Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 6

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With one week to go to the contest, daily rehearsals resume and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the second semifinal: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule:

There will therefore be all 17 countries getting their second taste of the stage in order to polish the acts. They still have no less than three rehearsals after that, including the one for the juries, before Tuesday’s grand show. Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a full clip (all 3mns) of one of the perfroamnces from the rehearsals, but without the camera shots, and without any sound control…

Don’t forget, the recap article will be published as soon as possible, considering the girls are in Vienna and I still have to work. But the girls will keep us upbdated and all of our friends in the ET community will post links as soon as they’re out to keep the discussion going!

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238 comments on “Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 6

  1. We got the most funniest book from the Slovenian delegation… really funny.

    Did you know…. Maraaya got here by bus

  2. Israel : I don’t know, I was paying attention to the levels of hotness on the stage..It should be illegal to have so many hot guys on stage really ! :P Anyway in all seriousness that is…cheeky.The dance is very silly but it fits the song and needs some more fine tuning here and there. Nadav is ok vocally for that kind of song and it works for what it is on stage. The groupie at the finale is more tacky than the rest of the song and that takes some effort.

    Latvia : That’s visually stunning and Aminata sounds better than ever. The dress works in the context of the background and adds a great shape effect after all. Loved it to bits and has to be in the final and do REALLY well.

    Azerbaijan : This looks very atmospheric, the lighting and the backdrop really produce a visually artistic result. I am not too impressed with the dancing still. It may work on TV but for now it seems even a bit silly at times to me. Hungary did it better last year. The other problem is that in a field of so many great singers Elnur still sounds a tad underwhelming…I hope and believe he is holding back a bit though. Not a winner but a dead certain top 10 imo.

    Iceland : Maria is ethereal on stage and the “fairy” concept they want works well with the beautiful backrop and her (not so tacky today – did she change it ?) dress. Maria sings ok I guess. It’s nice to see Hera Bjork back on the esc stage btw ! It’s in general a simple entry and I am torn on whether she will make it tbh, this one is really tough to call.

  3. Lithuania: It’s better than the technical rehearsal and the backdrop looks ok.Good vocals but i have a feeling they could have worked more on the presentation part.I predict it will finish between 7 and 10 in the semi.

    Ireland: A great backdrop and the vocals are good.The outfit and the backdrop don’t look good together but it’s not a real problem.I believe she’ll qualify.

    San Marino: No!I’m using the first word of the lyrics.lol.I don’t think Michele is that good vocally and i can’t wait for it to end.A definite non qualifier.

    Montenegro: It looks good on stage.It’s the old,familiar balkan ballad staging.Knez’s vocals are great even though,i don’t really like him on stage.A qualifier.

    Malta: I don’t like it.They blatantly stole Conchita’s flaming wings.Amber isn’t very charismatic on stage and the whole blinking of the eye and smile during the dramatic finale is awkward.A borderline case here.

    Norway: Very good vocally,visually it’s a very clean performance but something is missing during the bridge.

    Portugal: Very good vocals and as i have already said,i like the song.The outfit may not be great but it suits the song.The backdrop is one of the poorest along with the one for Belarus.Why oh why?

    Czech Republic: This is an intense performance and the vocals are very good.The throwing of the shoes is really awkward though and made Vaclav smile.They kind of ruin the dramatic buld up of the whole entry.It will really struggle but all hope is not lost yet.

    Israel: It’s very popular and i believe it could qualify.Vocally it’s ok although,Nadav should restrain himself and not move so much.But he’s 16 and the hormones are making a party.lol.I believe the lights are too dark for this one.

    Latvia: It’s mystic and hypnotic.Aminata looks like a woman possessed by music.This is intense although i can’t really warm up to the dress.A qualifier.

    Azerbaijan: Much improved from the first rehearsal.I like the backdrop and Elnur has limited his vocal acrobatics.I don’t mind the dancers now.No need to add it’s qualifying.

    Iceland: Elsa from Frozen takes to the stage!I like it.It’s cartoon girly cute and she’s good.Her vocals are fine but i get it that some people may find her voice irritating.The backing vocals are great.Go Hera! love the backdrop.

    Sweden: It’s slick and professional.This is a definite top-5 in the final.

