Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 2

vienna eurovision 2015Eurovision 2015 – With two weeks to go to the contest, daily rehearsals start and of course the Eurovision Times will do its best to cover them; here’s for the first rehearsals to the second half of semifinal 1: pics and vids will be officially released and we get to discuss, debate, analyze, predict…

Here’s tomorrow’s schedule:

  • 12 Serbia 12:00 Serbia First rehearsal
  • 12 Hungary 12:40 Hungary First rehearsal
  • 12 Belarus 13:20 Belarus First rehearsal
  • 12 Russia 14:00 Russia First rehearsal
  • 12 Serbia 14:25 Serbia Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Hungary 15:05 Hungary Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Belarus 15:45 Belarus Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Denmark 15:50 Denmark First rehearsal
  • 12 Russia 16:25 Russia Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Albania 16:30 Albania First rehearsal
  • 12 Romania 17:10 Romania First rehearsal
  • 12 Georgia 17:50 Georgia First rehearsal
  • 12 Denmark 18:15 Denmark Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Albania 18:55 Albania Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Romania 19:35 Romania Press Meet & Greet
  • 12 Georgia 20:15 Georgia Press Meet & Greet

There will therefore be 8 countries getting their first taste of the stage and first impression from it. As usual, in first go, countries rarely reveal everything from their staging, definitely not the clothes. But the fans get an idea of what direction the performance is heading towards. Usually, the official site publishes photo sets from rehearsals and a short clip (around 90 seconds) about the artist’s impressions around 40 minutes later. Last year it was not possible for any fan sites to record anything else, so you’ll have to just read what everyone there thought about it without seeing more with your own eyes (and of course hear with your own ears).

Don’t forget, the recap article will be published as soon as possible, considering the girls are in Vienna and I still have to work. But the girls will keep us upbdated and all of our friends in the ET community will post links as soon as they’re out to keep the discussion going!

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132 comments on “Eurovision 2015 Rehearsals: Day 2

  1. Denmark seems to have new backing singers. I hope that they are as good as the ones they had in DMGP.

  2. We are going onto a Danube Cruise this evening so we will miss Georgia and Romania but we will be able to get in some Albania who is due on soon

  3. Faults with Albania… the feed missed off the start

    Elhaida is dressed in a black suit like thing and her three backing singers are in white suits

    She’s just walking around on stage with wind in her hair. Gold background

    I don’t think she will qualify with this. Seemed messy to me

  4. Without hearing Georgia and Romania the sure qualifiers are Russia, Armenia and Estonia. I think the others aren’t as certain. Belgium shouldn’t have an issue and I think Finland and Serbia may do it.

  5. Second run through and she was so much better but I still think they will only just qualify of not qualify at all

  6. Albania:

    Now by the third go she was actually really good and got into it. I think this video was from the first go

  7. Just watched Serbia and it looks like utter trash!As much as i enjoy Bojana in her interviews and i like her voice this doesn’t deserve to qualify.

    Hungary was very good!I really liked the backdrop and it sounds honest even if the lyrics sound simplistic at times.I hope they’ll qualify.

    Belarus wasn’t bad but this backdrop is weird.It’s borderline.

    Russia is going for another top-5.It was anthemic and well-performed but pretentious.It doesn’t give me the chills like Hungary.Go Boggie!

    Denmark is simple and boring.I don’t like this song.I never warmed up to it.

    Albania wasn’t good!It looks messy and like it’s not a well prepared act.

    • I agree on Serbia. It seems that it has been going down the hill since the day it was selected. Can’t even believe that I actually liked it back then :(

      • It gets such a positive feedback here,it seems unreal to me.lol.Yes they embraced the campness of the song and it’s not pretentious but that doesn’t mean it’s not overwhelmingly kitsch.And to think it all began with their winner composer picking 3 promising singers.

      • I hated it back then. And really hated the NF that was SO promising on paper. Now it’s my guilty pleasure of the year, but as Dimitri said, what a campfest and the performance is utterly awful. I think that Bojana with such anthemic song could have done some subtle goodness too…

    • Count me in on Serbia. The performance was boring and lacked a real idea and structure from what I saw. The thing is that I remember I liked it a lot the first time I heard the song. In the Serbian NF, in Serbian. After a lot of listenings, added with the English “I am what I am” lyrics, I’ve lost my interest in it. Now it’s just Bojana’s voice and personality that saves this for me, and that’s not enough. People are talking about that Moldova and Serbia are fighting for the same votes, the up-tempo show ones. And I dare say now I think Moldova stand a better chance qualifying.

