TEKO 2015: The Result!!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – After several weeks of heats and duels, semi-finals and a Grand Final, it’s time to announce the winner of this year’s TEKO competition! The Grand Final was between Norway and Slovenia and you can find out who won the Grand Final now…



Norway 43%
Slovenia 57%

A massive well done to Maraaya with their song ‘Here for you

Commiserations to Norway who finished in a respectable 2nd place.

Than you to everyone that voted through out the competition again this year, we hope you enjoyed it. Were you happy with the winner? Do you think things would have ended differently if Estonia had not been knocked out early? Let us know below!

25 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Result!!

  1. Congrats to Slovenia….but Norway is my favourite for victory 😉

  2. Yes!Great TEKO winner.Now watch them finish around 8th in the final.lol

  3. Congrats Slovenia and Team Earphones! ;)

  4. This makes a very representative TEKO winner!
    Good work ET voters!

  5. I like the song but I really hate those headphones that she wears. It just really irritates me for some reason.

  6. Ok winner. A good, well-written song with a charming production. Not so interesting lyrics, and I still think the overall package is a bit too “cool” – or stylized for my taste. A bit like the music you hear in commercials for clothes.

    Acknowledging its obvious qualities composition- and production-wise, it is not a big personal favourite. But I do hope it will do well in Eurovision.

  7. I voted for Slovenia but Norway would have been a great TEKO winner too. :)

  8. YES!!!!!
    Better than OGAE nonsense😉

  9. My most recent ranking btw.

    9/12: Austria, Latvia, Estonia
    8/12: France, Slovenia, Georgia, Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Belgium
    7/12: Italy, Lithuania, Cyprus, Australia, Romania, Hungary
    6/12: Switzerland, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Iceland, Albania
    5/12: Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Greece, Moldova, Malta
    4/12: Serbia, Israel
    3/12: Poland, San Marino

    • I haven’t yet managed to come up with a full ranking. 2015 is a below average year, imo, and I am avoiding ranking this stuff at all costs! LOL

  10. Average: 6,30, meaning that it is somewhere in the middle.

    The rest of the decade:
    2010: 6,08 (No. 37)
    2011: 6,14 (No. 33)
    2012: 6,76 (No. 11)
    2013: 6,38 (No. 23)
    2014: 6,73 (No. 12)

  11. TEKO 15 looked very uninteresting at one point in time, but it managed to go for a good winner. Congrats, Slovenia!

    P.S. – Norway 15 needs to improve its live performance and lose some of the deep, dark attitude. Don’t push it.

  12. After last night’s review, my rankings have changed a lot (but not my top 5):

    LOVE: Slovenia, Estonia, Norway, Latvia, Belgium
    LIKE: Cyprus, France, Romania, Sweden, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Montenegro, Australia, Austria, Lithuania
    SO-SO: Germany, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Serbia, Netherlands, Israel, Denmark, Hungary, Finland, Georgia, Macedonia
    DON’T LIKE: Switzerland, Spain, Iceland, Greece, Czech. Rep., Armenia
    DON’T LIKE AT ALL: San Marino, Malta, Russia, UK, Poland, Belarus, Moldova

  13. Thank God Norway did not win. I don’t get the appeal at all. It’s so boring

    I don’t think Slovenia should have won either but hey ho. I’ve gotten bored of Slovenia’s song… the performance should renew my interest in it but until then.. It has fallen out of my Top 10

  14. Yeah! My number 2/3 (SLOVENIA/Ireland) :)

  15. is this the first time a winner has come from the 2nd chance round?

    iirc slovenia initially lost to Israel in the first round?

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