Eurovision 2015: Results of Semifinal 1

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Tonight we finally saw the first semifinal, with 16 entries participating and 20 countries voting all together chose the 10 finalists! Find out which they are! Comment, discuss and analyze with us!

This was tonight’s running-order:

Australia, Austria, France and Spain all also voted in this semifinal.

After a 2h show that made us finally see the stage in action, the three female hosts (and a drag queen in the green room), and a first interval act, the ten countries that qualified were finally announced. And they were:

  • Albana (drawn second half)
  • Armenia (drawn first half)
  • Russia (drawn second half)
  • Romania (drawn second half)
  • Hungary (drawn second half)
  • Greece (drawn second half)
  • Estonia (drawn first half)
  • Georgia (drawn second half)
  • Serbia (drawn first half)
  • Belgium (drawn first half)

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465 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Results of Semifinal 1

  1. So I’ve just finished watching the First Semi and here are my thoughts on each country

    Opening – very dull, i get its meant to be classy and old fans will be nostalgic for the orchestra, but I aint classy, and it was very dull

    Moldova – amazing opener, very polished energetic and fun. Even his vocals which have always been his weak spot have improved. Really fun and got the crowd going. Really hope it qualifies though juries will try and kill it.

    Armenia – really had an excellent presentation, loved the colours and the meaning, not a huge fan of the song, but really hope it qualifies, it’s the best I’ve heard it.

    Belgium – Well he’s done it, everyone had an opinion on this but me, I was always firmly on the fence, did not like did not dislike, but now I’m firmly in the fan column, was really good on stage, and I hope it qualifies now, and just noticed he quite good looking, like a Jedward with flat hair

    Netherlands – Really awful, she just shouted a lot, she’s got the Barbara Dex award in the bag, she looked like she was wearing a bin bag.

    Finland – Thank god it the shortest ever in history. Theres no tune or song, it is just a disabled man screaming into a microphone.

    Big cheer from the fans that Australia is in the final. Love Conchita in the green room. Really warming to Loic, is he gay/bi and if so is he single!?!

    Greece – “one last breath” more like “out of breath” It really gets going at the end, but thats like literally the last 30 seconds. Was quite pleasantly surprised by this one, hated them before, but now my opinion is quite positive.

    Estonia – Stig should stick to song writing, he can not sing. Elina on the other hand, has a great vocal. The staging looks quite cool, but overall the song goes nowhere for me, it’s quite boring. Oh take back what I said about her singing, just got to the 2nd verse and its not as good. Its a fan fave though so will definitely qualify. Wish it would end now is dragging on.

    These postcards are very dull, think creating the flags last year was much better

    Macedonia – Opening was slow, but like the R&B remix in now. His voice is not strong enough, and the song gets weak at the verse. Still much better in English than “Macedonian”? Ok this is actually the worst song so far (don’t count Finland as a song) Really hope this does not make it.

    Serbia – Love Bojana and love this song, didn’t know the guy who wrote this wrote Rise Like A Phoenix, can tell he knows how to write a good power ballad. Very surprised Serbia is sending a song like this, very LGBT friendly, even the flags make a rainbow. Love when it goes to the dance bit, this is what we need, and she really goes for it, good on ya gal!!! She does get a bit out of breath but this is Rising Like A Phoenix in my rankings, was always Top 5, now its 3rd, could possibly challenge for 2nd or 1st!!! Before Moldova/Sweden/Israel were revealed this was first, even in Serbian.THIS IS THE HEART OF EUROVISION! AMAZING!

    Hungary – Toggie oops Boggie is on next. ;) jk BBC commentator said bit of a snore, and I agree. I hate this so much I think it will get through thanks to the jury, they always do this. Still need a loo break in the final. Her voice is quite terrible as well. My insomnia (which I genuinely suffer from) could now well be cured!

    Belarus – Do like the song, but have not forgiven them for not sending Milki. His voice is not great and the backdrop looks like someone is TPing the stage. Madame on the violin aint got nothing on Rybak! Overall its repetitive and doesn’t go anywhere.

