Eurovision 2015: Day 5 in the Press Centre

eurovision trophyEurovision 2015 –Day 5 in the press centre and it was time to be let loose in the arena! All the journalists love this day as we get goosebumps and size up the place. You guys at home finally get to see the full 3 minute performances too! So anther busy day here for us… The arena really is quite lovely, and the stage very pretty with all the lighting bars. It’s very wide and doesn’t go back to far, so people will get much better views this year. The seats go very high, so we hope some of you don’t suffer from vertigo, as we were not warned when buying tickets there could be those who would be scared to go up to some of the seats!

Lynn stage

The press centre was also very busy today with the second round of interviews. We had a quick chat with Eduard from Moldova as he watch the EscKaz video of his policemen break dancing.

eduard esckaz

Lynn Eduard

We also asked the utterly charming Essai from Armenia how it was going, and they seem pretty pleased so far.

jade essai

Slovenia’s Maaraya were in the house doing more press, despite not rehearsing today.


The press voting has begun and you can read about that here. Being able to watch all SF1 rehearsals in one day really makes it easier to tell who should qualify and who shouldn’t.

Tomorrow we will be able to see the second semi finalists from the Arena including Azerbaijan, Sweden, Latvia and Norway



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3 comments on “Eurovision 2015: Day 5 in the Press Centre

  1. Have fun and enjoy! :)

  2. Oh yes, Essaï from Armenia REALLY IS charming!!!! Just like Daniel from Macedonia, the Lithuanian guy and some of the Israeli dancers/backing singers are!!!! Like you that have the chance to meet them all!!!

  3. I meant: Lucky you that…

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