TEKO 2015: Result of Semi-final2!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in the second semi-final of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  Israel went up against Slovenia and it was a reasonably close result in the end in this contest. Check out the result now…

The result of SF2:

Israel  48%
Slovenia 52%

Well done to Slovenia’s Maraaya with ‘Here for you‘ who progresses to the Grand Final of TEKO 2015!

Come back later to start voting in the Grand Final between Norway and Slovenia!

18 comments on “TEKO 2015: Result of Semi-final2!

  1. Whew!!!

  2. Yesss! What a great final. My vote will go Slovenia anyway. Norway is a grower and it might become a top5 contender during the live events :)

  3. Aww, I’m so glad for Israel. Thought they’d lose badly, but as Hulluna said it was quite close. They put up a great fight right til the end.

    Hoping Slovenia wins now, please stop dull Norway. (I’d be very happy to see my 5th favourite go on to win Teko)

  4. Also fun Trivia, Oxis top 2 made the Teko Top 2 (FIX!!!) ;)
    and my top 2 made the positions 3 and 4

  5. Slovenia for 2015 win!! :-)

  6. Only 4 % ?
    Mayas were not wrong…

  7. That was quite close.Israel is really liked by many esc fans.

    • Never underestimate the shakers! We didn’t just evaporate into dust in 2010 you know ;)

      • I don’t have a problem with a good shake-it entry enjoying success but i’m afraid that we don’t get good ethno-pop entries lately.Nadav seems to be a lovely guy and i like his voice but the chorus is a bit subpar.I would like to see Israel qualifying if they give a strong performance.

        • The metaphor I used when Golden Boy came out is that when your in a dessert a glass of water is always welcome, even if its not the champagne your used to back home.

          ie Golden boy is nowhere near as good as dum tek tek, my number 1, qele qele, every way that i can, or even Solayoh. But when you compare it to the rest of the dry dull fest that is this year, its a great big burst of fresh air :)

          • Well,i definitely prefer “Golden Boy” that that “Solayoh” drivel.

            • Solayoh, Solayoh, where the sun is always shining on ya, we play oh we play oh, to the rhythm of a CHA CHA!!!

              We can make into A HOT NIGHT!

        • I don’t like to see Israel qualifying with such a lame song (which btw sums up everything I dislike in music in general=cheap shake-it pop with wannabe ethnic touch).
          They should have qualified for three years in a row but not this year.

          • I see.I’d like to see them qualifying with a fun live performance but there are many songs i like in the second semi.

  8. Excellent. :)

  9. And now I can lay back and enjoy the TEKO final :)
    I don’t know if I’ll even vote.

  10. I like Slovenia… not as much as Israel but compared to Sweden and Norway it’s the best song bloody written

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