OGAE: Four More Clubs Vote

ogaeOGAE 2015 – Another four countries have revealed their votes today. Andorra, Montenegro, Romania and Malta have come in and Italy and Sweden have competition from Serbia thanks to some neighbourhood voting. The United Kingdom receive points from the Romanians too

1 point – Germany
2 points – Israel
3 points – Russia
4 points – Spain
5 points – Norway
6 points – Australia
7 points – Italy
8 points – Estonia
10 points – Slovenia
12 points – Sweden

1 point – Australia
2 points – the Netherlands
3 points – Spain
4 points – Israel
5 points – Russia
6 points – Slovenia
7 points – Azerbaijan
8 points – Norway
10 points – Sweden
12 points – Italy

1 point – Germany
2 points – Azerbaijan
3 points – United Kingdom
4 points – Albania
5 points – Spain
6 points – Sweden
7 points – Estonia
8 points – Slovenia
10 points – Norway
12 points – Italy

1 point – Greece
2 points – Estonia
3 points – Sweden
4 points – Italy
5 points – Albania
6 points – Slovenia
7 points – Russia
8 points – FYR Macedonia
10 points – Spain
12 points – Serbia

As far as the Top 5 go, Italy stay at #1 with Sweden behind:

Italy – 223 points
Sweden – 215 points
Estonia – 154 points
Slovenia – 136 points
Norway – 126 points

Tomorrow we will get the results from Spain, Germany, Finland and Sweden. Sweden not being able to vote from themselves may mean Italy breaking further into the lead tomorrow


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46 comments on “OGAE: Four More Clubs Vote

  1. Malta and Romania were to be expected to go for Italy, and I actually thought Andorra and Montenegro would go heavily in their favour too.

    Dr Eurovision says ESC reflects modern politics, and while the story of last year was the reflecting of the real world scenario of emerging Liberal Europe triumphing over the fading bigoted Europe, I think the story this year will be reflect an economic one. One of Northern Europe vs Southern Europe. Sweden vs Italy. Northern countries largely opting for Sweden, southern ones largely going for Italy. As for the Eastern block, put the baltics in the northern column, and balkans in the southern column, as for the rest, maybe they will decide the result.

    Also starting to realise just how many friends and neighbours Italy has.

    • Max, Iceland and Norway are not Italy’s neighbours. The Italian song is getting point from everyone as is the Swedish entry albeit to a slightly lesser extent.

      • Sorry my mistake, I’m talking about 2 different scanarios, the first paragraph is refering to Ogae, the 2nd is ESC itself.

        I expect largely they will both get points from many different countries both north and south, but the southern ones will favour Italy more on average, and northern ones Sweden

        • I see, Max. ESC has always mirrored the context of the time to a certain extent and that is inevitable. The OGAE vote, which tends to favour Nordic countries, especially Sweden, seems to be favouring Italy this year. That may be a sign of things to come, but time will tell.

          • I generally talk in trends, and generalisations obviously there are always variations from the mean, for example, liberal western countries largely favoured conchita whereas orthodox/soviet countries opposed, but then you have Ukraine who gave 8 and Germany who only gave 7.

            So yes I’m sure Italy will get votes from Northern countries and Sweden will get votes from Southern countries, but the general trend will be imo, North falls behind Sweden, South falls behind Italy.

            It was probably the story that was meant to play out in 2011 but got interupted by Azerbaijan throwing a spanner in the works via suspicious means.

            IMO, 2008 was reflecting the rise of Russia, the New Russia as they call it,

            Whereas 2009 after a string of new countries winning for the first time was about how the old guard can still win it and win it big.

            2010 was a reflection of how at the time Germany was top dog in Europe, it had bailed everyone out and was the hero of the day.

            2011 I think was meant to be the fallout, where actually southern countries were tired of what they saw as northern austerity, and the north was tired of what they saw as southern largesse, although this got interrupted by Azerbaijan.

            2012, with human right activist Loreen winning in human rights scarce Azerbaijan, was about democracy, and well you guessed it human rights.

            2013, was a filler year, I dunno what it reflects, up until then the pattern had been (Soviet-Scandinavian-Germanic) and it took a pause that year, staying in Scandinavia (2014 then continued and went Germanic)

            2014 was about gay rights, as countries were clamping down and Conchita came in as this LGBT icon and swept the board.

            Then 2015, will either be, a rerun of 2011, Northern Austerity, vs Southern Spending, or perhaps it could be almost linking in with the bridges theme about how the world is smaller, Europe is expanding, etc etc and Australia win?

            • I see your point, but generalizations are always risky endeavours. Let’s see what happens.

  2. These results continue to surprise me. Italy’s main advantage is the live performance Il Volo are able to deliver. I still vividly remember the first time I heard ‘Grande Amore’ live in February, after having visited a link provided by Donnie, if I am not mistaken. They do not need flashy gimmicks at all.

    • They do not need flashy gimmicks at all.

      A gimmick hasnt been part of the winning act since 2008! It’s time for a return of gimmicks, it’s time for Mans!