    Feel really sorry for Guy, he admits there’s added pressure as he knows if he doesn’t win Australia won’t be back next year. The black presenter really is not good, her English is bad, and her performance is wooden. Just realised that we have to watch at least 10 of these postcards again

    Denmark – Sounds really old fashioned and his vocals are off. Also looks like someone I know who I don’t like. Really dated makes the UK look on point and on trend. Like Hungary is sending me off to sleep (though I am quite tired after work anyway lol)

    Albania – Bit of a slow start but when it gets going into the chorus it’s quite good. A bit forgettable though.

    Romania – The Romanian language really needs to make up its mind about whether it wants to be eastern European or French. This is clearly directed at Romanian diaspora and not for the wider European audience. Sadly its Romania so we know it will qualify. God it drags on.

    Georgia – Looking fierce, not sounding as fierce. I still really like the song, but this isn’t as good live, a little disappointed to be honest. The staging and presentation is great, the music is cool and edgy, but her voice and pronunciation does spoil it a little. Wind machine getting good use.

    So I’ve seen them all, Moldova, Serbia, Belgium all did really well. Armenia and Greece (and Belgium) really rose up in my rankings. Georgia went down a little though still in my top. Hated Finland, Hungary, and Romania. They probably all through though. Macedonia let me down as did Belarus and Georgia. Albania did as expected.

    Quite like Mel hosting, I judged her unfairly because she usually co-presents with the most annoying woman on earth. Really hope Israel qualify on Thursday, he comes across really well in his interview with Mel very warm and funny. Very disappointed in Scott Mills laughing at one of the fans who has ranked every song in ESC ever. The interval is painfully long. Spain is definitely the best of the Big 5. But maybe Australia is best of all the Pre qualified songs.

    Results time
    Albania – did not predict this but am glad
    Armenia – predicted and am happy
    Romania – again predicted but this time not happy
    Hungary – oh my god, well i said the ones I hate always do well
    Greece – predicted and am actually glad she won me over
    Estonia – Predicted, am indifferent
    Wow shes announcing these qualifiers fast
    Georgia – predicted
    Serbia – YES did not predict this in my earlier prediction but after tonight it was certain! SO happy
    One last spot, think it will sadly be Finland.
    NO it’s Belgium did not predict this, thought he’d be the shock non qualifier, but am very glad he too like Greece has won me over.
    Overall I got 7/10 predicted correct and 6 entries I like through (now counting Belgium and Greece) Glad Finland is out, sad Moldova is out. If Putin wins I will not watch next year, I don’t believe Europe is this stupid to stand up to homophobia one year and then hand the crown to the most homophobic country in Europe the next. And I think many Eastern countries will sympathise with Ukraine.

    • The composer of “Beauty never lies” actually won with “Molitva” and not “RLAP”. :)

    • Glad you’re on the Belgian bandwagon, welcome aboard, i’ll be your captain (and Jade your flight attendant), take a seat

    • Azerbaijan last year, Hungary this year. It’s becoming a trend: there is one song in my top 5 you hate.

      • Let me guess, you loved Rona the ropehead in 2012 too :P

        • Actually no. The girl can sing but for me, the song is just a distraction so she can hit the high note.

          This is one very polarizing entry. We have gas long debates over it even recently. So it’s memorable because it stands out. You have many people that love it. I can certainly see why someone would.

    • “BBC commentator said bit of a snore”

      Do you remember our BBC discussion the other day? The German commentator pointed out that Hungary was a competent composition exquisitely sung.

      ESC = variety show/circus (BBC)
      ESC = song contest (NDR)

      • ““BBC commentator said bit of a snore””
        “German commentator pointed out that Hungary was a competent composition exquisitely sung.”

        Can it not be both? ;)

        • It can. I just wanted to point out the difference in approach …

          • I’ve never disagreed with you that BBC and NDR have completely different approaches.

            And again your Sweden example holds firm, why can’t BBC be more like SVT, or even SBS who do make fun of the contest, but then also take it quite seriously when selecting and preparing their entries.

