Press Centre Update Day 6

eurovision logoEurovision 2015 – It’s already Day 6 here in the Weiner Stadthalle press centre and it feels like we’ve lived here for weeks! The second run-throughs for the 2nd semi-final seemed relatively relaxed today, with several acts coming out to spend time with the press.

Eduard Moldova press

As well as Eduard of Moldova working it, Anita and Michele from San Marino were out and about chatting to journailsts…

San Marino press

Nadav from Israel was happy to pose for photos and show off THE golden winged shoes…

The BBC was in the house, here’s Scott Mills with Ewan of ESC Insight.

Scott bbc Ewan ESCInsight

Malta has won many of us over today with free chocolate (yes, we’re that easily swayed!) and she was lovely and talented in her press conference.

amber chocolate

Excitement is building for the Big 5 plus the Aussies and Austria tomorrow for their first rehearsals. We’ll be in the press centre early for Italy… it’s a 9.20am (CET) start! We hope you can join us, set your alarms!



4 comments on “Press Centre Update Day 6

  1. Are we going to see any of Semi Final 2’s full 3 minute videos like we did for S/F 1 yesterday?

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