Poll: Who Had the Best Rehearsal of Day 4?

pollPoll – So yesterday the final set of second semi finalists took to the stage for the first time. Israel, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Slovenia and Poland all tried to wow the press with their first impressions but who was your favourite?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAuAtae9Eeo]

You can recap on the snippets from yesterday in the video above and please vote for your favourite overall rehearsal. Not just your favourite song in the bunch

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

8 comments on “Poll: Who Had the Best Rehearsal of Day 4?

  1. Sweden and Slovenia had good rehearsals of course but I was between Latvia and Switzerland since those were the rehearsals that surprised me the most. My vote went to Melanie and her team from Switzerland who were the biggest positive surprise yesterday for me.

  2. Latvia gets my vote.

    • Hi, Martin: :) Molly’s vocals seems to have improved a great deal.

      • Hi Shevek :)
        So it would seem and the simplistic approach to this year’s entry certainly seems to have paid of with the positive response thus far. I hope she maintains the performance and continues to engage with the camera too. Confidence will be key imo. Keeping my fingers crossed for a final qualification.

        • Fingers crossed!

          P.S. I should have written ‘seem’ on my previous comment. I have to stop now for a while.

  3. Cyprus and Sweden had the best rehearsals; my vote went to Cyprus, because I prefer their approach.

    P.S. – I still have to process the Latvian dress.

  4. I have finally looked on all the snippets and here are my prediction for the semifinals:


    Sails through: Russia

    Most likely: Estonia, Belgium, Georgia

    Likely: Greece, Netherlands, Armenia, Albania

    The thin line: Romania, Denmark, Serbia, Finland

    Not likely: Moldova, Hungary, Macedonia

    No chance: Belarus


    Sails through: Sweden

    Most likely: iceland, Slovenia

    Likely: Azerbaijan, Latvia, Poland

    The thin line: Norway, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland

    Not likely: Malta, Montenegro, Portugal,

    No chance: San Marino

    My vote goes to Sweden here who had the more solid performance of them all imo.

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