Predict the Top 15 Finalists and Win £1m!

eurovision trophyEurovision 2015 – Do you think you can predict the top 15 at this year’s Eurovision? If you can, you could be in with a chance to win £1million! It’s free to enter, so you’ve nothing to lose! You can enter until 20.00 on Saturday 23rd May so get your votes in before then. To enter tweet @LottolandUK with the hashtag #eurovisionmillion You can only enter once.


For those of you not in the UK, check out Lottoland’s Facbook pages, which should take you to one in your country.

Good luck!


12 comments on “Predict the Top 15 Finalists and Win £1m!

  1. “…and win £1m!”
    This actually sounds scary :P :D

  2. I Will definitely ENTER!

  3. I think I can flag out the top15 but I will enter only until Saturday. Also do we have to rank the 15 countries?

    • Yes in order!! That’s why it will be so hard for anyone to win the £1m… but it could be done! We’re going to enter after the 2nd SF too when we know who will be in and the running order

  4. So if I get 1-13 all correct (an impressive feat in itself) and then get 14th and 15th the wrong way around, I get 0?

    Hulluna has a good point, best to enter after all the semis and draws so you have the most information available.

  5. Dimitris has to consider this…he is so good at guessing that it’s scary :D

    • Lol!I don’t use twitter. :D PLus,predicting the exact top-15 is extremely difficult thus the 1 million pounds.

  6. I need the car from “Back to the Future” 😂

  7. I’ll have to have a go at that :D

  8. Hi guys, I work for Lottoland social media, if you guess the Top 15 in the right order than you win £1 million. All or nothing. (: There’s no catches, it’s totally free, all you need to do is either comment your Top 15 list on our Facebook post or alternatively tweet me them @LottolandUK on Twitter. You can change your choices right up until the start of the live show on Saturday evening. It will be tough obviously, but I think someone who really knows Eurovision might do it with a bit of luck.

    If it seems to good to be true remember that if someone wins the £1 million its great publicity for Lottoland, so we will also be happy. (: Make sure to share with your friends, if they’re going to watch Eurovision then they may as well have a shot at the million, even if its a long shot (:

  9. What if no one gets all 15 in correct order? Does the prize go to the closest guesser?

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