Eurovision 2015: The “Meet” Series in Full

60th anniversary eurovisionEurovision 2015 – Throughout these past few months we have been introducing you to this years Eurovision Artists. If you have missed any and would like to read through these we have put them all in once place. Forty countries are participating this year so there are lot

Albania AlbaniaElhaida Dani

Armenia ArmeniaGenealogy

Australia AustraliaGuy Sebastian

Austria AustriaThe Makemakes

Azerbaijschan AzerbaijanElnur Huseynov

Belarus BelarusUzari and Maimuna

Belgium BelgiumLoïc Nottet

Cyprus CyprusJohn Karagiannis

CzechRepublic Czech RepublicMarta Jandová and Václav Bárta

denmark DenmarkAnti Social Media

Estonia EstoniaElina Born & Stig Rästa

Finland FinlandPertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

France FranceLisa Angell

Macedonia FYR MacedoniaDanijel Kajmakoski

Georgia GeorgiaNina Sublatti

Germany GermanyAnn Sophie

Greece Greece – Maria Elena Kyriakou

Hungary HungaryBoggie

Iceland Iceland – María Ólafs

Ireland IrelandMolly Sterling

Israel IsraelNadav Guedj

italy ItalyIl Volo

Latvia LatviaAminata

Lithuania LithuaniaMonika Linkytė and Vaidas Baumila

Malta MaltaAmber

Moldova MoldovaEduard Romanyuta

montenegro MontenegroKnez

netherlands Netherlands – Trijntje Oosterhuis

Norway Norway – Mørland and Debrah Scarlett

Poland Poland – Monika Kuszyńska

Portugal PortugalLeanor Andrade

Romania RomaniaVoltaj

Russia RussiaPolina Gagarina

sanmarino San Marino – Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola

Serbia SerbiaBojana Stamenov

Slovenia SloveniaMaraaya

Spain SpainEdurne

sweden Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw

switzerland1 Switzerland – Mélanie René

UnitedKingdom United KingdomElectro Velvet

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Top 5 Eurovision Songs so Far: #1 Netherlands #2 Czech Republic #3 Hungary #4 Serbia #5 Cyprus Worst 5 of Eurovision so far #39 Montenegro #40 Iceland #41 Germany #42 Spain #43 Estonia

48 comments on “Eurovision 2015: The “Meet” Series in Full

  1. Thanks again for the great work, Jade. :)

  2. Indeed!Thanks for all the work,Jade.I wish both of you will have great fun in Vienna!

    • Hasn’t Jane gone to Vienna too? That would make it three … :)

      • Yes,you’re right!I had totally forgotten there was a third member in their company.I wish all 3 will have great fun in Vienna then! :P

  3. Good job! Have fun!!!

  4. Tonight, I’ll review this year’s entries with a friend who has a very good ESC instinct. I wonder what she’ll think. And I wonder what I’ll think. After all, I haven’t listened to some songs for ages. :)

    • I bet 20 E on Italy and 10 on Belgium. These 2 are the main contenders for win imo!

      • I don’t think Sweden, Slovenia or Australia could win…
        Estonia could but only if they improve drastically their stage performance.
        Azerbaijan could be the dark horse…
        That’s what I think before rehearsals!

        • I think Slovenia won’t qualify

          • Well not qualifying would be a bigger shock than in 2012!
            Jade did u receive my mail with the ET jury scores?

          • There’s no way Slovenia won’t be qualifying for the final.Mark my words. ;)

            • I really hope they will qualify.

              And Latvia as well. The OGAE’s seem to ignore it completely.

            • I think there’re both very distinctive and stand out in this year’s line-up.I can’t believe that the juries won’t reward them.On OGAE clubs and their voting,they always tend to ignore at least 2 songs that end up doing well in the actual contest.I wasn’t expecting them to really like Latvia,anyway but nil pts is too much.

        • Estonia will be changing their stage performance for Vienna.

      • I’ll wait for the rehearsal reports to tell who I think will do well. As a rule, take Ewan Spence’s prediction and put it upside down. That will bring you pretty close to the final result. ;)
        Tonight I will closely listen to my friend though.

      • My ESC oracle friend thinks that Sweden or Azerbaijan will win. Personally, she liked Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Belgium and France best. She totally hated Switzerland, Malta and Spain.

