Poll: Belgium Voted Best Rehearsal of Day One

Loic NottetPoll – Earlier today we asked you who you thought hat the best rehearsal of day one and based on the 30 second clip, you voted for Belgium and Loïc Nottet who rehearsed his song “Rhythm Inside” for the first time. He was closely followed by Greece and Maria Elena Kyriakou

Alternatively, you thought Moldova and Eduard Romanyuta gave the worst rehearsal of the day. The full results are:

Belgium 29%
Greece 25%
Armenia 15%
Estonia 12%
The Netherlands 10%
Finland 4%
FYR Macedonia 3%
Moldova 2%

If you still haven’t seen, you can watch some of his rehearsal in the video Eurovision.tv published and we also interviewed the lovely Loïc which you can also watch below

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29 comments on “Poll: Belgium Voted Best Rehearsal of Day One

  1. I honestly think that this result was greatly influenced by the popularity of the Belgian entry. Every single website I checked said that there were serious issues with Loïcs first rehearsal. Still one of the best songs this year … so congrats!

    • I love Belgium but voted Armenia

      I was hoping others would do same BUT most have voted based on the small clip. If people had seen the whole rehearsal the results may have differed

    • But to swing things differently, I remember in 2013 big favorite Denmark was always said by fans there to be too stiff, to overdone, and disappointing from a favorite… it still won, quite easily… fans there are harsher to things they know to be favorites or that they love, it’s only human, and we only got to see 37s to each, and out of these 37s Belgium was way above the rest to me

      • As I have said, I trusted Jade, who is well known as Loïcs n° 1 fan worldwide. I try to intelligently read comments of people who are at the rehearsals and form my opinion based on that.

        • Exactly, you’re gonna be harsher with what you love in the end, no?

        • Plus, I still would rather form my opinion by seeing myself, if you don’t mind me saying.

          • I don’t mind you saying at all but until we can see for ourselves, we can only rely on the opinion of people who are in Vienna. Everything else is bias imho. Perhaps I would have totally adored Loïcs first rehearsal. We’ll never know. But for now, I prefer to trust Jade, Hulluna and Prinz Blog (even wiwibloggs singled out Armenia as the best rehearsal … I still utterly dislike the song btw) rather than my ownbiased predilections.

          • Btw, I am in very strict academic mode atm … ;)

  2. I agree with Togravus. Stop fanwanking with Loic :P

  3. It reminds me of the Danish edition of Dancing With the Stars. A couple of years ago it featured footballer Allan Simonsen – who definitely couldn’t dance at all. But he won the televote all the time, because all the football fans voted for him.

    I actually find Loïc Nottet’s singing a bit enervating, but it is an interesting song in any case. As for the visuals, it seems quite overdone.

    • Everything but Patricia Kaas has been overdone in ESC recently. ;)

      • I don’t agree with that. What about Tom Dice f.e.?

        Also it depends on the parameters. Some would probably argue that Patricia Kaas’ vocal performance is a bit overdone in parts – especially in the final piece where she may seem overdramatizing vocally to some (not necessarily to me).

        • LOL I wrote “Patricia Kaas and Tom Dice” first but then deleted Tom because it was a polemical comment anyway. :)
          Most of the time, you need to take my comments with a grain of salt.

          • Yeah I know – I just prefer to look at things as ‘nüchtern’ as possible.

            • It always depends on my mood. I can be terribly stiff and academical … but sometimes I am just a small boy in frolic mod. :)

      • (And Pernille Karlsson too btw.)

      • But I will be leaving for now. They are showing the 2nd preview programme right now, and I need to catch up at a couple of songs.

  4. And Finland only 4 %? The comments I read made me believe that they were perfectly fine. You can’t expect hot dancers, arty concepts or confetti for a song like that. :)

  5. I hesitated between Belgium and Armenia, but the Belgian backdrop decided things.

  6. This is pointless, people are voting for which songs that like rather than how the rehearsal went. Several sources have said Loic had problems, as did Trijinte.

    • People are basing their own opinions on the 30 second clips I think

      It may totally change when the full rehearsals go up

      I voted Armenia – it is not my favourite as you know but I was able to vote based on the fact I could watch the whole rehearsal

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