    • Thanks, Max, for such a thorough account of your thoughts!

      I loved the opening. I was delighted to see a proper live orchestra, very appropriate for Vienna. I was also very impressed with Conchita. It must be quite a challenge to build up a song, then stop just before the big finish to welcome all the other performers to the stage, then come back in full belt for the big finish! But by heck did she do it!

      My favourite three got through (Estonia, Belgium & Georgia) and my least favourite got knocked out (Moldova, Netherlands & Denmark) so a pretty good result for me, although I was sad to see Finland go, just because they were different and daring and I was keen to see Eurovision punked up a bit, although I agree it’s actually not a great song!

      I’m with you on Greece and Serbia. Both had made little impact on me before and both have gone up in my estimations now. Greece are going with a Bond theme style, perhaps trying too hard to emulate last year’s winner, but I’m a sucker for a Bond theme. Serbia does the ultimate bet-you-thought-this-was-going-to-be-a-ballad trick and it really kicks in for the Hi-NRG bit.

      I liked Mel, but was annoyed by her talking all over the clips of the seven pre-finalists!

  2. The whole event is available here:

  3. By George that was intense…..

    The more countries that were announced, the more worried I got about Loïc not qualifying. When one more country was to be announced I thought it was Finland

    Speaking of which… it was a HUGE pity Finland did not qualify. In a contest that preaches diversity it seems unreal to me that people didn’t vote for them. It would not surprise me if the were #11

    IMO Hungary and Albania should not have qualified and Finland and Denmark should be in their places. Three power ballads (Albania, Russia, Greece) all through, What an utter bore

    At least Belgium is bringing the unique aspect to this Grand Final this year

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if the juries killed Finland.

    • ”In a contest that preaches diversity it seems unreal to me that people didn’t vote for them”.

      ESC has been more of song contest than an NGO…

    • But like Conchita says yes she got a boost from the bearded lady gimmick, but she needed a good song as well, she would not have won if she turned up just singing the alphabet and stroking her beard. Finland no doubt got a lot more points than it would have had it been you or I singing it because of the story. But overall it was the worst song we’ve ever had in the decade I’ve been watching at least. I was tempted to go to youtube and play Probka from Lativa, if Finland went beyond 2 minutes.

      I think this proves that yes a message or gimmick does help, but it doesn’t turn something truly rubbish into a winner/qualifier

    • Finland was one of the 10 best songs tonight. It’s different and loud and diverse.

      I may get disagreements, but for me it’s even better than Finland’s esc winner.

      We don’t agree on Hungary though.

      • I agree. I like “Aina mun pitää” much more than that awfully fake “Hard Rock Hallelujah” thing which is aired everytime NDR wants to point out how terrible the 100 % televote years were. “Aina mun pitää” was rough, honest and authentic … and even if a song with those attributes does absolutely nothing for me (like Finland this year), it is still far better than the eurovisionised hard rock than won in 2006.

        • I think lyrically Aina Mun Pitää is better than Hard Rock Hallelujah because it’s a personal account of the challenges and mundanities of everyday life from the author’s perspective, delivered as a punk song, whereas HRH is a hard rock song about being a hard rock song. Musically, however, HRH has much more melody and structure than AMP, plus it has some amusingly rocktastic puns.

          Not sure what you mean about HRH being fake. Lordi were doing this long before 2006 and are still doing it now. I saw them live a few weeks ago and they really are like that! I was surprised how the audience looked like a hard rock audience, not a Eurovision audience, and how Hard Rock Hallelujah sat in their set comfortably with all their other songs (they played it about three songs in). Yes, they’re a total pantomime metal gimmick, but that’s their whole career, not just their Eurovision moment.