      • coz girls prefer a hot boy than a fatty? usually the fatty gets “aww” votes and vocals will totally save bojana above moldova in jury’s list, plus the draw is better for serbia…

        • I wouldn’t call Eduard hot… :p

          Moldova have two advantages against Serbia; a hookier song and a better show. And I think for now that that is what it takes in this case. Sure Bojana will get a lot of extra points from the juries, thanks to her great vocals. But the song and the show has really nothing to offer that makes you remember it. Except for “big woman shouting”, and I don’t think that will be enough help in the end.

      • I believe in the duel Bojana has more chances to qualify than Eduard.I believe they’ll both be bottom-5 with the juries.

    • Hungary is th best dressed act so far. :)

      • In the fight of the peace songs,i hope that Hungary will crush Russia(wishful thinking).Boggie seems to be the kind of person that could be an activist for human rights whereas Polina looks like a pop diva who happens to sing a pretentious peace song.Plus,i like the fact Hungary hasn’t tried to exploit the peace message.It seems more honest.I think the lyrics may sound a bit simplistic and naive because they are in English which is not her native language.That’s it!I will be voting for Hungary. :P

        • I am no fan of Hungary but certainly prefer them to Russia this year. I’d call the Hungarian lyrics abstract.

  8. It seems that the songs I don’t like are doing very well at the rehearsals.
    Armenia and Greece yesterday, Russia today.

  9. Romania have a stage full of suitcases

    Big black and white video screens behind them, one showing the video. All about having to travel to find work and leave kids. Cheery.

    It’s not setting the world alight, a bit lacklustre. Shame

  10. Romania…

    The band are on stage with suitcases. Images of suitcases are in the backdrop and you can see the video in the background

    The singer looks well dapper though. If you don’t know the meaning behind the song you won’t get the suitcases and why they are there

    I doubt it’ll qualify without the British Diaspora vote

  11. Romania:

  12. http://wiwibloggs.com/2015/05/12/eric-saade-mans-serious-threat-australia/94097/

    this probably doesn’t belong here but since the conversation is here. typical sweden thinking its the only good song ugh

  13. Love Bojana, hate the song. Loved Hungary, Go Boggie! This has jumped up hugely in my estimation The rest just didn’t do anything for me, Denmark is awful and the lead singer has zero charisma, Albania came across as messy and Belarus is a yawn fest.
    I was hoping for more from Romania but it also looks a tad lacklustre which is a shame, still, plenty time left to polish it up and hopefully turn things around.
    As for Russia. If only it was being sung by another country. I despise and detest everything about Russia 2015 and the hypocrisy as to what it stands for. Poor Pollyanna, she’s probably a nice enough lass who happens to have a good voice but I hope she’s perfected her reaction (as well as she has her song) especially for when she gets an earful of boos as they ring across Vienna. I really hope it dies a death and people see right through it but alas it will do very well and probably even challenge for the overall win. :(

  14. I saw a picture on wiwi. Did Georgia copy Conchita’s wings?

  15. Belarus: those 35 seconds looked boring to me. The staging is to static bit vocally they did well.

    Russia: Very professional. The only minus is the song, which I do not enjoy and don’t agree with. Top10 for sure. Top5 likely.

    Denmark: Everything looks nice with Denmark apart from some vocal issues. I can see this qualifying.

    Albania: Great vocals. Elaida is very captivating. However, the staging and lighting at the moment do not make justice to the song. A strong contender, however.

    Romania: Just OK. The decision to use English still is haunting this entry. Very borderline entry.

    Georgia: Fantastic background. It fits the song but there is some screaming. I hope they have noticed it.

  16. Serbia : Utterly trashy and embarassing to watch. I find it even worse than 2013 which at least I liked song-wise. Still, this could qualify (Ukraine 12 was heavily jury supported)
    Belarus : Feels empty but they are definitily preparing a stage surprise. With a more memorable stage performance it ticks all esc cliche boxes (catchy chorus, violin ethnic parts) to get through Final. For the moment I say NO!
    Hungary : Decent but so was Hungary 2008. A non qualifier? Could surprise though…
    Russia : Sails through Final ! Either 1st or runner up in semi. We already knew it!
    Albania : Hot mess. Terrible background. Pity!
    Denmark : They will qualify marginally…
    Romania : Bland song. With a huge diaspora support and a once again favourable “draw” this is also sailing through…
    Georgia : I like it but I still believe juries will rank this down. This is so 00s…Borderline qualifier.
    My prediction for the moment : (from most to least likely to qualify)
    1)Russia, 2)Belgium, 3)Romania, 4)Estonia, 5)Armenia, 6)Greece, 7)Albania, 8)Georgia, 9)Denmark, 10/11)Netherlands
    10/11)Hungary, 12)Finland, 13)Serbia,14)Moldova,15)Belarus,16)FYROM

  17. We are on the Danube cruise and the lovely Estonians and Lithuanians are on it with us. Everyone is swooning over Vaidas and Stig

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