Watch the Opening Ceremony Live!

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Tongith at 18:00 CET there will be the official Opening ceremony, and before that the red carpet for all participants! Watch live here and comment with us!

Finalists had their first rehearsals, semifinalists had two, and before we move on to dress rehearsals we get the official Opening ceremony, when the mayor of Vienna will declare the Eurovision week open. There’s a buffet and a concert, but first of all, the red carpet for all participants! Watch live here and comment with us!

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397 comments on “Watch the Opening Ceremony Live!

  1. And now “Insieme: 1992″…

  2. And officially my mood is spoiled tonight, thanks.
    I’m taking a break for the rest of the day/night and will be mostly busy tomorrow. I hope to catch the jury rehearsal though.

    Honestly guys this is not pleasant for me. The ideal solution would be for me to comment on the FDLC site for example on esc proceedings but who would bother to visit it just to read my opinions on esc :( ?

    I’ll try to stick around a little longer (in one week esc will be over anyway) but I don’t think I can take more insults (especially by members of the admin team) sorry, especially since I think I have been very nice this time around.

    • In my opinion u have been doing great since your return ! I have never read u more mature ;)

    • Oh come on!It’s the final esc week.It’s 7 days of hectic watching and analyzing rehearsals and odds and of course the results.I’m sure you can try to turn a blind eye on such things.There’s no room for those atm. ;)

    • As I have said in my reply to you above. I am very happy that you are back and think that you contributed a lot to the fun of commenting on the rehearsals. This is probably the wrong time to discuss the moderation issue with the editors because I can imagine that they have a lot of work on their hands already and find a lot of filth coming from the sick ones out there they need to get rid off every day, in particular Morgan, who is responsible for keeping the site nice and clean all alone. Following the principles stated in our GRE/MAK discussion above, I recommend to discuss the issue in quiet once ESC is over. I am certain that you won’t be on moderation for much longer if you manage to find common ground with the editors once all the passion of the high season is gone. :) I fully understand that this is a very uncomfortable situation for you but hope that you will stay around for ETSC and the off-season discussion we have here. After all, we are (ESC) family …

      • I agree with that: the girls are in Vienna and we cant really discuss who to put outside of moderation or not. Then it’s up to Guitar and us to discuss in private the matter. I’m sorry he thougt it a good idea to make it a public thing, but the ET team has nothing to hide and besides the insane coments and spam we get regularly in the esc season we try not to block or moderate much and only moderated people who have once threatened us or the site directly

        • I hope that we’ll all become buddies again in the end. After all, we all come here to enjoy ESC (and 1 million off-topic issues) together.

        • I think he was just answering to Oxi’s question.Plus,we had all more or less understood he was on moderation.But,it’s the final esc week and we should all focus on that and then he can have this private conversation with you,the ET team.He has to because Guitar’s esc comments and analysis are very interesting to read and i can’t handle losing another regular.It’s already enough that there’s no Alex this esc season. :(

      • “After all, we are (ESC) family”


  3. I’ve just checked NDR’s comments on the 7 finalists. NDR always tries to be objective but they couldn’t hide that they thought that both Spain and the UK were very bad. They advised the Spanish delegation to think about “less is more” and don’t think that the UK entry would have survived a NF.

    • The amount of Spanish fans in denial is a bit worrying. You should read what they write. They will be in for a very nasty surprise next week.

      • I don’t dare go near Spanish ESC fan sites during high season. :) I am pretty sure that poor Edurne will become the ROFL act here in Germany. Moldova and the UK can send their thank you correspondence to TVE’s headquarters.

  4. I missed the red carpet completely. :( Was it a good show?

  5. Just like everyone else NDR didn’t like Lisa’s dress but they called FRA15 spine-tingling nevertheless. And on Prinz Blog I have just read a comment stating that Lisa was multiplying Grass’ Oskar Mazerath character from “Die Blechtrommel”. I love that … :)

  6. I’ve just seen the photos available on the Eurovision site. I could not find all the countries, but Aminata, Bojana, the Ducth singer (I can’t spell her name, sorry, stommie), Elnur and Giannis looked great. :)

  7. So, ppl, since I don’t have a clue in predicting ;) , would you say that there’s a clear fav to win this year?

  8. To be honest, I generally find red carpet transmissions very boring. It is just the artists walking on that carpet and giving interviews that you can’t hear anyway + some comments on the clothes they are wearing + some commentators treading waters because there isn’t really anything interesting to say.

  9. off topic:
    today is the International day against Homophobia and Transphobia.
    This is a song that I adore. I wish I could provide the lyrics in english <3

    Goodnight my esc family :)

  10. Reading all your comments this morning was fun, glad you all got to see it (well despite the bad filming and commentary) Our fave bits were when the acts got out of the car the cameraman had no idea which person was the actual act. Doh.

    As usual those that went last go rushed along and we missed lots of them :(

    We’ll get some photos up soon though.

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