          • I should have made my point clearer: I am a rock guy and thus naturally think that all Lordi acts are totally fake, not only their ESC entry. Therefore, I blame the Finnish broadcaster/audience for choosing such a ESC-compatible rock song instead of sth more authentic. And yes, HRH has more melody and structure, unfortunately very conventional melody and structure. Who wants a hard rock song whose chorus you can sing along to on first listening. Not me. Sorry, but I totally dislike Lordi, not only in ESC but there in particular because people will go on saying: “Look, a rock song can do well. It can even win.”, when it was masks, costumes and gimmicks that won in 2006. From the gimmick perspective, Daria Kinzer looks like a nun in seclusion if you put her next to Lordi.

        • Wow, so I’m not as crazy as I thought.

  4. An underwhelming show (ORF can only do so much, but still…) with expected results. Conchita was the best host, and frankly she had just as much screen time as the other 3. Hopefully they can loosen up a little by Saturday. One last point: did anyone else the empty seats towards the top sections in the beginning?

    Estonia and Belgium were much better on screen. Elina’s teary eyes at the end sealed the deal; the camera work and her reveal with the opening door were perfectly done.

    Georgia is my biggest dark horse to crack the top 10 now. She was confident and giving off the Xena-warrior-goth princess vibe I haven’t seen since Ruslana.

    Hungary was a nice surprise but the harmonies at the end were spot on and totally deserved to be on Saturday night.

    Elhaida’s vocals towards the end were dire; I was waiting for her to cough it out and keep crashing and burning. She has been out-diva’d by Polina and Maria Elena.

    I honestly wanted Finland and PKN to qualify solely to mix up the rest of the songs on Saturday night. As polarizing as it is, it would’ve been memorable whether you wanted it to or not.

  5. Well I am checking the interviews. The funniest of all is a Turk asking about LGBT issues in Russia, as if his own country did everything to promote human rights in general. Anyway, the question was silly and it didn’t even touch the issues currently affecting Russia. I live to see the moment when serious questions will be asked to contestants…

    • That was pretty dumb thing for you to say…Anyone can ask any questions…individuals represent themselves not the countries they are from!If you haven’t acknowledged it till now,then you are indeed a hopeless case!

      • The question was directed to Russia not to Polina and his question was silly indeed. So i can involve countries as well. Stop being a Turk ambassador . Making you feel stressed answers my question. Thank you. Wasn’t your PM switching off social media?

      • If you see it that way then why Polina should be asked in person political issues then.

  6. On Finland: It must have failed to make any impression on the juries and/or televoters.Kudos to them for not using their disability as a gimmick(unlike another entry in the 2nd semi).But it just looked like a short and irrelevant interval act among the other entries.

    • ”Irrelevant interval act” I agree a lot.

    • It was Dustin The Turkey all over again since day 1.
      A gimmick and a horrible song!

      • Actually Finland and Denmark paid the cost of a very weak National Preselection… Greece was lucky enough to be saved by a good singer and tastefull stage approach!

      • Many of us fell victims of the overhyping it gor from day 1.And in my prediction i said that Denmark was weak(it didn’t even win the Danish televote) but decided to include it in my top-10 instead of Serbia.A wrong call. :(

        • for once the press in Vienna was right: they had dk out and almost none of us had (me it was Albania I didnt see making it at all)… well the press center had Netherlands in so they’re still clueless :p but Dk main singer was extremely off putting live

  7. I think the biggest thing that went against Finland was the genre itself: You either liked that kind of music or you don’t. Of course there will be songs in that genre that cross those lines, but this one wasn’t going to be one of them. Also harder to make an impression when the lyrics were unintelligible; it feels like non-English songs only make an impact if they’re performed in a big ballad or with a Eurodance tune.

    Kudos to them for sticking to their guns and not Eurovision-fying their performance, though.

    • The genre certainly didn’t help. Esc isn’t rap friendly either.

      • RIP Igranka

        • It’s funny how a genre that popular throughout the world gets killed in this environment.

          • I guess it’s just the fanbase and target market. Much like white guys with guitars and country singers do well in American singing contests. Plus rap on the show has been either too hard (Who See) or too dated (Trackshittaz and P.E.R.).

      • Yes, agreed, the genre itself is its own disadvantage.

