Latvia: Meet Aminata

AminataLatvia – With a new format to their National Selection, Latvia decided to send Aminata to fly their flag in Vienna. She will be singing her entry “Love Injected” in the second semi final on May 21st. Aminata looks set to get Latvia into the grand final for the first time since 2008 

Song: “Love Injected”
Composer: Aminata Savadogo

About Aminata:
Twenty-Two year old Aminata Savadogo was born in Riga, Latvia in 1993 to a Latvian mother and African father. She has been singing since the age of fifteen where she competed in the Latvian TV Show Krodziņā pie Paula and then Muzikālā banka when she was seventeen. Aminata tried to represent Latvia last year with her song “I Can Breathe” where she came 5th overall. She then competed in another TV show Jaunā talantu fabrika which she won.
Despite her singing success, Aminata is still in school, studying Economics at the University of Latvia but released her first album “Inner Voice” in April


Aminata won the right to represent Latvia when she won Supernova beating off three other finalists Markus Riva, MNTHA and Elektrofolk. She won with 22,336 public votes – around 7,000 more votes than runner up Markus Riva. Latvia are currently 19th favourite to win in Vienna

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

You bring
The light
My darkest side, babe

The day
The night
To cure the sight, Oh…

You care
You animate
You guard me bare
Bring up the heart rate

Your love
Revives my soul
And I know
You’ll choose it whole

Your eye’s a good mirror
Look under the cover
Is above all

I’m safe
Into your hands.
Let’s move away
The edges expand


Show me the source of the light
I’m becoming affected
Seeing the glow of a white
Is what I have detected

Feeling again I’m alive
It’s your shining reflected
Love injected, love injected


Aminata on Social Media:
Twitter: @aminatasavadogo
Facebook: Link
Instagram: @aminata_savadogo

Last: Moldova
Next Hungary

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27 comments on “Latvia: Meet Aminata

  1. I well and truly hate this song. Really do. I forgot how much until I bought the ESC album last week and my car windows nearly exploded. So screechy and not in a good way like Mariah or Whitney – it actually hurts.

    Latvia are usually one of my favourites but not this year. I actually hope it doesn’t qualify just to prove that “contemporary” doesn’t necessarily mean successful.

    • Agree 110%
      Usually love Latvia bringing some fun into the contest.

      Don’t know about contemporary tho lol, unless shouting loudly with no tune or melody behind you is in at the moment?

      *Flashback to Albania 2012, ok maybe you have a point.

  2. I adore this song, I feel it’s something different to the Ballad or Euro-Pop which we get ever year.

  3. This is probably my favourite song this year if we talk brains. My hearts goes somewhere else but Latvia still sits comfortably within my 5 song top group. :)

    • Surely music is subjective and completely personal, it’s not some maths equation with a right or wrong answer. So what do you mean about brains. Do you judge songs on a technical level?

      I had this ex friend who could play guitar, and rather than just enjoying a song, he judged every song on its complexity and how difficult it would be to play on a guitar. Simple easy songs were then classified as bad, and complex ones were deemed good, personal taste sadly never came into it.

      Is that what you mean by brains and heart, ie you are a bit of both? Theres a category of songs you like (heart) and category of songs that are good on a technical level (brain)?

      • That’s what I meant. I had music as a major topic at school for 10 years. (Sometimes I still dream about analysing Bach’s fugues and Beethoven’s sonatas … LOL) And I studied three instruments (guitar – mainly Spanish and baroque, piano and accordion) although I only play the guitar now and then these days. Imo pleasure can come from either the heart or the brain. The heart reacts to what you instantly like, whereas the brain takes pleasure from understanding that sth is well done. In my experience the pleasure coming from the heart is more enjoyable … more profoound and longer lasting :)

  4. Good luck!

    Still, Nefelibata remains my favourite song of the entire season. Second year in a row this happens with Latvia (Revelation in 2014).

  5. Aminata is such an interesting artist,Her live performance is ethereal and so mesmerizing.I hope she can bring Latvia back in the final and at the left side of the scoreboard.Good luck!

  6. Latvia is in my top 5. The only thing that could kill this is the backing vocals. They better get rid of the ones from Supernova.

  7. This is my #1 this year. Just love the minimalist arrangement, with every little sound having the space to be heard and felt. Her voice is delicate in the verses and then powerful in the choruses, but always subtle, dynamic and restrained. So much tension!

    I particularly like the clip with the band and the drummer triggering all the sexy sounds on his sample pads. The swooping bass right at the start makes me feel quite flustered.

  8. Originally I was rather indifferent to it, but it has gradually unfolded, and now I think it is very fascinating. Even if the chorus still sounds a bit too hard for me (“Your loooooove…”).

    It is poetic and mystic, especially the “pling plong” sounds and the sneaking synths in the verse. Certainly the most original song in ESC 2015.

  9. The song is better than the presentation, hands down. Everything about “Love Injected” keeps the listener interested and wanting more, whether it be good or bad. My #4.

  10. I think it’s slightly overrated in ET universe but for sure is a good song that deserves the Final. My main issue is her shouty vocals during chorus!
    Prediction : 6-10 in semi
    Good luck!

  11. This is my favourite song this year (and indeed, of the past few years) and I really hope that it at least gets Latvia into the final. The composition is clever, the production is subtle and intriguing and Aminata’s performance combines “coldness” with soul in a way few ESC entries I can recall managed to.

    • Agreed and signed. :)

      • Agreed too. I think I must have a taste for that coldness & soul combination. Margaret Berger’s I Feed You My Love could be described similarly, which was my favourite that year too. It had a bit of a Depeche Mode vibe to it. This one has a very different groove, but has that same icy quality.

  12. I agree about the shouty part and will be interesting to see her final presentation in the SF but I believe ESC needs these type of songs to balance the paint.-it-by numbers kind of stuff, many have failed in ESC , some did better , some perhaps before their time in ESC but at least all still keep my interest/faith in ESC, my own personal list: Monaco 67, Austria 71, Italy 75, Spain 83, Poland 95, am sure there are more that escape me for the moment…

  13. The official video for “Love injected” has just been released:

  14. 10/10

    This song injects love in me! Dark, tempting and… great vocal performance.

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