  4. Switzerland:

    • Out of the female self-affirmation numbers this year, this is my favourite. I like the staging too, which has more class than Georgia or Malta. However, I don’t think that we’ll see and hear Mélanie in the final. Good luck!

      • I actually thought it was dead in the water but this rehearsal is good and they have made the song more anthemic now.It’s Ireland,Malta,Iceland and Switzerland.I can only see 2 of them qualifying(best case scenario).

  5. I agree with Dimitri about the Israeli lighting, it needs to be brighter for a fun happy upbeat song

    A shame they have stuck with the same stuff as the national selection. She even has the same dress. I always said I doubt this would qualify and I still don’t think so. Saying that I’m looking at it as someone who has seen it a lot but if I was watching it for the first time would I be so negative about it?

    Is she singing at a wedding? Looks like she’s singing someone down the aisle. Lovely dress. I’m not keen on the backdrop at all. There are clips of her singing when she was in that band she was in but not on the backdrop but on one of the screens at the side. The camera takes a close up of it. She doesn’t sound that great. I actually like this song and think it will qualify

  7. Cyprus:

  8. Looking at the backdrops I can say that Sweden is clearly being favored…The visuals are so good that you forget about the music and lyrics…

  9. Sweden : If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Everything works perfectly. Mans’s performance today may have needed a little bit more oomph but we know he can deliver so I am not worried. There is no point talking about it on this stage when we talk about possible qualifiers, this entry belongs to the “winner speculation” category anyway.

    Switzerland : Very slick, very impressive and the backing vocalists/drummers add some great edge to the song. At the beginning she kind of reminded of Mariette from MF with the black cape raised. Melanie is vocally on point. This is very polished and has a good chance of making it IMO.

  10. Poland:

    • Monika is a very fine singer. Unfortunately, her song brings together pretty much everything I do not enjoy much. All in all, it is my least favourite song in semi-final two but I do understand the merits people with different taste might find here. Good luck.

  11. Just went through all second rehearsals of semi 2.

    Thumbs up: Ireland, Norway <3 <3 <3 , Portugal, Czech Republic, Cyprus.
    Thumbs down: Lithuania :( , San Marino, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland.
    Both Israel and Switzerland were slightly better today.

    Btw, earlier today while having lunch at a local restaurant they played "Goodbye To Yesterday" :)

  12. Switzerland – better rehearsal, but they have flimsy material to work with. Mélanie is a solid singer.

    Poland – safe stage presentation; good melody, uninteresting lyrics. Good vocals.

    Slovenia – way above average eveything. I do hope ot does well.

    Cyprus – they spruced it up a bit but did not ott. One of the best for me.

  13. Slovenia:

  14. Cyprus : I really liked the smooth transition from the total black surroundings to the gentle appearance of the light orbs in the backdrop. John delivers those nice, fragile vocals again that fit the song. The formal costume remains a not so great choice but it’s not terribly off putting either. The explosions of light at the “I should have been there for you” moments may be a tad too bright and abrupt though, I found my eyes being a little annoyed after getting used to a mostly dark staging. Very solid, very charming and simple and it has a very good chance to qualify imo.

    Slovenia : A backdrop might have been a good idea here. As it is it needs a lot of close ups on Marjietka (to hide this ugly dress as well) and occasional takes of the living violin which looks impressive and artistic as always to me. It may need a further oomph to do very well but I don’t think their qualification is in doubt, at least for me.

    Poland : She tried her best. She is not vocally on the level of others of course but hey..Continues to reek opportunism anyway.The backdrop is uninspired and nauseating really. I hope it does not qualify but I am pretty sure we will see Poland in the final and not with a borderline qualification unfortunately

  15. Switzerland: It’s better than i thought.It has an anthemic chorus and good vocals.The backing singers with the drums look good too.It’s just that i don’t find Melanie charismatic on stage and the “it’s my time to shine” line is just mehhh…(11-13 in the semi).

    Cyprus: I really hate his outfit.It’s like he attends a funeral.This is really boring but i expect the juries to like it so it will probably steal a place in the final from one of my favorite entries.

    Slovenia: It’s clean,it’s slick and Marjetka is her usual self.I believe there are many close-ups.I love the light effects.It reminds me of Germany 10.A contemporary pop song with a similar staging.I would it will also share its’ fate. :)

    Poland: It’s ok.The vocals are ok.I don’t mind the backdrop but i still believe it will qualify for all the wrong reasons.