        Punk is by its very nature unrefined and basic, eschewing technical proficiency in favour of rawness, often opting for shouting a ‘tune’ instead of singing it. Arguably, a song contest should be looking for the complete opposite!

        Rapping is not singing. It keeps the rhythmic qualities of singing and removes the melody, although there’s often tonal inflection still. How does a song contest judge a song that has no singing in it?

        That’s not to dismiss either genre’s legitimacy in popular culture, it just means they are difficult to handle in a song contest.

  8. I like how wisely and politely Boggie provoked the Serbian act :p

  9. It’s looking like the Finland bandwagon is small.
    Sure, I’m not the most objective when it comes to Finland, I readily admit this, but I don’t think it’s as awful as advertised. It’s like the Netherland’s staging. It’s become gospel that it was a bad dress, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it.

    I’m not nuts, this Finnish entry is better than Lordi’s.

    • Trijntje looked frightened and stressed.Only after she had finished her song you could see her smile.The whole performance didn’t work for her.

      • It looked and sounded desperate IMO. She could’ve done all the vocal antics in the world but it wouldn’t have changed the fact that her song was soooo flat. It went nowhere and was too repetitive.

      • Maybe she is so sweet that the insults hurt her. If only the esc community was more understanding. Lol

        The song rules though and nothing that happens tonight changes that.

  10. did you notice on the eurovision.tv official youtube page, the first live posted was… belgium’s! and second one was estonia’s…

    • I think we are trying to find clues here and there to say that Estonia and Belgium got 1st and 2nd in the semi honestly but Russia won it imo and it’s going to claim that trophy IMO unfortunately.

      The general consensus though was clear that Russia, Belgium and Estonia were the best three of the night by far (personally I disagree on a musical level as well but it’s not without a basis evaluation).

  11. Oh Nina spare me the political debate…

  12. By the way Russia is second lol

  13. Keep your eye on Hungary. Now down to a very manageable 67 to 1 in the odds.

    If someone lends me 100 thousand euros, I will pay them 2 million euros once I cash in my winning ticket. How can this plan possibly fail?

  14. Morning everyone. That was a lackluster show imo. Only one song/performance I liked, the one from Belgium. The rest just meh.
    Didn’t expect Hungary and Albania to qualify, but to be honest, any of the other non-qualifiers would be just as undeserved.
    Russia gets so much hype, now second in the odds, but imo just a well performed but rather sugary ballad. If this wins it will be a very mediocre winner.
    As for the show, I liked the kinetic object. And also Conchita. But if this is what the final will be like, I don’t expect the 60th edition to be a classic one.

    • Good morning from Texas!

      Agree on the show. And to think all that was done on a €35+ million budget but it’s one show so far. The camera work was poor, though, and the 3 main hostesses are dull and I can’t warm up to them. Conchita was great! Let’s not discuss the postcards…ugh.

      Out of this semi-final, I only liked Belgium and Estonia. Hungary was good. And that makes my Top 3.

      Finland wasn’t too bad but it was better than the others below.

      Serbia and Georgia were ok. Strong stage performances and voices yet awful lyrics. Russia’s on that same boat, too, but it was tacky and awful in every way.

      Moldova was a good laugh. Romania did nothing for me. I know the whole message behind it yet I still can’t warm up to this song. Greece and Denmark did nothing for me as well.

      Armenia, The Netherlands, the FYR Macedonia, Belarus and Albania were all hot messes. Poor camera work plus no sense of direction.

      As of now, Belgium or Estonia for the win!

  15. Just like Denmark, Iceland qualified every year from 2008 to 2014. Let’s hope that sweet María will follow the Danish example this year too. :)

  16. Am I the only one that absolutely detested Armenias performance and song, it was even worse then Finland imo. I shivered in discomfort when Geneology performed, so freaking bad! Should be last in that semi ugh! Poor Albania btw, she must have been really nervous :(

    • No, it was horrible. Way too political and they took themselves far too serious.

