Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Tonight is the night we find out who qualifies from the first semi final. There are bound to be some shocks along the way but last week we asked you to start voting for who you thought would get through to the final. Results follow…

Your Qualifiers are…

12 Points Estonia (155 Votes)
10 Points Belgium (138 Votes)
8 Points Greece (133 Votes)
7 Points Russia (127 Votes)
6 Points Georgia (112 Votes)
5 Points Romania (100 Votes)
4 Points Armenia (93 Votes)
3 Points Albania (90 Votes)
2 Points The Netherlands (72 Votes)
1 Point Serbia (69 Votes)
Denmark (67 Votes)
Belarus (56 Votes)
Hungary (54 Votes)
Finland (39 Votes)
FYR Macedonia (27 Votes)
Moldova (21 Votes)

What do you think of your Top 10. Correct? Anyone you doubt now we have had the jury final?

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

82 comments on “Results: Who Will Qualify from Semi Final One?

  1. Oh the time for that has arrived.I won’t post my prediction yet.Semi 1 really puzzles me. :)

  2. I get a feeling many people might have voted “who should qualify” rather than “who will qualify”. I am for example pretty sure that Finland will make it, while Albania and The Netherlands won’t.

  3. The finalists according to Eurosong.dk:


    • I agree with that apart from Romania… I actually think FYROM may pull it off in it’s place

      • I think Fyrom/Macedonia will drown out – it’s an ok song, but rather anonymous, I’d say. Whereas Romania have a song that may touch a lot of people due to its topic.

    • Wow. We agree totally, me and Eurosong. 10/10! :o

      Eurosong.dk is btw the best danish esc site. But they should start to bring back the DMGP year by year pages again.

      • I think they are working at it. They had to make a whole new site last year due to the domain webbyen.dk being closed.

    • Interesting…Moldova seems the only one out of place, I believe it was butchered badly tonight in the jury vote to be able to be saved.

  4. Hungary first and foremost. And call their name quick so I don’t suffer unnecessarily. Like Slovenia last year, and not like Finland 13 where they were called 8th and after a dramatic pause. I was a mess by country #3. Lol

    Call them out first and save everyone the anxiety.

    Then Estonia of course, then the Netherlands to complete half of my top 6 and Elhadiva. But if it’s between her and Boggie, I’m choosing Boggie.

    • So,you’re here?You missed all the fun of the rehearsals. :-o

    • I was just putting up a “LOST” advert…since you had no proper photo I was about to use that Estonian chick’s headshot…You are being associated with her after all :P

    • Hey, look who has resurrected.

    • Hi Alex :) We all really missed you :) ! I am hoping as well that Boggie will make it :)

      But you put her higher than Elina ? She must feel so used after she gave you a very decent placing in FDLC :P

      • Thanks.

        Elina is 4. Hungary 1, Ireland 2, Lithuania 3, and Iceland 5. Netherlands at 6.

        As you know, I love everyone who has ever been in the top 5. It’s one big happy family.

        • Well I’ll make sure she (Elina) finds out about this. Those “big family” things do not work with women like Elina sorry, they want everything or nothing :P
          Molly No.2 ? She is a rock chick deep inside you know, she does not have diva in her for now lol ;)
          Did you see Trijntje’s first rehearsal dress and have her 6th ? ;)

          • She is Estonian. The whole country is one big happy family. She doesn’t mind one bit. She knows that I support my top 5 wholeheartedly. How many people besides me own all get songs?

            Besides, she decided to do a duet so she obviously doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

            Also, walk along rules and it won’t matter if she performs it in bed sheets. Plus I don’t see anything wrong with the dress anyway. Besides, my iPod has the album cut and not the video.

            Molly comes with Ireland’s best entry ever and loses out to Hungary’s greatest ever entry. And the saddest esc entry ever. And she may not be a diva now, but we will fix that quickly.

            • One spoiler alert : Near the end of the performance Elina kicks Stig off stage just so you know :P And then she is all alone under the spotlight looking stunning :P ;) !

    • Hello Alex, great to see you back. :)

  5. So almost everyone keeps predicting the following 8:
    RUS, EST, ROM, GEO, ARM, GRE, BELG and FIN (I am being sceptical for the last three)
    Which leaves 2 tickets for either Albania, Denmark or Hungary imo.
    NETHERLANDS, MOLDOVA, FYROM and to a lesser extent BELARUS and SERBIA are no hopers imo!

