Images from the Red Carpet

eurovision trophyEurovision 2015 – Last night saw the grand opening of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with a red carpet event at the Vienna Rathaus. All 40 delegations walked the carpet, gave interviews, took photo calls and then attended a welcome ceremony hosted by the Mayor of Vienna.

The Eurovision Times went along to check out the red carpet fashion. For those of you that missed the live stream, here’s some images from the night. As the acts made their way up the carpet the classical band on stage played half a dozen or so Eurovision hits… over and over!

Conchita (Austria 2014) kicked things off and took an age to get up the carpet. Denmark also took a long time as they were in demand and were working the press.

Conchita 2 Red Carpet

Denmark Red Carpet

Armenia Red Carpet

Amber Red Carpet
Montenegro Red Carpet

Russia Red Carpet
Belarus Red Carpet
  Finland Red Carpet

The Makemakes from Austria, who seemed totally oblivious to what was around them, accidently got in the way of Lisa Angell from France. After eventually realising she was another act, they apologised profusely and built bridges…

France Austria Red CarpetSerbia Red Carpet

Israel red carpet

Ireland red carpet

Estonia Red Carpet

Lithuania Red Carpet

Italy and Sweden were massively in demand for interviews and photo by both the press and accredited fans.

Italy Red Carpet

Sweden Red Carpet

Latvia Red Carpet

Norway Red Carpet

Macedonia Red Carpet

Iceland Red Carpet

Czechs Red Carpet

Hungary Red Carpet

Spain Red Carpet

Poland Red Carpet

Begium red carpet

Elnur from Azerbaijan was in the mood for dancing and tried to get everyone to join in to ‘Waterloo’…

The UK’s Electro Velvet had a quick chat to us.

UK Red Carpet

Eduard from Moldova decided to come in ball and chains. Some may think it’s tacky but Moldova have yet again brought the fun and party to Eurovision this year along with Serbia.

Large crowds of Austrians lined the route and filled a stand too, and interestingly their biggest cheers were for Austria (obviously) Italy and Serbia. A ‘Bojana… Bojana’ chant went up as she went onto the stage!

7 comments on “Images from the Red Carpet

  1. Thank you for the article and the images, hulluna!

    If only the tv coverage was better :(

    Btw, is that Alex Panayi with Uzari and Maimuna?

  2. Guauuuu , Edurne was really beatiful , this girl is so nice, whatever all the bad critics in some places she have so classe and elegance , a good winner for this year , absolutely

  3. I would like to be at (not on!) a red carpet live at least once too. :)

  4. The barefoot Icelandic girl was one of the most noticeable fashion victims along with Bojana aka the walking red carpet (thanks stommie for the inspiration😊)

    I’ve found Armenian girls and the Norwegian mermaid te most fashionable 😊

    I am leaving the guys to the guys here 😉

  5. Almost everyone here is wearing an infinitely better outfit than their stage one. WHY.

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