60 Years of Crazy Style!

Verka stylight60th Anniversary – The lovely folk at Stylight have created a special piece about Eurovision to celebrate the 60 years anniversary. Their animated gifs document the top 20 crazy and most wonderful outfits of the competition… see if you agree with their choices!

Stylight says,

“From sequins to feathers who could forget some of the quite brilliant kitsch looks from previous years. Our top 20 round up includes some absolute shockers such as Lithuania’s gloriously camp 2010 entry InCulto featuring an all male group in sequined hot pants. Or Gipsy, the Czech Republic’s 2009 entry in a all-in-one superhero suit complete with dodgy moustache and cape. And let’s not forget our home grown talent Scooch who successfully made flight attendant outfits look even worse than they usually do.”



All of the outfits can be seen on their website HERE. We think they’re great!

22 comments on “60 Years of Crazy Style!

  1. Great. I like Zdob și Zdub best. :)

  2. A sketch that perfectly expresses what I feel about the focus on outfit in Eurovision:

  3. 60 years of crazy— then the juries come along and make everything bland and homogenous. Crushing creativity wherever it should raise its head like an ESC version of Whack-A-Mole

    • Sorry Max, but those 60 years of crazy had over 40 years with only jury voting … They aren’t a new invention …

  4. “Ukraine 2004-2nd place”… erm already lost me there, a fan getting some facts wrong always bug me, but getting a fact as huge as who won esc wrong, they’re not fans…

    • I watched it 2 years ago and got really angry. A lot of mistakes and the insufferable BBC approach we all know. Only flat jokes and no wit at all …

  5. Oh and of course this should be called “top 19 crazy outfits from the televote era 98-2014 plus Abba” coz they totally ignored the really crazy ones, all from the 60s, 70s and mostly 80s…

  6. No Spain 1969? That dress was amazing!

    • Katja Ebstein 1970 deserved to be included too. Or since they went only for the most whacky ones, Dschinghis Khan …

  7. When it comes to crazy outfits, there is nothing to beat the Melodi Grand Prix we held at Musicology. In 2005 the theme of the contest was “All the good things from the sea”; we had a song about a date between two lobsters, and we were dressed lobsters and chefs (women and men respectively).

    The winning band was called Ål Right (Eel right), and their song translated into “Help, I’m an Electric Eel”. The singer was standing inside a cardboard box with an eel drawn on it. There were holes to the head and the hands, and he attempted to clap, even though his hands couldn’t reach each other due to the box.

  8. One should also mention Jahn Teigen in the Norwegian final in 1976 where he performed the song “Voodoo” along with Inger Lise Rypdal:

    • Yep. One of the most epic ESC related performances ever. :)

      Jahn Teigen also played his role a bit too well, because many Norwegians came to believe he was a Satanist afterwards.

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