    • I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. I would say that the 2 tickets are among Belarus, Denmark and Hungary and would leave Albania a little behind, just ahead of Serbia.
      I am skeptical about Belgium ( :( ) and have become skeptical about Finland as well recently (don’t think I will be swayed to leave them out of my prediction though).

      • I just LOVE the “predicting the Finalists” game! Let’s see who gets 20/20 this year. I don’t remember anybody achieving that score last year. I will post my prediction later on today!

        • Tell me about it..It’s like the moment for esc fans to get their credentials in the esc universe. Not predicting the winner, but getting the finalists right.

          Three years in a row I am stuck at 8/10 in both semis. Big surprises excluded 8/10 is my base in this first semi so I hope to improve a bit this year :P

          My prediction will come a couple of hours or so before the semi as always :)

          • it’s not a bad record… it took me a couple of times but 2012 remains my prestige year of 19/20 (only goddamn Malta…) and I never went lower than 7/10 (in 2013, but Lithuania, Ireland, Armenia… there were many surprises that year)… now I’m also stuck at 8 or 9 per semis (last year for instance) and I’m still hoping for a 20/20 one year! doubt it’ll be this year, both semis have their quirks to make it super hard

            • 19/20 in 2012 because of bloody Malta is my best result too. I’ll be glad if I get two 8/10 this year. :)

            • I sorta wish we got 18 in 2012 and Bulgaria made it instead of Norway: after all, while we did get it right that Norway was in and Bulgaria out no one suspected Norway to be that close to being out and Bulgaria that close to being in and it would have been the second biggest shock after Anna B. People keep talking these days of shocking results, but Sweden 2010 is the only one I can think of. Usually, the other “surprises” are ALWAYS songs we expected to not-qualify who surprised us by making it, but they almost never made it at the expanse of big favorites to qualify, but other songs that were midtable (San Marino last year or Malta in 2012 did not put out anyon big). Sweden 2010 is the only case really…

            • So nobody but La Bergendahl has done a Bergendahl yet. :) I still wait for the moment I can use that phrase and say “XY has done a Bergendahl” because doing a Bergendahl ist totally different from doing a Kate Ryan, which means that an awful fan favourite failed, a scenario any objective person expected. A Bergendahl shocks the objective person too. I love ESC vocabulary. :)

            • I imagine social media as it is today (as well as the modern hype machine) wasn’t the same back then. It seems easier to sort of galvanize public opinion nowadays. I do wonder how much of the actual viewing public is unfamiliar with the songs before the show starts…

            • exactly, there has been big fan faves who failed but for different reasons than Anna: I can think mostly of Slovenia, Netherlands and Iceland 2005 and Belgium 2006: but these came at a one semi which was insanely unfair (most televote friendly countries could make it only, and that one rare great song from a country that isnt a televote friendly one) plus it was back at the 100% televote results. While someo f them werent really good (Iceland 2005 and Belgium 2006 are very bad, Nl 2005 passable and Slovenia 2005 great), their actual semi results proved that a two-semi systems would have had all three in the final instead of having that insane 14 pre-qualified countries… Also all of these came at very early days of semis, so people werent quite clear on how that worked too…

            • Those huge semi-finals with 100 % televoting were the most unfair thing in the history of ESC. Btw, I would love Polina to be the first non-Bergendahl doing a Bergendahl … but of course that won’t happen.

            • I think I had a 19/20 in 2011 ? I am not sure. I had a 7/10 at the first semi in 2010 if I remember correctly…In my very casual esc days, in 2008, I was making very casual, naive predictions and got 4/10 in the 2nd semi there :P

              Oh I doubt I’ll get a 20/20 this year either tbh..I even expect to do worse..!

          • New to this, but I don’t think I’ve tried predicting BEFORE watching the semis. Even during the show I have a record of 7-9 per semi, so if I can match that before even seeing anything, that’d be impressive.

            Apart from photos here and there, I haven’t really seen much as far as staging is concerned, so of course that’s gonna change how I think the rankings would go (not to mention performance itself). I think that’s what ultimately killed Israel last year…. it didn’t play so well on TV, I think.

