Eurovision Times Jury Results!

eurovision times logoEurovision Times – Regular readers of The Eurovision Times website have been voting in this year’s two semi-finals as jurors. The votes have now been counted and collated and we can exclusively now reveal this year’s results of The Eurovision Times’ jury! 

Here are the results :
1.Estonia 340
2.Belgium 294
3.Albania 195
4.Georgia 188
5.Romania 141
6.Belarus 139
7.FYROM 131
8.Netherlands 128
9.Hungary 109
10. Serbia 97
11.Greece 97
12.Denmark 80
13.Russia 77
14.Armenia 50
15.Moldova 41
16.Finland 39
There was a tie for the 10th qualifier between Serbia and Greece but Serbia has been voted for by more members and gets the last ticket!
1.Slovenia 339
2.Sweden 253
3.Latvia 250
4.Norway 221
5.Lithuania 180
6.Azerbaijan 167
7.Ireland 109
8.Israel 108
9.Cyprus 86
10.Montenegro 83
11.Iceland 77
12.Czech R 75
13.Switzerland 71
14.Malta 53
15.Portugal 36
16.Poland 23
17.San Marino 15

The jury was made up of: Alex Lefteris, Dimitrisesc, The Anders, Max, Donnie Darko, Dino Mil, schultze94, rosalina, Randomvan, Togravus, Mermaid, Pablo Nava, Niclas, Martin, Cypruslina, Shevek, Oxi, Xello, Marc P, Nick P, Morgan, Patrick, Ben Ramos, Azaesc, Paschalis, Avatarmenia, hulluna, Jade, Phantom, Tecku, Choc-Mint, Marko, Guitar, Alex, Orest Mahlay, Nicky and Donny.

Thanks to all the jurors for taking part!

Do you agree with their scores?!

69 comments on “Eurovision Times Jury Results!

  1. Stommie didn’t vote? :(

  2. Predictable and quite realistic results.I think that the prediction for the second semi is more accurate.I can only see Iceland threating Cyprus and maybe Poland(?)doing better than predicted.However,i also like Czech Republic and Portugal.
    The first semi seems to be all over the place.I can’t see Russia missing the final and i also feel that Armenia and Finland are in with a chance.On the other hand,i can’t understand the popularity of Belarus plus, Hungary,Serbia and the Netherlands are in the danger zone,imo.For now,i can see Greece failing to qualify.Probably 11th or 12th in the semi.

    • If we fail to qualify I’ll see it as a chance to change our esc mentality in Greece.

      • That the positive side.Because we could easily withdraw altogether or just go back to shake-it entries next year.Plus,i doubt the new ERT president really likes the show.I hope he’ll stay away or at least make a positive contribution.

        • Let’s hope that withdrawing from esc is not a part of his agenda. All I know is that i like him very much as a song writer. He has even participated in song contests himself in the past.

        • “or just go back to shake-it entries next year.”

          Fingers crossed!!! :D

    • If Greece has to flop,it shouldn’t be this year…Her song would have been a lot stronger in Greek though

      • There was a rumor that they wanted to perform the Greek version but they would have to pay a 10000 euros fine.They denied it,though.

        • Pity…I still can’t see Greece stay in the semi

        • Why would they pay a fine to sing in Greek????????? And to who?

          • This was a rumor making rounds in the Greek media but the Greek delegation denied it.I don’t know exactly what happens in this case but i think there’s a time limit as to when one delegation can change the final version of the song.

            • I think thats in terms of the actual music and recording isn’t it.

              Sanna Nielsen changed the lyrics of Undo during rehearsals slightly to include the word love twice, not a major change I know, but still proves you can change the words.

              Personally I think your better off not singing in Greek, your song isnt that strong as it is, you can’t afford in my opinion to lose the universal appeal of english.

    • Something like the Greek entry in ETSC 2 or FdlC 6 would be among the greatest Green ESC songs ever (along with “Mou Les” and “Horepse”).

    • Well, we voted on personal taste and did not predict the qualifiers. Still, most results seem plausible if we talk results. Russia being the one big exception here.

  3. I would be quite happy to see these as the real Top 10 for each semi final though perhaps not in that order however I doubt Russia will be left out (though I do expect them to receive another chorus of disapproval from the audience in Vienna)

  4. I probably don’t agree with myself right now. :p

    I’m overall ok with the results, which means that they at least make sense to me. But I do think that Albania in particular is terribly overrated. A strong singer yes, but with a chaotic, shouty ballad. One of their weakest efforts ever.

    And I would also like to have Malta in the final.

    • I’m not so crazy about the Albanian song either.

      I must be Mr. Opposite here when it comes to Albania, because I was probably the only one who liked their entry in 2013.

    • I agree on Albania.
      And I disagree on Malta.

