Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With one week to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the second semifinal: pics and vids have been officially released, so tell us what you think so far!

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the picture to see a full photoset, or in the song’s title to watch the recap video (the artist’s name will redirect you to the participant’s official page on Eurovision.tv).

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow will be an interesting day, as there’ll be the 7 finalists getting both their first rehearsal so we’re back to only 37s snippets)! So stay tune!

39 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 6

  1. Any news re: the betting odds?

    • On the second semi?Nothing really changed.
      15.Czech Rep.
      17.San Marino

  2. I have commented on all rehearsals on the live thread … which still can only be accessed by clicking on a comment. The technical issues still haven’t been solved. As you scroll down, you’ll get to a point where the page turns white first and then some older comments come up. The semi-final 1 poll article is in the black (or rather white) hole now too, which means that people won’t find it. :(

    Highs: Norway <3 <3 <3, Montenegro, Cyprus, Lithuania, Latvia and the Israeli press conference <3 <3 <3
    Lows: San Marino, Iceland and Sweden :(

  3. I don’t have much else to say about the rehearsals. Tbh I can’t fault anyone on major points like other years. Everyone was pretty solid today at what they have to deliver and it comes down to what delivered after all. There were some differences from the first round of rehearsals though..
    Norway and Slovenia upped their game, with the 2nd still in need for something more though.
    Lithuania was better as well, the chemistry between them more natural. The backdrop still does not work for me.
    Ireland was pretty good from the beginning and Molly seemed to connect a bit more with the camera as it spinned around here so improvement here as well.
    San Marino and Portugal both do the best they can (with Portugal really growing on me with Leonor’s great rehearsal today) but it won’t be enough at the end.
    Montenegro : Very balkan ballad 101 staging and song but hey it works and will easily be in the final imo (betting odds are treating Montenegro very weird if you ask me).
    Malta does the best they can as well but still it won’t be enough I believe.
    Czech Republic : They are excellent both on stage and off stage. Fingers crossed for a surprise !
    Israel : Messy as the song but works as it is. Tighter dance routine apparently than first time around but still needs work.
    Latvia rightly goes up in the odds, stunning performance once again.
    Azerbaijan : I liked more the atmosphere created by the lighting effects etc this time around but still do not really like the dance routine.
    Iceland : I get the concept, it’s solid but it may be in danger honestly and I can see why.
    Sweden as solid as ever, on point, great song, great performance.
    Switzerland was the big surprise in the semi, I am very impressed by Melanie’s performance, the staging and the backing vocalists/drummers.
    Cyprus : Elegant and charming and the betting odds seem to agree. Could surprise big time at the end, beyond the semi that is.
    Poland : Weakest vocals of the semi, tackiest presentation and reeks opportunism. I definately hope it is left behind but it will qualify for all the wrong reasons I believe.

    • “I don’t have much else to say about the rehearsals.”

      And then a sheet comment after that..I cannot control me sometimes :P

      Off topic but in case you did not notice guys the FDLC 7 dates have been announced as well as the host city, the venue and the presenters :) You are all welcome to enter :)

  4. Lithuania: It’s better than the technical rehearsal and the backdrop looks ok.Good vocals but i have a feeling they could have worked more on the presentation part.I predict it will finish between 7 and 10 in the semi.

    Ireland: A great backdrop and the vocals are good.The outfit and the backdrop don’t look good together but it’s not a real problem.I believe she’ll qualify.

    San Marino: No!I’m using the first word of the lyrics.lol.I don’t think Michele is that good vocally and i can’t wait for it to end.A definite non qualifier.

    Montenegro: It looks good on stage.It’s the old,familiar balkan ballad staging.Knez’s vocals are great even though,i don’t really like him on stage.A qualifier.

    Malta: I don’t like it.They blatantly stole Conchita’s flaming wings.Amber isn’t very charismatic on stage and the whole blinking of the eye and smile during the dramatic finale is awkward.A borderline case here.

    Norway: Very good vocally,visually it’s a very clean performance but something is missing during the bridge.

    Portugal: Very good vocals and as i have already said,i like the song.The outfit may not be great but it suits the song.The backdrop is one of the poorest along with the one for Belarus.Why oh why?

    Czech Republic: This is an intense performance and the vocals are very good.The throwing of the shoes is really awkward though and made Vaclav smile.They kind of ruin the dramatic buld up of the whole entry.It will really struggle but all hope is not lost yet.

    Israel: It’s very popular and i believe it could qualify.Vocally it’s ok although,Nadav should restrain himself and not move so much.But he’s 16 and the hormones are making a party.lol.I believe the lights are too dark for this one.