            • Welcome Ren Robles. :)

            • Thanks, long-time lurker, very rarely post. :P

            • Welcome first of all :)
              I always watch rehearsals and wait till the very last moment before I make a prediction, which I do not change during the show of course, that’s the point ;) Staging indeed changes a lot.

              Israel is “killed” in esc every year the last 4 or so years for many reasons unrelated to music. Fei did the best she could in my opinion last year. That said, I truly hope they do not qualify this year but that’s a discussion to have after the first semi..!

      • Albania is definitely in!
        Big vocals to “impress” juries and a guaranteed pair of 12’s from GRE and FYROM

        • Don’t be surprised if they’re not #JustSaying

        • Well big vocals impress juries but we do have a lot of them in this semi and honestly both Maria-Elena and Polina for example have bigger vocals than Elhaida.
          Well 12p from FYR Macedonia may go to Serbia though who knows ?
          As for Greece I am not that sure she will get them, I expect Russia to get them tbh.
          So bring in a lacklasture performance with the juries who will reward bigger voices, some lack of memorability in this ballad category, some bad voting history for Albania in general…And you got a surprise non qualifier ;)

          • To be honnest, I never once predicted Albania to qualify. I’d be surprised if it did.

            • Of course they won’t. Nor will Hungary, the Netherlands, Macedonia and Moldova. One left: Belarus or a shock non qualifier like Belgium, Estonia or Georgia.

            • Albania, Netherlands, Macedonia, Moldova and Belarus are extremely obvious. The last one could be Hungary, Serbia, Greece or Finland.

          • surprise non qualifier?

            I have never expected Albania to qualify. The entry is just too bland to be enough for a country not favoured by voting biases around Europe imo. It’s a good enough song though imo.

            • I like the Albanian entry and really thought it was in with a chance but the rehearsals left a lot to be desired imo.
              That said, given the amount of enthusiastic albanian fans on all social media I expect a lot of angry people after the semi if Elhaida fails…Even worse than the spanish fans if Edurne fails in the final..

    • I am not predicting FIN.

  6. Among non qualifiers up there,I really want to see Hungary qualifying😊
    Go Boggie❤️

  7. I feel like Hungary is terribly underestimated. It’s probably not going to be an audience favourite but I imagine it doing well with the jury. “Save the world”/message type songs seem to generally do well. I keep thinking back to Lonely Planet (Armenia) from 2013.

    Finland is a puzzling one to me. It really could go either way.

    I think Serbia is a bit overestimated. Belgium as well (and I LIKE that one).

    Guess we’ll know better once it plays out… staging and camera angles DO make a difference!

  8. I’ve changed my final semi one qualifiers a bit, and am going with: Armenia, Belgium, Greece, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Finland, Denmark, Serbia, Albania. Hungary and Romania just miss out for me.

  9. Is it daring to say NED, SRB or FIN will not qualify?

    • All 3 of them not qualifying? I think at least 1 of them has to qualify I’d say.

      I’d be shocked at this point if Netherlands qualify. Too many distractions, and it probably gets lost with more impactful songs after it.

      • Apart from Serbia I have never thought of the rest.

        • There’s so many puzzling decisions in this semi. Serbia and Finland are probably the most puzzling. I didn’t think Serbia would qualify before rehearsals started, but there’s just such a huge crowd behind this that I think it’s going to eat up a lot of televotes. Finland of course will stand out, and it all depends on whether or not the juries absolutely killed this or rated them around 12-14.

  10. 11 hours or so before the show and I’m currently predicting (in alphabetical order): Belarus (if Cheesecake can qualify in 5th place…)
    Belgium (probably scores high with jury but low with televoting)
    Finland (I think enough televoting will put it through)
    Hungary (ehh, still unsure about this, the message might help it)
    Serbia (not too sure about this either)

    My alternates are Albania and Armenia. I personally don’t see Denmark qualifying, just a hunch. Moldova is IMO the weakest Eurodance song of the lot. Netherlands and Macedonia seem just a bit too middle-of-the-road to qualify, plus both would be overshadowed by the songs that follow it (Finland follows Netherlands, Serbia follows Macedonia) and be forgotten.