    • No Im with you, Armenia was the worst one for me too

    • I had Armenia 2nd from last. Eduard saved them from being dead last.

    • You’re not alone (pun intended). :-)

      Yes it was awful. The vocals were weak, shouty and messy, the stage choreography was bad and the camera shots were all over the place. Definitely one of the worst.

    • It was a carcrash. Seeing all those reports about excellent rehearsals etc etc I was massively let down, it was chaotic, with no structure or real musical purpose. The staging saved it IMO, it was really beautiful with all the graphics etc. Because other than that (and the diaspora vote that supported the message) I was really expecting it to miss out after all and Belarus steal their place.

      • Yeah your probably right with the staging thingy there, cause otherwhise I cant rap my head around why they qualified. I mean terrible english from some of them, the guys could not sing imo, the opera gal just wtf, it was just a mess, I actually hoped that the jury would kill it, but surprise surprise… No offense, but hoping this song gets bottom 5 in the final. And im out :-][-:

  17. I got 8 right.I did not predict Albania and Hungary, but I am happy with the results. Albania was excellent yesterday and he song convinced mr for the first time (just watched the show). Hungary was very effective live. Denmark’s absence came as the biggest surprise, imo.

    Belgium was in a class of its own.

    Russia was mercilessly effective live. This will probably win. :(

    • Yes Denmark will be missed to some extent. Moldova and Denmark missing out proved us that up-tempo songs don’t get a boost in a predominantly low-tempo line up.

      • I don’t miss either of them. I would have gone for Macedonia and not Hungary.

      • If you want uptempo songs in the final, send good ones. It’s as easy as that. Bothe Moldova and Denmark were pretty weak imo.
        GOOOO Israel!

        • Denmark was complete rubbish did like Moldova though.

          Agree with Toggie Israel will be Flying The Flag (pun intended) for the upbeat entries in the final! (If not at least we’ve got Serbia)

        • Do you want Israel in the final :p ?

  18. Predicted 8/10 in semi 1

    My Semifinal 1 ranking after last night:

    1. Georgia: 8/10
    2. Estonia: 8/10
    3. Belgium: 7/10
    4. Russia: 7/10 (Unfortunally very effective :( )
    5. Romania: 6/10
    6. Serbia: 6/10
    7. Albania: 5/10 (hopefully will do better live in the final)
    8. Moldova: 5/10 (highest climber for me)
    9. Hungary: 4/10
    10. Greece: 4/10
    11. Macedonia: 4/10
    12. Denmark: 3/10
    13. Netherlands: 3/10
    14. Belarus: 2/10
    15: Finland: 1/10
    16: Armenia: 0/10

    Am surprised that Moldova didn’t get through, his performance made that song so much better and that Armenia did :( (now noone can complain that the second performance spot is the killer one lol)

  19. Wow. Trijntje is 4th in the iTunes charts. Even higher then Mans.

  20. Reading the comments, I is nice to see that we agree on lots of things.
    Some more things that I noticed:
    -Rainbow flags when Russia performed.
    -What is the point of having three hosts, when they are all equally dull. Those jokes. Conchita blew them all away.
    -What was the rush when they were announcing the finalists. There was really no suspense at all.
    -The whole theming, staging, postcards, etc was really below standard. No identity at all.

    • Watching the Russia performance again, I’m reasonably sure that those rainbow flags were plants. The way they held them up and were clustered together – right in front of the stage, right within camera eyesight – then went down as soon as the camera started to zoom in…. totally choreographed.

      Not saying that’s a bad thing, though. ;-)

    • Agree with all of that. Refused to watch Russia but seen the photo, very well done :)

      And I agree, Conchita initially wanted to host, then she sort of backed down and said Green Room instead as she wasn’t experienced, but she was by far the best host last night.

      I said the same thing, I was trying to write a comment after each and ended up having to pause, they literally came out rapid fire with the qualifiers.

      And yes while the stage is impressive (don’t get the eye thing) with all the floating balls etc, the postcards and branding is very dull this year. There is no adherence to the theme other than letting Australia take part ie building a bridge to Australia

  21. Another thing I noticed was that the camera angles made the building look small. It was in a building as big as last year’s but last year’s looked more vast.

