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Eurovision Artists Unite to Build Bridges

60th anniversary eurovision60th Anniversary – Rumours of a collaboration between some of this year’s artists have been confirmed today by the Armenian press office. A supergroup of female singers has recorded a special song to celebrate 60 years of Eurovision.

Tamar Kaprelian, one of the members of Genealogy representing Armenia in Eurovision 2015, came up with an interesting initiative. Staying true to this year’s Eurovision official slogan, “Building Bridges,” Armenian representatives are building bridges with artists of other participating countries.

Genealogy members Tamar Kaprelian, Stephanie Topalian, Mary-Jean O’Doherty and singers from Albania – Elhaida Dani, Estonia – Elina Born and Greece – Maria Elena Kyriakou recorded a song today. The author of the song is Tamar Kaprelian and the song is called ‘The other side.”

girl supergroup

Tamar Kaprelian believes that the aim of this collaboration is to strengthen the connection between artists:

“Music has the ability to bring people together. We are different artists, from different countries, with different backgrounds, but music has the power to unite. It unites and eliminates cultural differences. It is an honor that the girls agreed to be a part of this.”

The song is a call for peace and unity, also a special gift to the 60th anniversary of Eurovision.

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