View from the Press Centre: Day 2

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – It’s day 2 in the press centre and there was a big buzz for opening act Serbia, with many journalists scrambling for interviews with the bubbly Bojana Stamenov. Also up was Polina from Russia… who blew the whole place away with an incredibly polished 1st rehearsal…

We started the day with our hotel receptionist saying he saw hulluna on Austrian TV news last night. Fame at last. Conchita, move over. We took the opportunity to pop to Schonbrunn Palace and Gardens seeing as the press centre didn’t open until 12 noon and it was beautiful.  On the way to the venue we saw the gay-friendly traffic lights for the first time.

Serbia’s Bojana Stamenov opened with kitsch central and some fun dancing. Sadly she could not complete all interviews today, hopefully we can talk to her on Friday.

Boggie from Hungary kept it plain and simple.

Boggie press

Belarus didn’t really set the press centre alight with their performance but Uzari interestingly explained at the press conference about how the song is all about cancer.

Belarus press

The Russian press conference was expertly stage-managed. One of the co-writers, also a backing singer, is Australian. The bass player is also a writer and Swedish. Good on them for getting a way to get on stage! Polina says the song is about giving hugs to your neighbour.


We’ve just done a little voxpop for ESCToday, talking about Albania. We weren’t overly impressed.

Lots of other teams are beavering away in the press centre. Here’s trouble…

Terry vision

Head honcho and Eurovision Event Supervisor Sietse Bakker was out and about chatting to the press.


The Fan Desk is gearing up for action and we’ll soon start the press centre voting. Here’s head volunteer Benjamin (everyone’s fave) explaining to his team of happy helpers what to do.


We’re about to head off for a cruise on the Danube now, courtesy of Vienna’s Tourist Board and their free trips for the press. We’ll be back in the press centre tomorrow for day 3, so enjoy watching all the video snippets until then!



101 comments on “View from the Press Centre: Day 2

  1. Polina would look good in a bin bag…

  2. The boy in the last picture, with the back to the camera: I know how he can help me (a)

  3. I have noticed FYR Macedonia is using Ionic columns as their background! :p Did Greek media (STAR) complained about it? :p

    Does anyone knows if the delegations have say about their stage background?

    • i dont think anyone cares really, except for esc fans who nit pick on everything: eveeryone on here complained about it (including me)

      • Personally, I don’t mind but who took the decision to give them such a bad background. It hardly match the song.

    • I do remember that Malta protested against their LED screen in 2009 (Atlantis) so in the end, they could replace it with shooting stars in various colours instead.

    • Yes, I made a comment about it yesterday. It seems to me a needless provocation. And I am usually not someone who takes sides in this discussion.

      • A the moment I find it irrelevant. And yes you might be right. It must be an underlining provocation.

      • Can pillars only be used by Greeks?😁
        That is an ugly backdrop that doesn’t match with the song anyway

        • Of course not. And like I said, I don’t take sides in this discussion. I merely have an opinion about what people are doing. For example when that Greek reporter confronted Kaliopi a few years ago, I thought he was a jerk and she handled it well. But in this case, this decision for the backdrop seems to me (but maybe I am wrong) a deliberate choice to do a small annoying thing, of the sort it is very difficult to object to.

        • ”Can pillars only be used by Greeks?”

          Not, necessarily. And these pillars aren’t just ”any pillars”. We are talking about FYR Macedonia here and their desperate agenda to associate their modern state to Ancient Classicism. As much as Armenia is using their entry to ”tolerate” the deniers.

          • Well you can’t compare pillars that are used almost everywhere for decoration with a political slogan Dino…

            • Well FYR Macedonia does so. Haven’t you heard about the Skopje 2014 project?


            • I know about it but thats their country after all and they can do whatever they want within its borders….I am not backing anyone here,I just don’t think using frigging pillars as backdrop is a provacation…I know Macedonia provoked Greece before and I can understand Greek sensitivity on some matters but pillars shouldn’t be the topic of this discussion

            • Certain pillars associated with a certain biased project could be seen as a provocation.

              ”They can do whatever they want within its borders”

              Really? Would you kindly ask Turkey to get a good riddance from Cypriot affairs then? :)

            • Well if it was my hands Dino,all nations would live without borders ;)

            • An nice approach. Since the inception of border and the subsequent violation of them world has been a crazy place.

            • And Turkish government sees Northern Cyprus within its borders…calling it “baby homeland”that’s why our president who puts his nose in everything almost had fight with newly selected Turkish Cypriot President

          • They’re doing this in their capital anyway.Trying to create a past that never existed in the first place.

