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Hungary: Boggie Completes Final Flashmob

BoggieHungary – In the middle of Eurovision fortnight, in the middle of Vienna, Boggie from Hungary led the 7th and last flashmob in her ‘Wars For Nothing’ flashmob tour of Europe. A crowd gathered in glorious sunshine in the Museums Quarter, at the arranged place and hour, and we were all handed songsheets.  Then we were led Pied Piper style to a different location where Boggie performed her song not once but twice, with us all joining in.  The first time was a warm-up which I recorded.  Boggie’s film crew were circling her all the time so the official video on her Facebook page should look very cool.

It was very moving to be part of the group singing, and to see so many people, and especially children, joining in singing the peace anthem ‘Wars For Nothing’.

Afterwards I asked Boggie how it felt singing in the flashmob?

‘You know this is the 7th time that I did it and every time it’s really wonderful’.

Does it feel different each time?

‘Different but the same, because every time I sang with unknown people together and its really beautiful.’

Each stop on Boggie’s Flashmob Tour is recorded on her Facebook page here.

Boggie will today rehearse for her part in the pop meets opera gala at the Opera House of Vienna.

Report by Jane

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