Belgium: First TV performance of “Rhythm Inside”

Loic NottetBelgium – Tonight Loïc Nottet performed his song “Rhythm Inside” on the Grand Final of The Voice of Belgium. It gives us a little insight into how the song will be staged. Tell us your opinion?… Read on to see the video and let us know

Loïc was joined by five backing singers in white and four dancers also dressed in white. Only six people can be on stage at the Eurovision stage so it remains to be seen who will make the cut

Loïc also did a bit of dancing in the routine. Something I hope is kept in. Whatever the final presentation looks like, Loïc has proved he has the Voice down.

You can watch the performance below:

This Friday Loïc will be releasing a new video for the song which will include some artsy dancing. He has been releasing snippets of the video these past few days, the latest one you can see below

Loïc will be performing 3rd in the first Semi Final meaning in less than one week, his rehearsal will be shown. You can also read an interview with Loïc here

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36 comments on “Belgium: First TV performance of “Rhythm Inside”

  1. He did a nice pirouette after the first chorus. :)

    I liked the performance. Reminded me a bit of Germany 2011 and that’s how this song should be performed imo. Good luck.

  2. I Loved this. He’s bloody amazing and the backing singers give it something extra. It’s a shame he’s on so early and I think ORF made a mistake in doing that. His performance is best suited for the end and if he qualifies they should put him on as late as they can depending on which half he draws.

    His voice is cracking but he needs to stop with the scary face lol. He’s goes from adorable to frightening.

  3. OMG!He loves Sia!lol.It’s a very intense and passionate performance and since i believe this is how it will look on stage in Vienna(minus some dancers),i predict a top-10 for Belgium.

  4. I still think the singer’s will dance also – two birds, one stone sort of thing

  5. Ok this is not flopping…
    I loved the backing vocalists (especially the camera work) and he had a nice dance routine after first chorus.
    Still vocals are so-so and he doesn’t come across as extremely photogenic (some weird faces) but the overall feeling is powerul!

  6. I feel tempted to watch this but I don’t want to spoil the pleasure of anticipation …

    • You loved the video?

      Or do you mean you once loved it but you don’t anymore because of it?

      • I meant “I did love this performance”, the past was because I commented after watching it… there arent much threats to it being my #1 at the end of the season, only Latvia and Estonia could but that’s only if Loic completely dies live, and each of his performances have been better than the one before…

  7. Off-topic: There is a lot of Ann Sophie bashing going on on German fan sites atm. :( And it is not “I don’t like her song” or “I don’t like her voice” or “I don’t like her way of performing” (which would all be perfectly acceptable) … but “I don’t like her” (as a person). Some ESC fans are waaaay to passionate imo and forget good manners when they get carried away. :(

    • This is what we call “jantelov” (Jante law) in Denmark. And one of the less
      sympathetic sides of communication on the internet: Some people think they can write just what they want without having to answer for it.

      But she is almost sure to get my vote in May :-)

  8. Loïc said that his performance will have the same style/vibe like in The Voice, but will look completly different in Vienna…exciting times 😎

  9. I love this performance for the most part – the styling and the choreography after the first chorus particularly, but a few things don’t quite work. The general staging (with all the backings shoved to the left) looks a bit messy, the ‘robot walk’ he does to the front of the stage looks odd to say the least (lol) and his voice sounds quite tired towards the end (probably from the excessive choreography). The lift was a bit unnecessary.

    Still, the general approach is above-average as I expected all along. If they can refine the ideas in this staging for Vienna, Belgium will probably end up in my top 2, and Europe’s top 10.

    • well this performance has what, 9 people on stage with him? and it needs to be cut down to 5… so four to go could be all 4 dancers, since the song totally needs at least some backings, but it could be a mix of dancers/backing singers… I do believe this is an indication of some directions, but not a definitive product for Vienna, more a show for “The Voice” (which, if theirs is like the one in France, always wants to be flashy and all in your face anyway)… id get rid of the male dancer solo part and some awkward moves, but keep the shots on the backings, his routine and vocals are raw and fine… as I said, each performance is better than the one before, I do expect it to be near perfect by Vienna!

  10. One thing is for sure: his live vocals are spot on. Hope his backing dancers can be backing singers as well; the routine works perfectly (although Loic can be just fine on his own). All doubts on this entry should be gone after this performance; even though it mainly appeals to younger voters, they know how to vote in droves. Belgium is a force to be reckoned with this year.

  11. Belgium 15 has just cemented its 1st place on my list. Excellent performance! I

  12. Just watched it. The live adds a lot to the song. I’m not a fan of how screamy Loïc gets at points, but on the flip side, this live version gives the chorus a more powerful punch. As for the styling, it’s very fresh and matches the song well. The opening seemed a little messy, as do the wide shots with the dancers randomly dancing around the stage, but when they frame it more, it looks amazing. Also, this.

    So yeah, this’ll probably head up my list once it’s performed in Vienna.

  13. A correct perform , nothing really new under the sun , he sing correct too , but i miss more power , magic , i dont know i dont see this boy winning really , top 10 maybe, good luck

  14. I will try to avoid listening to any of the songs from now on and until the shows are on – in order to perceive them with as fresh ears as possible. So I will not watch this either.

    • but then it’s not really fair: you have seen live performances from almost all other esc entries thanks to their NF, avoiding this one in particular means you’re just being unfair to songs revealed late (but still “in time” based on ebu’s schedule)…

      same question to toggie btw

      i get that you wouldnt want to watch and hear anyting from rehearsals to keep it a surprise for esc, but this, especially since loic specifically said the Vienna performance would be “same vibe but totally different”, is just a FIRST occasion to see loic both perform and sing his entry

      • It’s not a disadvante for Loïc. :) With a great live, he still has the chance to end up in 1st place on my list, just like Estonia, Latvia, Norway and Slovenia. I can’t see anyone alse topping my list when all is said and sung.
        The NFs are two months in the past. Watching an act now, with only 2 mote weeks to go, would be totally different imo. I hardly remember anything about the live performances anyway because … well, you know that I don’t care about performances so much … unless we have a gesamtkunstwerk like Albania 2012. :)

      • Well, it is not necessarily a disadvantage not to have heard and seen a performance too many times. My experience is, that I often get tired of some otherwise great songs if I listen to them too many times.

        Moreover I have already seen Loïc perform live in a radio studio or something like that, so I have an impression of him as a live singer.

        Plus of course I have heard to song many times already, and the song is always the most important thing to me.

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