    All the production vales can use some work. The biggest mystery is that you had one year to prepare and couldn’t one decent hosts. They seem cold, and are treating it like a chore, like they don’t want to be there.

    When last year’s winner, who isn’t a host, outdoes you, then you know it’s bad.

  22. Finally finished my review of all the entries, just in time to be ignored for semi 2!

    Belgium – Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”

    Ugh. His clothes don’t fit him. They also aged him oddly. His stylist should be fired. Now, honestly, I was a bit disappointed by this performance. The ideas behind it were interesting, but I don’t agree with all the ideas they put into the stage performance and don’t think they were necessarily executed in the best way possible. Let me stop here and say that I’m not talking about technique, but rather, I’m talking about the choreography itself. An example of where I think the idea was badly executed was the hopping turn thing, which was just awkward. And the face grab, which hurt me on the inside. I would have liked if the performance went from its mechanical beginning into something more fluid, which is what I had expected after Loïc’s pirouette early in the song, but instead, it remained choppy and mechanical (albeit on purpose) all the way through the show. But hey, on the plus side, vocals were on point. 9/12

    Hungary – Boggie – “Wars for Nothing”

    And the award for most-effective staging of a song in the semi goes to… Hungary. While criticisms about her lack of emotion are valid and clear, there is a weird type of earnestness in the calculated performance (I know, right?) that you really start to feel it. And the way the backing singers join into the song, as well as the backing visuals help to build the song, as if her message is spreading as the song is being performed. On a side note, one of the backing females has a gorgeous voice. 9/12

    Georgia – Nina Sublatti – “Warrior”

    One of the best live performances of the day got off to a rocky start with Morticia Addams struggling to find her pitch for the first verse. Her voice was pretty on point after that verse though. This song is a song I just can’t support because of its lyrics, although this time they have the advantage of being complete word salad, as opposed to the offensive “could be good” of Estonia. While edging on the tastelessly overdone, the background was one of the most memorable of the semi (even if I can’t stop thinking about the fact that humans don’t cry out of their whole eye). 7/12

    Armenia – Genealogy – “Face the Shadow”

    Globes and Trees are the theme of this year’s Eurovision is seems. Anyway, this wasn’t another Six4One disaster, but after hearing talk of the strength of their live performance, I was expecting more. For the most part, vocals were good, and I fangasmed when I saw Inga on stage again, as I knew I would. The color palette was also a nice choice, bright but cool and never overpowering. My biggest criticism of this performance is the decision to stand on their countries on Globe #1. The cheese of the act almost killed me. 7/12

    Albania – Elhaida Dani – “I’m Alive”

    Vocally pretty bad. Elhaida has proven herself remarkably inconsistent with this song, being pitch-perfect on all but the big note in some performances and missing every note but the big note in the semi. The performance also doesn’t leave much to distract from that fact, with just a few abstract shapes and dulled lighting that really puts the focus on Elhaida to be the star of the performance. It’s hard to tell how she’ll do in the final, but there’s no doubt that she’s ignited the Albanian base that she’ll need to do well. I expect high points from Italy, Montenegro, Macedonia, Switzerland, and maybe San Marino on name alone. 6/12

    Serbia – Bojana Stamenov – “Beauty Never Lies”

    Bojana solidifies her place as better than the song. Here’s the thing about this performance: it’s utterly tacky. The bad white masks. The ill-fitting garments. The offensively ugly garments that appear after the big reveal. And through all this, Bojana shining through like a star put into a horrible, horrible situation and trying to deal with it professionally. 6/12

    Belarus – Uzari & Maimuna – “Time”

