Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 5

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With eight days to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the second rehearsals to the first semifinal: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule:

There will therefore be all 16 countries getting their second taste of the stage in order to polish the acts. They still have no less than three rehearsals after that, including the one for the juries, before Tuesday’s grand show. Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a full clip (all 3mns) of one of the perfroamnces from the rehearsals, but without the camera shots, and without any sound control…

Don’t forget, the recap article will be published as soon as possible, considering the girls are in Vienna and I still have to work. But the girls will keep us upbdated and all of our friends in the ET community will post links as soon as they’re out to keep the discussion going!


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240 comments on “Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 5

  1. Romania: This song has really grown on me. It has a very elegant melody. The performance seems to be finished, competent and well thought out. I still don’t like the English in this song.

    • True.He has an awful diction and this “Don’t leave your children behind” in the end sounds fake and and out of place. :(

  2. And last but not least Georgia : This is fab honestly. She really owns the stage and has one of the most effective backdrops. She is a bit stiff and vocally I am sure she will do better on the night but this looks like a serious top 10 contender honestly.

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