View from the Press Centre: Barbara Dex Contender Alert!

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – After the first day of rehearsals here at the Weiner Stadthalle, what have we learnt? Well, we already have our first Barbara Dex contender in The Netherlands! We’ve seen hot leather pants, wind machines, and had technical issues.

Here’s a round-up of today’s action from our seats in the press centre…

Moldova kicked things off with Eduard Romanyuta but we missed the first two run-throughs due to technical problems with the stream in the press centre. The snippet video was up on Eurovision.tv before we saw what was going on. When it did come on the screen, there were wiggling bums of sexy policemen and women in leather hot pants. Eduard’s not going to let going first mean anyone forgets his song! A jolly friendly guy who was happy to do selfies with people.

EDuard Jade

Armenia’s Genealogy was next and their beautiful purple backdrop was a fitting surround for their well executed song.

Armenia press centre

They are affable chaps and chappesses and happy to sing whenever asked. Amazing voices when singing together, very strong. It deafens us in the press centre.

Frustration kicked in then both for us and for Loic Nottet from Belgium. Us because the sound went, him because they made lots of mistakes. The robotic dancing of the backing singers, and the black and white backdrop need some work. Loic tells us about how they’ll work on it in an interview with him.

Loic group

Then came our first open-mouthed moment of the year as The Netherlands’ Trijntje Oosterhuis took to the stage in a black widow veil and open fronted dress, with a star cut out of her bum. “Barbara Dex!!” shouted everyone in unison.

Trijntje dress

She’d changed out of it for the press conference.

Trijntje Oosterhuis

Finland’s rehearsal proved to all those that doubted they could compete on a large stage that they were ignorant people who desperately are in need of education on learning disabilities. An accomplished first run through, with dry ice flowing and orange amps blasting out their 2 minute punk anthem.

finland press

Press conferences and interviews started in earnest then, with a scrum to get the exclusives from waiting journalists. As we queued to talk to Armenia and Belgium, we watched Greece and Estonia run through their performances on the big screens.

The Belgium interview will follow soon. Here’s the lovely Loic.

Lynn Loic

Greece was much better than expected, Maria Elena Kyriakou looked and sounded great and there was enough wind machine to blow us to Germany.

Maria Elena Kyriakou

Estonia, whist looking good, failed to 100% impress us with the female vocal from Elina Born, who seemed a little flat in places?

estonia press

Daniel Kajmakoski from FYR Macedonia showed us some nifty footwork and made great use of the 3D effect backdrop with falling leaves.

We’ll be back tomorrow for day 2 of rehearsals!


8 comments on “View from the Press Centre: Barbara Dex Contender Alert!

  1. Another video from eurovision.tv:

  2. Is Trijntje’s dress really that bad, after all? I don’t think so. Or is it just me having nul taste? :P

    • I don’t think that it is that bad either … but then I haven’t seen the star on her bum yet …

    • It looked fine to me. As with every year, the ‘Eurovision Jourmalists’ tend to get over-excited at practically anything (their goodie bags for example!). Take it all with a pinch of salt. Songs they say look or sound rubbish can sometimes end up being wonderful or vice versa. It’s all down to individual perception and taste. Still along way to go.

    • It could be worse, but is does not fit the style fo the song. That’s the worst part of it.

  3. Trijntje has a faule line on her chest :D Joke aside I found her dress quite fashinable and artistic…(says a girl who is addicted reading fashion magazines :P)

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