Recap of Rehearsals Day 3

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the first half of semifinal 2: pics and vids have been officially released, so tell us what you think so far!

This is how it works: for each country, you can click on the picture to see a full photoset, or in the song’s title to watch the recap video (the artist’s name will redirect you to the participant’s official page on Eurovision.tv).

So that’s it for today’s rehearsals. Tomorrow, there’ll be 9 more (the last 9 from semi 2). So stay tune!

61 comments on “Recap of Rehearsals Day 3

  1. Lithuania:I don’t like the LED backdrop and their outfits.Vaidas should be wearing a t-shirt.But,i still like the song and believe they will qualify.

    Ireland:An impressive backdrop but i can’t see how it relates to the song.Maybe they want to play the Irish fairy card?Good vocals.Possible qualifier.

    San Marino: Just no!Isn’t it ironic that the 2 youngest contestants sing the most dated tune?

    Montenegro: A solid performance that has been done before with Zeljko’s songs.I like the backdrop.A very possible qualifier.

    Malta: I don’t really like the backdrop here and Amber isn’t the best performer.It’s borderline for me.

    Norway: They kept it very simple(maybe too simple?) with only the bronze lights turning to bright white during the bridge.I read that theu will only use one steady cam inorder to underline the intiiment feeling of their song.A good performance and this will sail into the final.

    Portugal: I like the romantic feeling of the song but the backdrop was a letdown.A sea under a starry night sky would be more suitable,imo.

    Czech Republic: It doesn’t look good stage-wise but the people of the press gave it a positive feedback.Still,it will be difficult for them to qualify.I would use medieval symbols and castles for the LED backdrop.

  2. (Copy & Pasted from earlier thread)
    Just in from an evening of canvassing for the Yes Vote for the Marriage Referendum we have here in Ireland next week and am so pleased to see Ireland getting such positive reviews. I love the backdrop for Molly and really hope she can work on connecting with the audience. She needs to stop looking at the piano keys, she isn’t really playing it after all!. Lithuania – I see what it’s doing but I just am not that crazy about it and the kiss is so twee. He is rather cute though. San Marino – not bad but it’s the whole let’s save the world that I can’t warm to, I wish them luck though. Malta was okay but I can’t see Amber qualifying which is a shame for lovely Malta. Montenegro is very good as I knew it would be. Norway – Since this wasn’t the proper backdrop it’s hard to make a proper assessment but Deborah looks beautiful. I still expect this to make it. Portugal – well what a turn up for the books, I liked it! I wish Leonor and Portugal all the best (I also like the hats :)) Czech Republic – again , I like this one and really hope they can qualify if only to give them the impetus to enter again next year.

    • Good luck for next week’s referendum Martin. Some of the Irish guys here, inc from EscKaz, are flying home to vote and flying back again.

      • Thank you Hulluna. :)
        It’s looking promising but one cannot be complacent, look at how the UK election votes turned out! Am ever hopeful though for a positive result which would be a milestone in Irish history. (We will become the first country to vote yes or no on this issue whatever the result)
        I am in the process of changing my flight back on Friday too.

    • Good luck for the referendum, Martin. Personally, I am not made for marriage but I think that everyone should be free to choose.

      • Me neither dear Togravus, but the no campaigners here are behaving appallingly so I rallied to the cause for the common good :)

  3. Ireland was the best for me today, followed by Norway and Portugal.
    Lithuania were a bit of let down.
    Mixed feelings about the Czech Republic.
    Montenegro is constantly going down my list.

  4. After three days of rehearsals, Serbia has gone significantly down on my list, The Netherlands have also dropped and Albania also fell quite a bit. Ireland on the other hand is currently just missing out of my top 10 after today’s rehearsal.
    I am keeping Lithuania relatively high till I find what really bothered me at today’s rehearsal.
    Day 3 was interesting and the big winner IMO is Ireland.
    Norway on the other hand..Let’s just say I hope that at least the backdrops are in place by Saturday.