    Latvia: It’s mystic and hypnotic.Aminata looks like a woman possessed by music.This is intense although i can’t really warm up to the dress.A qualifier.

    Azerbaijan: Much improved from the first rehearsal.I like the backdrop and Elnur has limited his vocal acrobatics.I don’t mind the dancers now.No need to add it’s qualifying.

    Iceland: Elsa from Frozen takes to the stage!I like it.It’s cartoon girly cute and she’s good.Her vocals are fine but i get it that some people may find her voice irritating.The backing vocals are great.Go Hera! love the backdrop.

    Sweden: It’s slick and professional.This is a definite top-5 in the final.

    Switzerland: It’s better than i thought.It has an anthemic chorus and good vocals.The backing singers with the drums look good too.It’s just that i don’t find Melanie charismatic on stage and the “it’s my time to shine” line is just mehhh…(11-13 in the semi).

    Cyprus: I really hate his outfit.It’s like he attends a funeral.This is really boring but i expect the juries to like it so it will probably steal a place in the final from one of my favorite entries.

    Slovenia: It’s clean,it’s slick and Marjetka is her usual self.I believe there are many close-ups.I love the light effects.It reminds me of Germany 10.A contemporary pop song with a similar staging.I would it will also share its’ fate. :)

    Poland: It’s ok.The vocals are ok.I don’t mind the backdrop but i still believe it will qualify for all the wrong reasons.

  5. Offtopic
    ” I travelled to the city centre and ate chicken nuggets” TONI from the Finnish band 😊❤️

    I am watching the interviews of PKN and they are absolutelly adorable…They say they like Estonia and Macedonia 😊

    • Perti also said he liked Montenegro. They have changed their minds after all :)

      • Estonia and Montenegro. I love those guys. :)

        • I grew to like them as well although I would rarely use some of the language they use tbh. I really liked their press conferences and the fact that they did not seem to “snob” the contest as much as I may have assumed based on some of their pre-contest remarks as well.

          They handle themselves well. I still detest the song and unfortunately predict that they will the first semi televoting.

          • Well, the song certainly doesn’t stand out in the punk-rock universe, but I’d prefer them in the final to several acts like Moldova or Armenia f. e.

            • I am willing to even take Moldova in the final over them if you put me at gun point. Now if I were to choose between them and Russia, that’s another story (I would definately choose Finland).

              With Armenia I am pretty ok actually, they are very good live, it’s very effective.

    • Have you seen the Israeli press conference? That was the most fantastic moment of the day, even better than Norway.

      • Long live the brotherhood of peoples ! Ζήτω η αδελφοσύνη των λαών ! Yaşasın halkların kardeşiği ! 😊❤️✌🏻️

      • If Israelis start doing those things in more serious fora I would believe them. ESC doesn’t count.

  6. My prediction:
    14)Czech R
    16)San Marino

  7. It looks like these 6 ladies from the 1st semi have recorded a new song “The otherside” written by Tamar Karpelian of Genealogy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlLI3pYAYaM

    • Saw it a while ago and loved it ! That’s some true esc spirit right there congrats to Tamar for bringing them together for that :) !

  8. Ok.The odds are weird.I understand why Latvia is now at 11th place to win eurovision but Cyprus at 15th?I mean it’s one thing he’ll reach the final and a totally different one believing this can actually win eurovision.

  9. My ranking:

    Slovenia 10
    Norway 8
    Czech Republic 8
    Latvia 8
    Cyprus 7.5
    Lithuania 7
    Sweden 7
    Ireland 6.5
    Montenegro 6.5
    Azerbaijan 6
    Malta 6
    Israel 6
    Iceland 5
    Portugal 4.5
    Switzerland 4
    San Marino 3.5
    Poland 3

    Prediction (no order; more difficult to predict):


    I am still not ruling Iceland and Montenegro out.

  10. The updated press voting:

    Czech Rep.- 148

    San marino-65

    • Very interesting that they give the Czech Republic in. The top 2 is no surprise of course. I don’t think the press voting as it is now will be 100 % accurate (*cough* Israel *cough*) but it is about 80 % realistic imo.

    • Again which press lol, Russia Today?

      There’s no doubt Az will qualify, and their song is 100x better than last years but no way are they winning the semi final!

  11. Apparently Mans has flown off casually to Belgrade to appear at X-factor a couple of hours after his rehearsal lol !

    • Working hard til the end :) Everyone else takes time off to sight see, but he’s still putting in the hours in promotion very nice to see!

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