Danube Cruise with Estonia and Lithuania

eurovision logoEurovision 2015 – The Viennese tourist board have pulled all the stops out this year to promote their city. As well as receiving a Vienna card that allows free access to many attractions and free travel, the accredited press and fans have been able to sign up to all sorts of ‘Trips 4 Free’. Last night The Eurovision Times gratefully accepted an invite onto a Danube evening cruise with dinner and free drinks, and spent it in the company of the Estonian and Lithuania delegations.

Setting off down the Danube canal we were waved to by the hundreds of friendly Austrians relaxing at the cafes along the bank, and got to see lots of the street art and graffiti that lines the canal.

Danube canal

We went through the biggest lock any of us had seen and out onto the River Danube itself, sailing past many of Vienna’s highrise buildings, towers and churches. Looking at the Tower, Wiwi’s Jakob tried to convince himself it wasn’t nearly as high as it looked as one of the trips he has signed up for is to bungee jump from it!

We did a quick interview with EscKaz, chatting about our thoughts on the first semi-final rehearsals.

Lithuania were enjoying their time with a glass of wine, camera crew in tow.

Lithuania cruise
Monika and Vaidas of Lithuania

Estonia had a more formal dinner, but were happy to chat and take photos too.

Lynn Stig

Stig of Estonia

3 hours later, we disembarked and one of the Lithuanian delegation jokingly welcomed us all to Bratislava.

A huge thank you to ORF and the Vienna Tourist Board for a lovely evening out. If you are coming to Vienna this week or next, you can find out more about the Vienna Card here.

Here’s the EscKaz video of the cruise:

5 comments on “Danube Cruise with Estonia and Lithuania

  1. A Danube cruise with Vaidas. Mermaid would kill to get there … ;) :)

  2. Great to see you having a great time in flesh and blood. :)
    Mike obviously has a crush on Vaidas too …

  3. Enjoying a glass wine. Well done, Monika and Vaidas. :)

    Hulluna and Jade are having a great time. :) Nick will arrive in Vienna tomorrow, if I am not mistaken.

    P.S. – Btw, could you please wear those outfits during your ESC performance?

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