      My updated ranking can be found on my profile page … :)

  5. Regarding semi 1:
    I predict Armenia, Russia in and Serbia, Hungary out! Denmark could still make it instead of Georgia most probably (or Netherlands).
    Regarding semi 2:
    Israel, Cyprus and Montenegro are in the danger zone. Poland, Malta and Iceland? instead although the fact that the latter performs before Sweden deminishes their chances!
    The 3 only definite non qualifiers I can name for the moment are San Marino, Portugal and Switzerland!
    Semi 1 is open foeven r Moldova to qualify! Such a chaos!

  6. Thanks, Donnie. :) These results are plausible.

  7. The results are mostly plausible.

    And thanks to Donnie for collecting the votes. :)

  8. Loic Nottet made a lady Gaga-like 10 min.video for the dance remix of “Rythm Inside” :

  9. So off Topic…

    Loïc has arrived and posted a picture of him and his dancer who was in the new video and the Chandelier video

    This leads me to believe dancers are clearly involved

  10. Ignoring individual placings, I’m actually very pleased with these results, the only song I like that didn’t qualify was Moldova (didn’t expect it to)

  11. This is a parody video about 12 songs of this year’s contest.The one for “A monster like me” is epic!LOL.:

    • The one for Slovenia is great too! :D

      • Not available in Germany. :(

        • Not even this fan made video?I read that there will be new EU rules aiming to relax some copyright rules in certain countries.

          • Let’s hope that the EU will makeYT (it is not about copyright issues but about YT doing what they want) see sense. The Madrigali amorosi have finished. Good night. :)

          • I heard about those, they will not pass (in their current form at least) EU want the UK to make Iplayer available to everyone across the EU even tho its only Brits that pay for it.

            If they pushed it through there would be outrage, and the EU doesn’t want to rock the boat anymore with Britain after Thursdays election where the public gave David Cameron a majority and a strong mandate for an EU referendum. Angela Merkel has already signalled that they need major reforms to accomodate Britain, there not going to risk P**sing us off even more

            • It’s bloody ridiculous in this day and age and with globalisation and technology that I cannot watch BBC iPlayer when I am out of the country (without messing about with a fake IP address). I pay my licence fee. I can watch RTE’s player in the UK, I don’t pay for that. The BBC need to drag themselves into the 21st century. I hope the EU do force a better service for customers and stop all this geo-blocking. The Germans must be utterly sick of having so much censorship.

            • But like you said it’s down to the license fee if the whole of Europe wants access to BBC services, they can pay the BBC license fee.

              Also it’s a pretty hard sell to say to a Brit that you have to pay for the BBC, but an Estonian gets it free don’t worry though you now get access to Estonian television , which you won’t understand a word of because its completely in Estonian.

              (Nothing against Estonia, just an example)

            • There’s illegal streams everywhere. It’s unworkable in this day and age to stop people accessing those, using different IP addresses. ALL broadcasters need to modernise and accept new ways of working and maximise income in different ways. It’s like record companies. So despair to cling to old ways and get the money in, they’ve lost all ability to actually make money for their artists anymore, putting the whole industry at risk. Short-sighted idiots.

            • “There’s illegal streams everywhere. It’s unworkable ”

              But you don’t change the law just because people break the law.

              I think something like SkyGo could work, where you have your own personal account allowing you to watch Iplayer abroad, but not others, if you are found sharing your account with others, then your account is blocked, or you are fined.

    • Estonian one is even better!!!

  12. Not bad results overall, and fewer randoms voting than I expected too.

    I’m going to wait until the rehearsals to make any new predictions, but I’m definitely not tipping Serbia for last place anymore, and have a growing suspicion that Albania could be the shock non-qualifier of the year.

  13. Switch up FYROM and Russia and you have the complete results :) I hope Latvia can pull a “Suus” and place high due to juries, but we’ll see at rehearsals.

  14. Hey everyone !

    My pre – rehearsal semi estimations :

    Semi 1

    Certain Q : Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Finland
    Likely Q : Romania, Belgium, Armenia
    Potential Q (more chances) : Albania, Belarus, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Serbia
    Potential Q (less chances) : FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands

    Semi 2

    Certain Q : Sweden, Norway, Azerbaijan, Slovenia
    Likely Q : Latvia, Lithuania
    Potential Q (more chances) : Montenegro, Iceland, Poland, Cyprus, Switzerland, Ireland
    Potential Q (less chances) : Israel, Malta, Czech Republic
    Certainly out : San Marino, Portugal

    Both semis are quite tough to predict after the 6 first countries in each one IMO.

  15. SF2: Czech Republic instead of Israel .

    SF2: Greece, Denmark and Russia instead of the Netherlands, FYROM and Belarus

  16. I think Macedonia is being underrated in Semi 1. It’s a nice tune that can connect with the audience, especially with Blackstreet performing with Daniel as well.

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