OGAE 2015: Italy Wins the OGAE International Poll

Il VoloOGAE 2015
– Today we see five results from the OGAE clubs in Moldova, Israel, Croatia, Cyprus and host country Austria. These are the last clubs to bring their votes in thus we now have the final results. ITALY have emerged victorious beating odds favourite Sweden

First let’s go through the votes given to us by our last five clubs…

(These votes have been collected in cooperation with escstats.com)
1 point – Belarus
2 points – Slovenia
3 points – Italy
4 points – Romania
5 points – Belgium
6 points – Israel
7 points – Spain
8 points – Russia
10 points – Estonia
12 points – Sweden

1 point – Greece
2 points – Spain
3 points – Australia
4 points – Montenegro
5 points – Azerbaijan
6 points – Belgium
7 points – Norway
8 points – Sweden
10 points – Estonia
12 points – Italy

(These votes have been collected in cooperation with escstats.com)
1 point – Norway
2 points – Germany
3 points – Estonia
4 points – Serbia
5 points – Albania
6 points – Israel
7 points – Montenegro
8 points – Spain
10 points – Italy
12 points – Slovenia

1 point – France
2 points – Russia
3 points – Belgium
4 points – Greece
5 points – Sweden
6 points – Australia
7 points – Norway
8 points – Israel
10 points – Spain
12 points – Italy

1 point – Spain
2 points – Estonia
3 points – Switzerland
4 points – Israel
5 points – Australia
6 points – Belgium
7 points – Slovenia
8 points – Sweden
10 points – Norway
12 points – Italy

The top ten were:

Italy 367
Sweden 338
Estonia 274
Norway 243
Slovenia 228
Australia 174
Israel 150
Spain 136
Azerbaijan 97
Belgium 77

Il Volo

The following countries did not receive one single point and some are a shock seeing as a few looked to be fan favourites. Malta, Latvia and Lithuania certainly had positive reactions when they were originally chosen so what happened?

Armenia, Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Portugal and San Marino

Of all countries to receive points, it was the Czech Republic and Belarus who received fewest with two points each.

So well done to Il Volo… they have high expectations to fill. We will see them rehearse for the first time this Sunday (May 17th)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1f6o1HQBvg]

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

74 comments on “OGAE 2015: Italy Wins the OGAE International Poll

  1. At least Croatia gets that Sweden is pants lol

    Yay for Il Volo winning. Well deserved

  2. obviously i want Sweden to win, but I do think now Italy will win.
    OGAE voting doesnt prove you will win, but this is a group of fans Sweden should be expected to win, if Sweden can’t even win what should be its core base, how will it win average joe televoter and stale old jury members.

    • it’s not because Sweden doesn’t win OGAE that it’s doomed and/or that the one beating it will do better: again in 2011, Eric finished only 3rd of OGAE voting! THE Eric Saade! and Hungary that won it finished bottom 5 and France that got second was down to 15th when Eric DID get 3rd in esc as well…

  3. Let’s hope that Italy is just a big OGAE FFF … God help us if that pompous and sypury cheesefest wins. (Sorry Shevek, Dimitri, Martin etc. …)
    The songs that came 2nd to 5th would all make great winners, in particular the songs placed 3rd to 5th. Latvia not recieving a single point is a mystery and a scandal imo. ;)

  4. Last year only 3 songs ended the OGAE voting with nil pts.This year it’s 15!

    • Cos theres so much dull rubbish this year (in my and clearly Ogae’s opinion)

      Out of the list of nul points from OGAE the only one I’m surprised about is Moldova, I did think OGAE voters, (well at some) would have liked that.

      The rest are all dull as dishwater. (Though that didn’t stop Russia or Norway ;) )

  5. Congratulazioni. Still too pompous for me, but on the other hand, a winning song not in English would be fine for a change.

  6. I did not see this one coming. Personally, I think that ‘Grande Amore’ is well placed to attract votes from both sets of voters, but winning ESC will not be easy. Anyway, I am glad to see Belgium, Slovenia and Spain in their final top 10. Good luck, everyone and enjoy.

