. 5/10
    11.Serbia. CAMP but EFFECTIVE! One of the trashiest performances though. 5/10
    12.Armenia. Everything regarding ARM 15 is borderline. 5/10
    13.FYR Macedonia. Love the lyrics, underwhelming and messy revamp/performance. 4,5/10
    14.Belarus. Boring towards the end, still compared to previous Belarusian entries this is ok I guess. 4,5/10
    15.Georgia. Awful diction, irritating song. Great visuals. 4/10
    16.Finland. This is my first 0/10 since Georgia’s Joker!
    Weak semi if u ask me!

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