  16. And now, it’s time for the remaining 7 countries.

    • I won’t be around for tomorrow’s rehearsals. One of my cousins gets her baby daughter batized. I have to attend mass … oh my. LOL

      • Attending mass can be a good thing. :) I wish your cousin and her baby daughter much hapiness.

        P.S. – I’ll try to pay attention while cooking lunch.

        • Thanks a lot Shevek. :)
          If it was a Catholic or Orthodox mass at least. But no, it will be one of those terribly boring Protestant affairs where everything is about the word. I fall asleep thinking of it. LOL

      • I attended 3 baptism ceremonies the last 9 months. It was fun :)

        • Well, I don’t want to hurt people I like. I’ll be there and my cousin will know that I won’t follow mass but silently recite Schiller, Poe or García Lorca (depending on my moos) instead. Everyone will be very bourgeois and well-behaved. Everyone will no the truth but nobody will mention it. LOL

      • I attended my cousin’s son’s baptism last fall. It took 15 minutes.

        • Can you please send your priest to the Protestant church in Ludwigsburg-Oßweil tomorrow morning? I fear that mass will go on for hours … :(

          • I can try. Swedish priests are fully aware of hor irreligious their parishoners are. And the old folks don’t enjoy masses but prefer chatting with their priest with a cup of coffee afterwards. So priests are used of getting the mass done as fast as possible here.

            I’ll try to send him to you. Maybe he’ll arrive before it’s over. ;)

            • Swedish priest seem to be sound people. :) German priest are aware of how irreligious their parishoners are too but they prefer to go on for hours in order to make them see (non)sense. ;) :) Thank God I know all Schiller ballads and most of Poe’s and García Lorca’s work by heart. Ingeborg Bachmann would make me survive another 30 minutes: “Tage in weiß …” <3

            • The Good Thursday mass in Greece lasts around 4 hours. :P

            • Many feet to wash? :P

  17. In random order:

    Semi 1:
    wish list:
    Bel, Gre, Est, Mkd, Den, Rom, Geo, Fin, Hun, Ser/Ned.
    Arm, Bel, Est, Rus, Rom, Geo, Den, Hun, Gre, Ned.

    Semi 2:
    wish list:
    Lit, Irl, Nor, Swe, Cyp, Slo, Sui, Cze, Por, Mne/Aze.
    Nor, Slo, Swe, Aze, Lit, Lat, Cze, Por, Isr/Sui/Cyp.

  18. There’s a special Eurovision show on Nerit right now. I think it’s the one the BBC hosted a few days ago.

  19. The biggest surprise of the day to me was LATVIA!
    I mean I always liked the song but this performance gave me WINNER’s vibes!
    Norway has immensely improved too! Iceland was better than ever!
    I also liked Malta, Switzerland and Montenegro and of course Ireland!!!
    Czech R and Poland disappointed!
    This is a bloodbath!

  20. I need to do things before the recap article, expect it around 11pm

  21. Prediction in semi:
    Lithuania #6-10
    Ireland #6-10
    San Marino #13-17
    Montenegro #9-13
    Malta #9-13
    Norway #1-5
    Portugal #13 -17
    Czech R #13-17
    Israel #9-13
    Latvia #1-5
    Azerbaijan #4-8
    Iceland #9-13
    Sweden #1-5
    Switzerland #11-15
    Cyprus #9-13
    Slovenia #6-10
    Poland #11-15

    • Poland is in imo and better than 7-10 probably. Latvia will be a 5-10 as well. Azerbaijan is 1-4. Switzerland is 9-12. Slovenia is 3-7. Ireland is 9-13. Other than that we pretty much agree.

    • Errr…You’re just predicting 3 songs making it to the top-5.Will the other 2 spots remaining vacant? :P

  22. Cyprus is huge in betting odds right now!

  23. Ok.The Nadav -Lebanese guy hug was very emotional. :>’ Eurovision is definitely building bridges.

    • That was one very emotional and very important moment imo even if it happened in the esc context.

      • I agree. It clearly shows that the governments’ politics do not represent the whole population and that there are people everywhere that can give us hope. I only hope that Ahmet won’t be harrassed once he gets home. I’d give him the nobel prize for peace right away.

  24. Måns singing “Jan,jan”. :D

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