        • Hmmm, could Azerbaijan repeat 2011?

          • She only got it wrong in 2013 since we have been doing this.
            When I put a gun to her head and said “You need to decide”, she said that she’d put her money on Sweden. She also wants a Måns poster for her bedroom …

            • Lol ! I placed a 5 E bet on Azerbaijan earlier this evening so I kinda agree with her ;)
              But I am stopping it here
              20 E Italy
              10 E Belgium
              and 5 to Azerbaijan!
              Unless I am getting new vibes after semis :P

            • After tonight, which was the first time I listened to all entries in a row:
              20 € Sweden
              10 € Slovenia
              5 € Azerbaijan

            • Btw, I had tolde her that I had a top group of 5 songs (BEL, EST, LAT, NOR, SLO). She got 3 right (BEL, LAT, SLO) but guessed that CYP and MNE would be the other two. Well, she wasn’t far off with Cyprus and Montenegro has really grown on me tonight. :)

        • Sweden or Azerbaijan… That means we will win in both cases. ;)

  5. An ninteresting escinsight podcast with Sietse Bakker.Among other things,He talks about how esc fans and the internet made eurovision a year round event. http://www.escinsight.com/2015/05/04/eurovision-insight-podcast-in-depth-with-sietse-bakker/

    • I am listening now while cleaning the house. Since my terrace door is wide open, my neighbours are listening too. .)

      • They may believe you’re listening to some kind of scientific analysis on something.lol

        • Didn’t I??? :O

          • Well,in a way.I think the interview is quite interesting because you get an inside look at the backstage and what happens in the EBU offices.Not everything of course,just what Sietse wants to reveal but still it’s quite informative.

            • I agree. When it comes to ESC stuff not related to the songs, ESCInsight is great. Very analytical … It’s time for a university chair of ESC history imo. :)

  6. The press bag this year is full of goodies.I’d love to have some of them: https://picasaweb.google.com/101496465084393883178/PressBag

  7. No jury for Australia… Televote only. I hope it’s a step towards juries being removed permanently

  8. Il Volo are building bridges for esc.Ignazio seems to be such a funny guy.lol!

    • I LOVE how they put The Beatles into the England segment… my favourite band ever

    • Italy seems to be quite enthusiastic in 2015.

      P.S. – I’ve been reading and listening to stuff about the songs whenever I can, and it surprises me how several fans try to come up with reasons why Il Volo will fail. One wonders why.

      • I can’t imagine them really failing.I just don’t know how juries will see them.Australia,Sweden,Estonia and Slovenia are much more jury-friendly,imo.

        • It all depends on who the jurors are. We know the Swedish ones were chosen by we know who and thus the Swedish 12 pts will be going to Australia.

    1 point – Azerbaijan
    2 points – France
    3 points – Israel
    4 points – Italy
    5 points – Estonia
    6 points – Belgium
    7 points – Norway
    8 points – Australia
    10 points – Sweden
    12 points – Slovenia

    1 point – Belgium
    2 points – Israel
    3 points – Albania
    4 points – Azerbaijan
    5 points – Sweden
    6 points – Australia
    7 points – Norway
    8 points – Slovenia
    10 points – Estonia
    12 points – Italy

    1 point – Serbia
    2 points – Israel
    3 points – France
    4 points – Italy
    5 points – Slovenia
    6 points – Azerbaijan
    7 points – Sweden
    8 points – Estonia
    10 points – Australia
    12 points – Norway

    1 point – Belarus
    2 points – Albania
    3 points – Montenegro
    4 points – Norway
    5 points – Slovenia
    6 points – Australia
    7 points – Italy
    8 points – Sweden
    10 points – Estonia
    12 points – Russia

  13. The current TOP-5 is:
    Italy – 318 points
    Sweden – 305 points
    Estonia – 249 points
    Norway- 218 points
    Slovenia – 207 points

  14. Thanks for all the work, Jade. :)

    P.S. – I’ve sent my top 10 to ESC Portugal earlier today. They make this poll every year. After having listened to all the songs in a row, this is what I came up with:


    I still haven’t made a top 39 though. I do know that Moldova will be my nº 39 though.

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