Recap of Rehearsals Day 7

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With less than a week to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the finalists: pics and vids have been officially released, so tell us what you think so far!

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the picture to see a full photoset, or in the song’s title to watch the recap video (the artist’s name will redirect you to the participant’s official page on Eurovision.tv).

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow will be the first day in a long while for us to breath a bit: it only features the two first dress rehearsals for semi 1, including the one for the jury. Another great event, a sign-language press conference is to be held tomorrow! Then on Tuesday there’ll be the last (third) dress rehearsal for the semi 1 in the morning, and in the evening, you know what! So stay tune!

10 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 7

  1. Interesting day of rehearsals.

    Italy : Solid, tasteful, powerful. Could do with a tad less statues at the background.
    Austria : It is what it is and it is staged and performed fine. Still leaves me 100 % cold, I find it very dull.
    Spain : I liked what I saw and heard. A bit of drama going on. Edurne is in with a chance to get that spanish balld 10th place but competition is tough. But good overall.
    Germany : Classy, edgy, dunamic. Great,great and Ann Sophie looks and sounds fab.
    UK : Probably the least succesful of the 7 that rehearsed today. Too busy on stage and still needs loads of polishing. Could benefit if acts like Moldova, Serbia and Israel miss the final though.
    France : Biggest positive surprise of the rehearsals thus far probably. Waiting to see a full run through at the 2nd rehearsals (when we will have the 10 qualifiers of semi 1 as well) but France is in the game and can get on the left side of the scoreboard imo.
    Australia : Guy is on his natural environment on stage and it shows. A very big production as well which they said they will tone down since it looked too busy. They know what they are doing but it won’t win imo.

  2. The esctoday daily press voting:

  3. I will judge the Finalists song-wise and only as snippets can be deceiving…

  4. I enjoyed today’s rehearsals. Italy, Australia and Germany came across as I expected, whereas Austria and especially France were positive surprises. :) I am waiting for the second rehearsals to give my opinion about Spain and the UK.

  5. LOL!I’m watching Meet and Greet with Il Volo and they’re the male equivelant of Marta Jandova.I love these guys :D

  6. My top 5
    1 Estonia
    2 Norway
    3 Spain
    4 Israel
    5 Sweden
    I wait for the second rehearsal from Spain can jump to my top 1, what i listen is that go to be positive impress , fingers cross

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