Interview: Knez of Montenegro

interviewThe Eurovision Times caught up with Knez from Montenegro at the London Eurovision Party, and among other things discovered that his father tried out unsuccessfully for Eurovision three times! Also the staging for his song ‘Adio‘ at Vienna will involve a fire turning into a sound system!  Here’s the full interview.

ET (Jane) – Hi Knez, Jane here from The Eurovision Times!  Your song is called ‘Adio‘ which means ‘Goodbye‘.  Do you see ‘Adio‘ as a positive song?

Knez – Yes, it’s a very positive song, a very emotional song, it’s a song about great love, endless love. She’s in pain, you know, she’s leaving this world, and he begs the nature, mountains and rivers, to help him to save her, and it’s really amazing, it’s unique, the song has a very deep meaning.

ET – So it’s connected with the earth and the country where you are singing it, which is Montenegro.  On the video there’s wonderful scenery…

K – Yes, we have beautiful nature, mountains, rivers, seaside, it’s fantastic!

ET –  And this was all done with helicopter…

K – Yes! One guy came over from America and is recording from a helicopter!

ET – Is this deliberate to use the opportunity of Eurovision to promote Montenegro as a beautiful place to visit?

K – Yes, yes.  It’s a good opportunity because many tourists come to visit Montenegro every year, every summer, every winter, and it’s good for tourism of Montenegro, it’s good for me to represent my music, my career, and its a good connection …

knez montenegro jane

ET – So when it comes to the performance in Vienna, you can’t bring the mountains on stage, do you have any plans for how that’s going to work?

K – No, no, we will not bring the mountains!  The performance is very interesting because at the beginning it’s traditional and at the end it’s global.  We will bring the fire in the middle, it’s like a traditional old house in Montenegro, they have the fire in the middle of the house, and at the end that will be like a sound system!

ET – That sounds really cool!  So after Eurovision do you have any plans?

K – Yes, I want to release the new album. (Knez’s 11th music album, it doesn’t have a title yet.) I came from a family of musicians, my grandfather was a musician, my father was one of the best Montenegrin musicians ever, he was a huge fan of Eurovision, and he is trying three times to go on Eurovision, and he didn’t make it! But my father passed away six years ago, and I want to dedicate my performance in Vienna to him.

ET – That’s lovely, but what a shame he’s not here to see you.

K – I know that he will be with me, he looks at me from the sky, and it’s a great honour for me.

ET – Did you watch Eurovision at home when you were young?

K – Yes, every year, I am a huge fan of Eurovision.

ET – That would be when it was Yugoslavia entering.

K – Yes!

ET – When you’re in Vienna do you have any plans for visiting places when you’re not rehearsing?

K – I was many times in Vienna, I have many many friends in Vienna.  I will spend my free time with my friends, with my girlfriend, and with my daughter, my ‘female walkouts!’, and with my crew!

ET – Chilling with friends is the plan!  Thank you very much Knez.

Thanks to Jane and Knez for the interview!

2 comments on “Interview: Knez of Montenegro

  1. Knez alwways sounds a tad pompous when talking about his music but I love him dearly nevertheless. It is good to see mature artists doing ESC. :)

  2. I love how Montenegro never misses a chance to promote tourism😎

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