United Kingdom: Electro Velvet Perform on The Graham Norton Show

Electro VelvetUnited Kingdom – Last night Electro Velvet performed their Eurovision song “Still in Love With You” on Graham Norton’s TV show on the BBC. This was their first public live performance on British TV and you can watch their performance here

Alex and Bianca were joined by four dancers, two male and two female who also acted like backing singers. Alongside other guests celebs such as TV Comedian Miranda Hart and Hollywood Actor Rupert Everett, Electro Velvet spoke with Graham for a little bit where they confirmed what we saw tonight was not how it would be in Vienna

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U5MPlTayLc]

Note: the quality isn’t great but it’s all we have at the moment. Hopefully BBC Eurovision upload a better quality video

The British Entry this year is certainly a marmite song. Either you love it or hate it so I took to Twitter to see what joe public thought.

Some people thought they were miming but we’ll let you decide that one

Some people commented on what has been a worry for a while now… the lack of Chemistry

But not all comments were bad

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7 comments on “United Kingdom: Electro Velvet Perform on The Graham Norton Show

  1. Off topic : Molly Sterling also preforms her song on the late late, Good performance vocally by her and the staging seems good for the small stage they have on the late late…but the curse of having crap backing singers is back, Incredible that we music “Un-professionals” can see how bad they are yet the so called music “Professionals” in RTE don’t…

  2. Go, UK! :)

  3. They just need to work on bringing the magic that we saw in the music video onto the ESC stage. Maybe use the same camera work and stage attire(eg, clothes, Bianca’s hair & make-up, Alex’s suit) for grand-finals. Since the MV hit 1 million views, it means that many ESC fans might’ve loved what they saw and will expect to see something similar to that on the night. Last year, Molly’s biggest mistake was changing her staging completely. Many ppl liked what they saw on her BBC Red performance clip and expected the same thing but she gave the complete opposite during the grand finals. Less movement, a hideous dress and weak usage of stage elements.Let’s all hope BBC finally redeems themselves this year.

  4. Just to talk about this performance, I thought vocally Alex was horrific!!! The UK needs backing singers rather than actual dancers as there isn’t enough room on stage to make it look good, Only eastern European countries make that look good so leave it to them :) maybe even hire the Ukraine delegation :)

    • I actually thought it was Bianca that sounded bad. I love Alex. I think he’s great and gives the song personality

      • The personality is there but the vocal is not :(, If they prefect the performance the UK could do very well because unlike a lot of other entries this one takes risks ( The only other entry I can think of on the spot that does as well is Latvia) but on the other hand…If they take risks and its badly preformed like it was the other night the UK could come last. But chemistry wise….compare this to the Chemistry of Debra and Morland, or the chemistry of Vaides and Monika, It doesn’t even come close to matching up! So based on this they need to get at least the basics right because they have no safety net to fall back on.

  5. I thought they did a good job and vocally both were fine blasting out of my telly. I really hope they deliver on their promise in holding something special back for the final as I really want for UK 2015 to succeed. :)

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