    A lot of people have been commenting how this performance was missing something, and I’ll let you know right here what it was: chemistry. Uzari, the little gnome, was into the intensity of the chorus and kept moving his body with these masculine, jerky motions that actually suited the song, for the most part. Meanwhile, Maimuna was floating around the stage gracefully and going “ooh, I’m elegant.” And the two bodies didn’t mesh into a cohesive stage performance. Go to the part where they face each other. It’s very obvious there. All that being said, I’m still a bit surprised they didn’t qualify. This was the good uptempo to Moldova’s bad and the stage performance was notably awful, while the song itself was MoR interesting. It should have had an easy time. 6/12

    Finland – Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät – “Aina Mun Pitää”

    Another performance that didn’t change much from the nf, although nobody really expected I to. I don’t know what else to say about this one. It’s exactly what was expected, and it didn’t really change anybody’s mind about it. 6/12

    Russia – Polina Gagarina – “A Million Voices”

    Hands down, this was the best use of some of the unique features of the stae, such as the wave of lights that surround it. Very typical light show, but very visually stunning. Except one point, her vocals were near perfect. What I don’t understand is why they had the musicians out there miming their instruments. It wasn’t necessary and was the one visual drawback of the show. 6/12

    Romania – Voltaj – “De La Capat/All Over Again”

    This was probably the biggest live disappointment of the night. I’ve grown to really like this entry, but the live lacked any passion or emotion in general. It was a man standing there with the cravat of a thousand secrets, singing notes that seem to mean nothing for him, for a song that relies on passion for the message. This was really boring. 5/12


    Macedonia – Daniel Kajmakoski – “Autumn Leaves”

    I would like to direct everybody to a new lesson that he can teach to future Eurovision contestants: how not to stage your entry. I mean, seriously? A Balkan-tinged R&B ballad with hiphop backing vocalists that didn’t look like they wanted to be there (probably because they knew they didn’t belong). Daniel hasn’t really improved his vocals from the nf either, and his failed high note at the end of the first chorus is HILARIOUS. 4/12

    Estonia – Elina Born and Stig Rästa – “Goodbye to Yesterday”

    Now, anybody that knows my dislike of this song will know that I’ve always hated it for its lyrics. Awful. And I still can’t do with “I smiled at the dog,” which always makes me cringe. However, the live performance was very professionally done. The LED shadows were a very good idea, as well as having him disappear before the end of the song. Vocals were nice but flawed. Now, if they had just had… better lyrics. I might not hate the song. 3/12

    Denmark – Anti Social Media – “The Way You Are”

    Nothing really changed from the nf performance, except that I hate the song more now than I did then. So BAHAHAHAHA, take that Denmark. You finally got the nq that I hope wakes you up from the blandness you’ve been sending for almost a decade now. Anybody else note the homoerotic subtext of the guitarist going from his microphone to the lead microphone just to sing the “It’s all about you” line? 3/12

    Moldova – Eduard Romanyuta – “I Want Your Love”

    This one came off better live than I expected, even if it is very much Eurovision Noughties Remix. Eduard clearly worked on his vocals since the national final, when he sounded like a bleating goat. That being said, the pelvic thrusting of the backing dancers and the close-up of the female singer’s bottom was awful. Obviously shouldn’t have qualified and thankfully didn’t. 3/12

    Greece – Maria Elena Kyriakou – “One Last Breath”

    I have so many offensive names for the piece of cloth that was mutilated and wrapped around her body. They all come down to the same thing: the dress looks like a really badly-made tearaway that seals around her vagina. And that’s horrifying. I’m going to be honest here, this is all I can see about this performance, no matter how often I listen to it. But I can still hear her breathing difficulties, and they haven’t gotten better. I’m going to start calling her the asthmatic vag, I think. That pretty much describes this performance. 2/12

    Netherlands – Trijntje Oosterhuis – “Walk Along”

    There were so many bad ideas in this that I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just start from the beginning. What the hell was that close of up her forehead for the first 25 or so seconds of the song? Worst idea of the night. In addition, her clothing put her back in contention for the Barbara Dex Award, as she looked like a weird billowy black thing. And I couldn’t help but ask “Why-y-y-y?” Anyway, I’ve always hated this song, and this performance just reinforced it. 1/12

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