    • Molly has already climbed into my top 10. :)

      • I expected her to climb into mine as well but Boggie who is currently my No.10 held her ground firm with her rehearsal and retained her position there over Molly :)

        On another note I am listening to the escinsight podcast (a little late today) and all the talk about Russia being a potential winner is disheartening on so many levels (including musical) for me :(

        • I have Boggie only in 24th place because I think that the lyrics are very abstract and generic. The harmonies are lovely though and I loved the dress she wore for the rehearsal. Ireland, on the other hand, has the best lyrics this year, together with Montenegro according to people who understand the language. Since I am a literature guy, lyrics are very important to me. On Russia: I am pretty confident that Polina won’t win at this point.

          • I have said it in the past as well that I should not like the hungarian entry but Boggie’s honesty while performing always wins me over. I can feel that she actually means it and I go along with her, it moves me as a whole. Of course the fact that she is one of the most classy ladies this year in general and on stage in particular helps a lot. The whole entry is able to find a fine, tasteful balance for me.
            I do agree on Ireland when it comes to the lyrics. The more I pay attention to them the more I find them truly great and I think I already found my “lyric of the year” (one of the post-contest things I always do) in the two lines saying :

            “Fragile misguided minds like mine
            Only know how to use”

            I don’t have a strong opinion either way on Montenegro. I don’t really like Knez from his interviews or as a performer but Zeliko’s composition saves the day for me.

            As for Russia I hope you are right.

            On another note, if we talk about personalities off-stage, the czech duo has totally won me over with their easy going personalities and sense of humour.
            Most interviews tend to be formulaic but with them it’s always a good time watching them for me :)

            • I don’t like the Knez interviews either. He always sounds a tad stilted and full of himself. I have really enjoyed Bojana’s interviews. :)

            • And yes, those are 2 great lines from Molly’s lyrics.

      • I see both Ireland and Belgium sneaking into my top10 too.

  5. What is it will all those annoying songs having great rehearsals and great songs having disappointing rehearsals. Maybe the importance of the performance instead of the song, is beginning to get a bit silly.

  6. I’ve just realised that I support Ireland for the first time since 1999. :)

  7. After the rehearsals of 1 and a half semis I can say that the biggest let down came from the F.Y.R. of Macedonia. An almost totally different song to the one they picked in December :(

  8. Well by no means was Norway the best today (same as Belgium the first day)
    I can’t judge from a 30 sec snippet but from the one we all watched she sounded bad. People keep on voting for the song which is of course great!
    If I had to be fair judging both song and performance I would rank today’s semifinalists as follows:
    2)Czech R
    3)Norway (thanks to the great song)
    8)San Marino

  9. off topic: I was hoping for a RM vs Barça CL final.

    • CL these days is almost the same as the Big 5 in eurovision. Money talks.

    • I cant stand the Real, and while I was glad Modric and Bale got their C1 for which they left us (I’m a Tottenham fan), now I wanted them out as soon as possible. I don’t like Italian football nor the Juve but the Real, with their awful supporters and Ronaldo so full of himself and Iker, and dumb coaches, shouldnt be in the final… and glad Pogba makes it to the final. Big regrets for Monaco though, they did so much better than Real against them! and so sad for PSG who I think was 3rd best overall, after Barça and Bayern, and had to draw yet again Barça…

      Barça should win it. They almost every year deserve to, too.

      • Well, I’m a Barça fan so you can assume what I think of RM :P
        Nevertheless a RM-Bar final would be more prestigious, let alone the statistics/history part of it :)

  10. Ok so I have a bit of issue with my web browser having closed a lot of tabs that are useful and I meant to work on tonight so I’m furious, sad and trying to deal with the fact I’ll have to look through the entire web to find them again first…

    And I am done with the recap article at last, so I can give my own personal and humble thoughts on these rehearsals. First off: wow what a disappointing day that was, all 8 have had flaws, and the only one that I sorta forgive is Norway, because it’s just the backdrop issue, the rest was more or less fine and on par what I expected, without being mind-blowing, the other 7, ugh!

