Eurovision 2015: View from the Press Centre on Day 3

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – Today we watched the first half of the second semi finalists which ranged from the ballad of Norway to the soft rock of the Czech Republic.  Read on to see what we got up to here on Day three of the rehearsals

The first half of the day was listening and watching the rehearsals of Lithuania, Ireland, San Marino and Montenegro. All of them went well with probably San Marino getting less attention than the others however they did get an applause from the press centre.

We visited the Lithuanian Press conference which was full of questions about the relationship of Vaidas and Monika. “When you kiss what is the flavour?” to which the answer was Strawberry. “Will you get married?” Which both replied with a “yes” but not to each other. We found out that Monika does not drink water because she dislikes the taste (something I can agree with) and that Vaidas decided to send “This Time” to Eurovision because after writing it for his album, he decided it sounded “Eurovisiony” and decided to give it a try

It was difficult getting a profesh picture of the two because they were so popular that fans flocked for pictures and autographs

Vaidas and Monika

We watched the Irish Press conference also where Molly Sterling was joined by her band and co-writer Greg French. She joked that her being only 17 years old was a publicity stunt which the interviewer could not get her head around much to the comedy of the audience. Greg mentioned that when Molly sings, she goes into her own world which is the meaning behind the use of the forest in the staging. You can really tell from Molly that she is amazed and happy to be here which is really refreshing.

Molly Sterling

When waiting to interview the lovely Molly we saw San Marino writer and ESC legend Ralph Siegel being interviewed by ORF.



In waiting to interview Molly which we couldn’t do because she ran out of time, we missed San Marino’s press conference but we managed to get a picture of them holding the San Marino Flag. We will be interviewing them tomorrow.

San Marino

We did however drop by the delegation of Montenegro. Knez was joined by his backing singers and the Montenegrin head of press. The whole crew came in singing waving their flags in the air. We learnt that one of the backing singers is Knez’s Daughter. He told us that music was in his blood and that his performance is dedicated to his late father who was also a musician. His first mission is to make the final which he hopes to do. Apparently the Balkans have the most beautiful women. Yeah, thanks for that Knez



Tomorrow we will be back to watch rehearsals from your favourites including Israel, Slovenia, Azerbaijan and of course the bookies favourite, Sweden.

We will also be interviewing Anita and Michele of San Marino.


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3 comments on “Eurovision 2015: View from the Press Centre on Day 3

  1. Nice. Im at work on my phone taking a quick break. wont be home til 8pm

  2. We found out the Belgian Postcard will involved Loïc teaching street dance to local kids Aw

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