    • In 2008 I remember that it was all decided by the Serbian broadcaster. But I think in recent years it also depends on what the delegations want and if they have any ideas or maybe graphics by themselves.

    • “Does anyone knows if the delegations have say about their stage background?”

      They pick it don’t they?
      They tell ORF in advance and then ORF try and make it. Then in the first few rehearsals they can change it about.

      I remember in 2007 with Scooch originally it was just 1 big giant flag, then the BBC got it changed to all the dots.

  4. “I know about it but thats their country after all and they can do whatever they want within its borders…”

    Exactly, they can even transorm their capital into a totally laughable historical Disney World. :) They will probably introduce Alexander, Justinian and Samuel impersonators next … ;)

    • Yes…what were they thinking? They are not even artistic…I also don’t like almost all statues carrying knives,swords,daggers…way too irritating

      But again it is their country,they can even make it a big Disney World ;)

      • I agree, most of Skopje 2014 is way too monumental and martial for my taste. Plus, all those people being glorified there have blood on their hands, and a lot of blood it is.

    • Do you think pillars are there for provocation????

      • Many years ago, I have found out that it is not wise to let yourself be provoked by silly stuff because you get dragged to the level of the one trying to provoke you. Back in the old ESCToday days, someone opened a YT channel under the name togravus ceterum. Well, he was free to do so because I had no copyright on the name. Same goes for pillars imo. I can understand why it could be seen as a deliberate provocation though … but I would decide not to let myself be provoked.

        • Really? I didn’t know there was a fake togravus ceterum….I hope I didnt talk to him😂😂😂…or wait…I think I would easily recognise he wasn’t you😉😘
          Popularity brings troubles dear,what can you do?

          • Exactly, and dorian, ionian and corinthian columns have been very popular for more than 2000 years now. The Greeks can be proud that everyone seems to love them, in particular when it comes to erecting impressive government buildings. :)

            When I talked to that guy, he told me that he really was a fan of my ESCToday comments … :)

            • ‘The Greeks can be proud that everyone seems to love them, in particular when it comes to erecting impressive government buildings.’ There are Greek columns galore in Portuguese monuments.

            • Königsplatz in Munich:

            • LOL imitations keep the original alive 😉

  5. I don’t like pillars in esc in general:P
    I didn’t like them back in 2011 either ;)
    The problem with their song is not the pillars anyway.

  6. Some views from the press conference.

  7. Don’t know what people find in Russia…I can only see a pretty woman in a beautiful write dress😜Georgia seems to have walked over everyone rehearsed today😎

  8. We learned about Ionian and Dorian pillars in high school, but unfortunately I don’t remember the difference.

    I do know the difference between the Ionian and the Dorian scale though.

  9. Btw, pillars on stage is not always a good idea.

    Just watch the song that comes at 20:08 in this video. It is Spinal Tap performing the song “The Majesty of Rock” (at 20:08) See what happens at the end of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uvV1XkiGoU

  10. After the first rehearsal I see:

    Hungary, Russia, Denmark, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Belgium, Greece and Estonia.

    Then it is going to be between Romania, the Netherlands and Serbia?

    • I haven’t seen the rehearsals but think that Romania will sail into the final.

    • You are spot on !
      Don’t have any doubts about Romanian qualification though! You can already count them in.
      So, Russia, Belgium, Estonia, Romania, Armenia, Greece, Albania, Georgia, Denmark and Hungary, welcome to the Final!

      • You predict that Finland won’t qualify?I think they can do it instead of Denmark.

        • If they have to qualify it will be at the cost of Denmark I agree!

        • or at the cost of Hungary/Georgia

          • Georgia will definitely qualify and i’m keeping my fingers crossed for lovely Boggie.I wonder if we’ll have a shocking non qualifier this year.

            • like what? Estonia? Russia?

            • Nahh!Those 2 will definitely qualify.More like Albania i’d say.A song that is liked by esc fans from day 1.But,i feel that they’ll qualify in the end.Finland would be a shocking non qualifier too if we take the betting odds into consideration.

            • i will not be shocked at all with Finland’s elimination. It’s a very bad song at the level of Georgia 2012! In addition betting odds don’t mean anything. They had Dustin the Turkey pretty high too!

      • I wouldn’t give up on Serbia and Finland yet. Albania, on the other hand, will struggle.
        And I wonder whether Moldova will come last for 2 years in a row.

        • I can’t give up on anyone either but I have to make a preliminary prediction just for the fun of it :P

      • Really. I was about to post that prediction but somehow I was not ready to junk NED and SRB already.

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