    01 Lithuania: I knew they’d play the happy-go-lucky card with this and I wont blame them, it’ll be gimmicky to the throat, and we’ll be drown in sugary imagery, and the gimmicky kiss will be even more awful… I don’t think they have that much chemistry, Monika’s dress is ugly, Vaidas’ look is plain awful and manages to make him look silly when he’s a hottie and since the song, cute while performed, is plain annoying and totally empty in mp3, I dont see Lithuania breaking my top 10 this year… it should qualify and be bottom 5 in the final I reckon

    02 Ireland: I agree the visuals are nice, but, seriously, until Dimitri a bit earlier I saw almost no one pointing out it didnt fit the song at all, nor her voals, nor the lyrics? I thought they’d go for something like the preview vid, urban drifter a bit… and since they take the best bits for the 37s and we get an underwhelming if not plain poor performance by her both visually and vocally, and reading that Molly fails to see and remember where the cameras are… don’t be surprised it this one fails: the song alone should qualify, but will it, with that bad draw?

    03 San Marino: another globe? Another over the top and lame backdrop, this is supporting idea that San Marino is being more and more Ralph-Siegelesque every year (their three performance with Valentina were gimmicky and over the top) and since this is a very weak entry, I don’t think it’ll make through in comparison to Czech Republic and especially Norway should nail this coffin… however, a redeeming aspect: the kids are really “aww”

    04 Montenegro: as the song, the performance is also a zeljko lame copycat, the “zeljko of the poor” if you will and knez doesn’t have that much charisma and the song doesn’t have the oomph and the performance doesn’t have the subtlety or art of Hari Mata Hari or Jelena, who did so much better with Zeljko’s material… in the end this will be entertaining for all 3mns and totally forgettable afterwards, I expect juries and the diaspora votes to push this one in the final, and have the same fate as last year’s entry there… but while I like it a bit better than last year’s (too disneyesque, and zeljko wrote a better song than the one from last year), it’s still nothing to die for, in the genre esc has known too much better!

    05 Malta: it is as if Georgia was given a kitsch and eurovision treatement and we get this extremely expected result: a lame backdrop that looks like it’s exactly Conchita’s, and a boring dress, a boring performer who apparently fails to have the oomph vocally, and doesnt seem to come great on charisma… I don’t think it’ll get a lot of votes, the kind of song that is harmless, bothers no one and gets almost no vote…

    06 Norway: as I said before, it’s what we expected, they look good (so much better than in NMGP), and I actually like this no backdrop look, but with a backdrop, hopefully a nice but subtle and quiet one, and it’ll be fine, and both singers are hot and charismatic… i dont think they’re that much in trouble, especially since there are so much duets and since it’s the best one, it should load the votes there, but in the final? we’ll see…

    07 Portugal: why all the praise? I’m sorry, but this felt like a 2006 backdrop/performance, extremely lame, the look was laughable and the song remains lame and empty. I still think it’ll be last in its semi, but juries should save it from last place, it’s underwhelming in everything, and maybe it’s pity, but I can’t really hate this!

    08 Czech Republic: now it reminds me of Slovakia 2009, big vocals, but too much of a concept of a ballad than an emotional ballad, as the preview video implied, every ingredient of the esc ballad is there, with the right words (thrown in our face in the preview video), the big vocals but it feels so much like the supermarket version of norway by now… dont think it’ll qualify, not sure it should either, though if we want czech republic in 2016 maybe we should want it to!

    • I agree on Montenegro.

    • Yes, it was a disappointing set of rehearsals today but I still hope that Norway will get its act together which means reproduce the intimate yet slightly scary atmosphere of the MGP performance. And hey, I pointed out that Molly’s background didn’t fit too. That’s the reason I posted the ironic comment that this year’s ESC should be held in a forest. :) I slightly disagree on Portugal, which I think is almost as good as it can get. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much because the song has one of the weakest choruses in the history of ESC imo … and 70 % of the song are chorus. So, even if I think that they got almost everything right, poor Leonor will finish in the bottom 4, and deservedly though.

