Belgium: We Speak to Loïc Nottet

Loic NottetBelgium – Today was the first bunch of rehearsals from the songs performing in the first half of the first semi final but the one that was most anticipated was Belgium’s Loïc Nottet. After his first rehearsal we had the chance to interview him ourselves.

In the interview Lynn talks to him about his inspiration and why he turned to singing when he started life as a dancer. The reason for the cute start was because I, like an idiot, didn’t realise my phone wasn’t on video but on picture mode half way through. Luckily he was really sweet about it and you can see our interview.

Loïc will be performing 3rd in the first semi final and earlier, Loïc rehearsed his song and you can see a 30 second clip of it below.

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16 comments on “Belgium: We Speak to Loïc Nottet

  1. He’s into darkness… hmm I like him better now :P

  2. He’s certainly a bit of a weirdo … but in a totally adorable way. :)

  3. He likes the fantsay genre. :)

  4. Apropos the duck discussion last night: it sounds like Loïc is singing “we’re gonna rap-ap-ap”. “Rap” is what ducks say in Denmark, so he is obviously pretending to be a duck.

  5. Apparently there’s quite a big interest in Loïc Nottet among journalists? He is also interviewed by Eurosong.dk.

  6. Elina & Stig sound great

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