    I reserved the right to change my mind 1000 times more before the show. And of course I’ll probably have different thoughts as the show progresses.

    • With Belarus, Russia, Georgia, Belgium, The Netherlands and France (the last 3 have a big Armenian diaspora who loves voting in ESC …) all voting in this semi-final, there is no way that Armenia will miss the final imo.

  11. It’s sad that we’ll have to say goodbye to some artists in only a few hours …

    • Sob I hope I’m not heartbroken after tonight, but that seems inevitable. I’ve enjoyed the song from Macedonia, but it’s almost certainly getting eliminated tonight. (Seems like their staging isn’t helping them, either.) I think if either Belgium or Estonia don’t make it, I’d be distraught.

      • Belgium and Estonia are my favourites too but Romania has immensely grown on me over the weeks. Macedonia had a nice song in Skopje Fest but then every change they’ve made was one for the worse. Well, they should have sent Tamara anyway …

  12. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2015/05/19/watch-youtube-star-joey-graceffa-comes-out-as-gay/

    Regardless of the result tonight, today is a good day!

    Now, i’m off to California!!! ;)

    • Yeah not really related to esc but that’s hardly news to most people I am afraid :P I liked the way he did though with the video clip and I am glad he is able comfortable enough in his own skin to do that :)

      P.S. You don’t have a chance he has a boyfriend :P

      • “hardly news to most people I am afraid”

        Sadly/thankfully??? in todays Metro world you never can tell, yes just like Tom Daley, my suspicions were there, but you really can’t be certain anymore. This guy at Uni I liked thought he definitely must be Bi/Gay (he doesn’t know I’m bi but I thought I picked up obvious signals) he dies his hair blond, has a bit of a “gay lisp” (hate that term) almost very like Joey and even recently had rainbow flags painted on his cheeks, then a couple of weeks ago, we were all introduced to his long term girlfriend who he’s been with for years, and then as you do, when he had gone we all had a long debate about whether we thought it was legit or not, as about half of us had all assumed he was bi/gay and the consensus was that it seemed legit and that he was straight and we all just misjudged.

        • I did not say it because of his mannerisms or whatever really, I am the first one to say be you and don’t care what others think, it does not define your sexual orientation or whatever the way you act. I said it because he has been spotted multiple times with his previous boyfriend and his new one and has been spotted in gay bars before, that’s all. I am glad he did it now that he feels comfortable enough in his own skin and owns both his flamboyant personality and his orientation. I don’t like him personally, I find him rather obnoxious but good for him !

          Anyway it’s neither the place nor the time to discuss all that I am afraid.

      • “hardly news to most people I am afraid”

        Sadly/thankfully??? in todays Metro world you never can tell, yes just like Tom Daley, my suspicions were there, but you really can’t be certain anymore. This guy at Uni I liked thought he definitely must be Bi/Gay (he doesn’t know I’m bi but I thought I picked up obvious signals) he dies his hair blond, has a bit of a “gay lisp” (hate that term) almost very like Joey and even recently had rainbow flags painted on his cheeks, then a couple of weeks ago, we were all introduced to his long term girlfriend who he’s been with for years, and then as you do, when he had gone we all had a long debate about whether we thought it was legit or not, as about half of us had all assumed he was bi/gay and the consensus was that it seemed legit and that he was straight and we all just misjudged.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if walking around the Eurovillage someone bumped into Tom Neuwirth’s wife ;)

  13. The Dimitrisesc jury has started its’ closed-door meeting in order to best predict the 10 finalists from tonight’s semi.The white smoke isn’t expected to rise from the chimney above our medieval castle sooner that 19:30 CET.

  14. I used to own this prediction game, back in the days of televote, 10/10 was most common, 9/10 was a disapointment, 8/10 was an unmitigated disaster. That all changed in the first Semi of 2011, when literally the juries ripped my predictions up on the spot (the televote results I was still quite close however)

  15. I’m watching Azerbaijan from last year.With a better ballad than Hungary they were 11th with the televoting in the semi.Of course,Boggie is a much better performer than Dilara but will that be enough to reach top-12 with televoting?

  16. So we got 9 out of 10 ! GREAT!

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