      • Leonor’s style of performing reminds me of German singer Nena, who was huge here in the 80s btw. You probably know “99 Luftballons” …

      • I see what you mean. Norway still can work out with a backdrop and they’re really charismatic, but in the finale, Norway and Estonia will totally struggle to undo one another and it’ll be interesting, however Norway has no competition with San Marino and Czech Republic, Lithuania is on a different game… Ireland will make it to the final I think, barely just, the song in itself deserves to and with Czech Rep, San Marino, Portugal and Malta almost certainly out, it means Ireland can squeeze in but neither the mood of the visuals nor Molly impess me and it could be another last place for them! Portugal I disagree in that it’s not “better than in FdC” as people say to me, it’s different than in FdC but it’s just as bad, the backings look, her dress, and one of the most old fashion backdrops make for overall one of the weakest packages since monday… dead certain it’ll be last now! It COULD have been better, only slightly considering the song they work with…

        • I really like Leonor’s dress, but let’s agree to disagree on this point, and I didn’t even notice the background. I’ve never been the visual type, not even when it comes to romantic affairs. Sexy voices do much more for me than hot looks. Sorry, Gigi’s dancers … truth had to be told once … LOL My money is still on San Marino coming last. :(

          • Wait till you see the Golden Boys from Israel invading the Vienna stage tomorrow!Lol!

            • Do you have insider information???

            • Yes. :D I saw a photo of them from the airport and it will be an all-male performance with a few tanned,muscled dancers accompanying Nadav on stage.

            • Oh my … Catering to the stereotypical ESC audience … I can already see Israel plummetting on my list. :(

            • Well,judging from the song what did you expect the stage performance to be?It definitely needs dancers and people having fun on stage.

    • And a footnote on Montenegro:

      “and the song doesn’t have the oomph”

      That’s exactly what I thought until our review last Saturday. I had “Adio” around 25th place until then. My friend, who understands the lyrics, loved it. Her argument ran like this: “It’s fantastic. You never get the oomph you expect from that Balkan stuff. This is like a farewell that will never find closure. Beautiful lyrics perfectly set to notes. There is just a slight swell, like pain rising inside you but never finding catharsis.” I found this quite convincing, and thus Montenegro is in 12th place on my list now. :)

      • Montenegro is, in before rehearsals ranking (and will only do another one after esc anyway), my 15th coz the rest was weaker, but it’s not great and that’s a lame excuse to say there’s no oomph: you can always convince yourself what’s lacking is lacking for a good reason, the problem remains, it’s lacking and just therefore simply not there; and knez ugh

        • I agree on Knez ugh but since my friend is a professor for West Slavic languages and a great musician, I trust her. We can see it that way too: It doesn’t do what we expect from “The Balkans”, which is a Western construction anyway. That’s good imo, because it holds up a mirror reflecting our stereotypes and projections of what we expect sth from the Balkans to be. Plus, historically and culturally we could discuss whether Montenegro is a Balkan country for hours to begin with … We might not like the song, but it can be good nevertheless. I always trust people who know more about cultures I don’t know that much about in order to get a nice personal taste/objectivity balance on my list. :)

  11. Greta Salome reviewing 5 entries from this year’s edition.Which song is her favorit song of the year and she feels that it’s a contender for victory? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DWqvQlaBpQ

    Another 5 songs from Eldar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsZVKdE94jI

  12. As for tomorrow: Go Slovenia!
    Goodnight, everyone.

  13. I can’t believe that this is the Irish rehearsal! So proud :P

  14. I just watched a video and there was a close up of the Portuguese backing singers.What were they thinking?Their outfits and hats don’t look good. :(

  15. I am very happy Ireland gets the praise they deserve this year after 2 years of true HORROR!

  16. Just came home and missed all the fun

    I hope Norway,Ireland and Malta did well

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