      • I do not agree, but disagreement can be a positive thing. :)

      • “A gimmick hasnt been part of the winning act since 2008!”

        Loreen’s dancer? Ell & Niki’s fire curtain? Conchita’s beard?

        • Conchita was gimmick personified in my opinion

        • Conchita was a talking point for who she is, but she wasn’t gimicky.

          And really? A dancer, and and one pyro, are considered gimmicks now? Do they literally have to stand there on the spot, no backdrop, no show or presentation for it to not be considered as having a gimmick?

          • “Do they literally have to stand there on the spot, no backdrop, no show or presentation …”

            Sounds like paradise. ;)

          • even that nowadays is a gimmick…

          • There is nothing negative denoted in the word gimmick. A gimmick is simply defined as “a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or trade”.

            In that sense all of the things I have mentioned are gimmicks as they increased the winning potential of the songs they correspond to. In fact, “Euphoria” is the only one of the three that would probably have still won without its gimmick.

            • I don’t like the Azeri song that won, and I have a few reasons why it won, but I don’t think you can say it was because of the sparks falling down (that’s so common)

              Also by that definition, anyone who uses the LED background is a gimmick.

              What about instruments on stage, the artists dont actually play them live, so are they gimmicks?

              And you’re right I love a gimmick, but some see it as negative, like Cheese, I love cheesey songs, others use “bit cheesey” as a negative term.

            • You’re getting there ;)

  3. My money on Italy for the trophy
    Option b is Belgium! :P

  4. Just realised I may not be able to watch the first semi final :-(

  5. The Turkish version of Azerbaijan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnTSL-nNKp0

  6. We’re slowly getting closer…

    The bizarre thing is that a song I’ve earlier just considered “ok” is now on its way being my number one. And that’s Azerbaijan. I mean, what the hell! I almost didn’t care about it until like four – five days ago when I listened to it and was just hooked by something. That’s how weird it can turn out to be in the bizarre world of Eurovision.

    • I feel the same about two entries this year… Denmark and San Marino

      Neither are particularly special but Denmark is nice and upbeat and before it didn’t register with me but since getting the album I really like it

      San Marino is a cheesy ballad but I really like the innocence of it. If adults were singing it it would be corny as but with it being sung by teenagers, they get away with it. I really like Michele when I watch them live

      I think SM will be the shock qualifiers this year

      • Just anything seems possible after the San Marino qualification last year. And one can be sure that there’s never too late for a good ol’ trolling from Mr. Siegel.

        You are right that the only reason why this ackage sort of works is that there are two teenagers singing it. Just imagine a Valentina / Lys Assia duet instead…

    • I feel that way about the Polish entry. I know it’s just another kumbaya moment, especially the lyrics, but I really do like the melody and the elegante orchestration.

  7. Anfd the full results till now: http://esctracker.com/ogae

  8. Andras Kallay Saunders shares his thoughts on 5 esc entries.He loved one of them and he wasn’t very positive towards one of the favorites:

    • “Too much going on distracts from the song” … from the man who featured domestic violence and child abuse in his video!!!

    • On Portugal: “I really like the verse and the pre-chorus … ”

      Exactly my thoughts and words. Such a shame that the chorus is so underwhelming.

      On San Marino: “It is always good to see young talent in the competition …”

      Anytime somenone uses this introductory phrase, you know that the person totally hates what s/he has to review next.

  9. The finished esc stage.I wish the’ll release a video too:

    • That looks 100x better than it did in the concept art.

      • It looks nice but i really hope there will be Led lights at the backdrop.There will definitely be Led lights on the floor.But they need to release a video of the stage in action just like the previous broadcasters have done.

  10. Oh God!I didn’t know that Trijntje was the one singing this big hit from the late ’90s. :-o

  11. Off-Topic: Echoes of Molly?

    1 point – Albania
    2 points – France
    3 points – Russia
    4 points – Israel
    5 points – Australia
    6 points – Slovenia
    7 points – Sweden
    8 points – Estonia
    10 points – Norway
    12 points – Italy

    1 point – the Netherlands
    2 points – Azerbaijan
    3 points – Israel
    4 points – Belgium
    5 points – Australia
    6 points – Italy
    7 points – Slovenia
    8 points – Norway
    10 points – Sweden
    12 points – Estonia

    1 point – Azerbaijan
    2 points – Slovenia
    3 points – United Kingdom
    4 points – Spain
    5 points – Norway
    6 points – Australia
    7 points – Estonia
    8 points – Sweden
    10 points – Israel
    12 points – Italy

    1 point – United Kingdom
    2 points – Montenegro
    3 points – Azerbaijan
    4 points – Spain
    5 points – Slovenia
    6 points – Norway
    7 points – Israel
    8 points – Australia
    10 points – Italy
    12 points – Estonia

  16. WOW! RAI is actually promoting ESC. Winds of change in Italy? :)

    It’s well made imo.

    • They’ve probably realised they may win the whole thing which means that ESC will stay in the limelight for quite a while there.

  17. The official video for “Paperlight” by Loreen.It’s so addictive:

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