  7. Lithuania and Latvia not doing well in a traditional esc-fan poll makes sense.

  8. Flag voting (for/against) is clearly rampant :( but congratulations to Italy!

  9. At the 3rd preview show in Sweden they loved Italy but were really harsh towards San Marino and Portugal.1 point overall for both!I don’t think Portugal really desrved this:

  10. The third preview show in Finland.They loved Sweden and Norway but hated Portugal,Czech Rep. and Switzerland: http://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2015/05/10/de-eurovisas-poang-i-del-tre

  11. Italy is my #3 this year behind Estonia and Norway so I am pretty pleased with this result!
    My money on FFF is on Norway and Slovenia!

  12. As for the winner:
    Italy, Belgium or Azerbaijan.
    Estonia and Sweden will cancell each other as they do share the same geopolitical pool of votes and I can’t see a third Nordic/Baltic in top 5 either which means Norway, Lithuania and Latvia will stay behind.
    Of course if Estonia doesn’t improve the stage approach they can switch places with Norway or an other Baltic!

  13. Jade it would be nice to have the ET jury results now! :P

  14. This was my OGAEs’TOP 10 PREDICTION 2 weeks ago
    9/10 !

  15. I like Italian entry and don’ t mind listening to it twice in ESC! But my number 1 remain Estonia!
    Shame that nobady wants to face the shadow :)

  16. If Italy win, I’d like to see Palermo as the host city next year. Never been to Sicily myself. It would be quite a motive.

      • Never thought of it that way, tbh…
        It’s just that I favor the idea of non-capital cities hosting the event.

        • I prefer non-capital cities too. :)

          • Oh my!!! <3
            Thank you for this, togravus.

            • Etta Scollo’s album “Canta ro'”, which includes this track, is absolutely fantastic. All songs are cover versions of famous Sicilan singer Rosa Balistreri, who passed away in 1990. :(
              I recommend to check some other songs like “Quanto basilicò”, “Lu libru di li nfami”, “Lu focu di la paglia”, “A curuna” or “Quannu moru”. It is one of my favourite albums. Ever!

            • I’ll definately check it.

  17. One year ago tonight the Queen of Austria conquered Europe! :)

  18. I cant wait to see them flop😎

  19. On a more general thought, maybe esc 2015 isn’t that bad song-wise after all, but I can say that it is the one that I enjoy the least (out of the editions of the last ten years).
    What strikes me odd in particular is the fact that my interest for the 2015 contest is diminishing instead of increasing as the dates get closer :(

    • Yeah this long wait really hasn’t helped to build tension.

      As dimitri said Conchita winning was a year ago, but right now, rehearsals havent even started yet (yes i know they due tomorrow)

      What little enthusiasm I had mustered at the close of national final season (having been giften Sweden and Israel very near the end) that brief rise in interest has now completely fallen back and flatlined.

      As it happens I will actually be working the nigtht of the first semi final.
      Now usually that’d be a travesty since I first watched in 2003, Ive seen every show live and usually move heaven and earth to make sure i do. But this year, I haven’t and I’m not even sure I’m going to bother to watch it on catchup service.

      • I hear you. Same here when I had to record the final and watch it next morning in 2011 due to my cousin’s wedding.

    • Same here. I won’t vote in the final, the only show that I am going to follow live.

  20. I have never been to Italy, but I would love to visit Venice, Florence or Rome some day. Not for the sake of watching the shows though. I get much more from watching it on tv.

    In any case, should Italy win Eurovision 2015, I hope they will make a better production than in 1991, and with some better hosts.

  21. After my review session last night, I think that this year’s line-up is a pretty strong one after all. I think that we are all a bit spoiled by the ETSC and FdlC line-ups we’ve had and expect too much … ;) :)

    • Interesting thought there, togravus ;)

    • I’m with you on that :-)

      It is not a great year, and there are no masterpieces. but that goes for a lot of other years as well. A lot of songs are good without being great. I still think 2010 is the weakest contest in this decade.

      And after all, it’s only Eurovision.

      • I agree, they are all just very middle of the road. There are no polarising entries (apart from maybe israel).

        It’s the polarizing ones that make the contest fun, you either really really hate them, and wanna see them flop, or you fall in love with them and want to back them all the way.

        There’s none of that this year its all just, ok, ok, meh, okish, marginally positive, alright… etc

  22. Btw, this is for Togravus, Shevek and Paul: If I won’t have sent you an email by the end of this month, just shoot me! :P

  23. I try to avoid building a tension. The more relaxed my approach is, the more enjoyable it is watching it.

    It’s a bit like christmas: If you have far too high expectations, it is no fun at all: things become stressfull, and the actual day can only turn into an anticlimax.

    • The NFs are more interesting as far as I am concerned than ESC itself. I’ll watch it having a glass of wine while relaxing and laughing during the voting procedure. My neighbours do not enjoy the noise we make during the last stage of the show! LOL

      • I use headphones.

        I have never really been a NF fan. I do watch some of them, but I usually forget most of the songs afterwards.

        There is great stuff and awful stuff, just like in ESC, but it’s a very big mouthful, and I could spend almost all my spare time if I focussed as much on NF’s as I focus on ESC. There are things in life that are more important.

        • Of course there are, but I like to find the hidden jewels that exist here there and almost never reach ESC. That’s how I became a fan of Framest, for instance.

          • Indeed, but there are many other ways to find hidden jewels anyway.

            • ETSC and FdlC for example. :)

            • Indeed. And they are much more manageable than the NF season with hundreds and hundreds of songs.

            • I really enjoy watching the national finals though because you learn a lot about TV and commercial culture in all different countries. Plus, some of my favourite songs come from NFs every year. :)

            • Of course. But one has to be much more selective than in Eurovision.

              I do enjoy watching some of the shows of course – otherwise I wouldn’t do it – but I simply haven’t got the time or energy to watch all the shows and to go in depth with every single NF song.

            • I always watch some national finals live, in particular those I have high hopes for or those I have a sentimental attachment too. When I watch the other NFs after they took place, I skip the songs I obviously don’t like after a few seconds, which saves me a lot of time. :)

            • I think I’m more keen on listening to music that hasn’t got anything to do with ESC or NF’s. My old rock/pop LP’s and CD’s f.e.

              After a NF or an ESC, I often need something more “arty farty” as a counterweight.

            • Well, as we are talking, I am listening to Monteverdi’s “Madrigali amorosi”. You can’t get much farther from ESC. :)
              ESC music makes up around 10 % of the music I listen to. After all, my interest in ESC is only 50 % about the songs. The other 50 % are about ESC as part of European popular culture. By analysing ESC beyond music, you can learn a lot about historical and cultural developments on our terribly complicated continent.

            • I agree with that. Though ESC and NF’s are not always representative of the width of a country’s popular culture.

            • Of course they are not, but they can serve as a route of access. Where else would you find a place where to begin when it comes to Malta f.e.? Well, you could just ask me, the hopeless Maltaphile … LOL

            • No, I have to admit I know nothing about Maltese popular music apart from the NF’s.

              It is different with the Nordic countries though. Plus countries like Germany, Ireland and UK.

            • Yes, I can tell from your votes in ETSC and FdlC which tend to stay north and central European. :)
              On Maltese music, there isn’t much one should know. I’d name traditional band Etnika first because Maltese folk has a very distinctive sound, a mixture of Arabic and south Italian elements. Pop/rock bands I like include The Beangrowers and Corkscrew. None of them ever partcipated in a Maltese NF.

            • Interesting band names :-)

            • Actually, the only Eurovision-related albms I have are ABBA’s Waterloo and Kim Larsen’s 231045-0637 (containing a song that he performed in the Danish NF in 1979, “Ud i det blå” – it came 3rd).

            • I only have one ESC-related album, Jelena Tomasevic’s “Panta rei”. :)

            • Indeed, there are, but I enjoy finding them in your company during the cold months on Saturdays (I do not usually follow the week days shows).

  24. Amazing how much impact they have despite the small amount of international promotion they did this year lolz their fanbase around the world must’ve been already growing even before they won San Remo..

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