Interview: Eduard Romanyuta of Moldova

interviewInterview– Eduard Romanyuta may look like a young puppy when he’s performing the Moldova entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest ‘I want your love’, but don’t be deceived: he’s a very experienced performer and has a smart good-humoured intelligent air about him.  The Eurovision Times caught up with the 22-year-old Ukrainian at the London Eurovision Party. As well as representing Moldova, he is currently promoting his album ‘Conspiracy‘.

ET (Jane) – Hi Eduard!

Eduard – Hi!

ET(J) – Can you tell me a bit about ‘I want your love’ and the story that’s in the song?

E – The song is about true feelings, a true story about my life … I think its interesting to anybody because everybody has their own first love, first true feelings, that you want to share with somebody, and I think it will be really interesting to everyone, and easy to understand.

ET(J) – Yes, its a universal theme.  And the song is an upbeat pop song…

E – Yes, it’s pop, it was written by the Swedish publisher ‘The Kennel’ who is the international group of the authors from Great Britain, Sweden and Australia.

ET(J) – Is this the style of music that you like to sing and perform?

E – I really like to listen a lot of music.  Take a look at my album ‘Conspiracy‘, it contains 13 tracks and 7 videos!  There is different genres of songs: rock, pop, pop-rock, dance, r+b, soul – you can see that I really like a lot of songs and I sing a lot of different styles.

(At this point Eduard provides me with a copy of the very listenable ‘Conspiracy‘.)

Eduard Moldova 2015

E – I think we chose a pop song for the Eurovision, because last year Conchita won with the ballad song, and I think that two times we don’t win with the same type of song, there should be some changes and an active song would be great.

ET(J) – I think that’s a good point, there’s a lot ballads going this year so you’re going to stand out.

E – A lot of ballads, yes, that’s why we like something different.

ET(J) – When you’re performing the song in Vienna there’ll be millions of people watching on screen, what do you think they’re going to be feeling and thinking about Moldova the country your representing when they see you?

E – Of course I understand that I represent the country, but let’s take a look, this is a song contest, I think that first of all the audience need to feel and they need to understand the feelings that the song contains. The hardest part is that we are opening the 60th Anniversary, and we are singing first. And it’s really a little pressure, because it is difficult … we will do all our best to light it up, to show our feelings so everyone understands the story that the song contains.

ET(J) – So what are you planning to do in Vienna apart from performing and rehearsing?

E – First of all I would like to go to the town where we were shooting the postcard, to speak with the people we met – I can’t say the name of the town because its a secret ’til the performance!!  That’s the first thing I would like to do.  Second I would like to go and see some countryside and landscapes, see monuments and take a little a walk around.  I think maybe we will make something special with the other delegations, we’ll see, it’s an idea!

J – That sounds fabulous!  Thank you very much for talking to me.

Thanks to Eduard and Jane for the chat.

20 comments on “Interview: Eduard Romanyuta of Moldova

  1. I am confused, is Jane, a mis spelling of Jade, or is that Hulluna’s name?

  2. No Jane is Jane, Jade is Jade and I’m Lynn ;) 3 different people.

  3. ah ok, does she post here at all, not seen her around, the more the merrier :)

    Also quite an interesting interview. It’s nice to see someone finally working out that the winning song isnt usually in the same genre as the previous winning song. The previous winner was a ballad so its unlikely that a ballad would win again so soon and yet so many countries send ballads.

    I think specifically of Ireland, who in their NF all the panel talked about was how Conchita, Sanna, Common Linnets had all done well with these stripped back performances, and how they should copy the same. Your playing the previous contest not the current one.

    In such a ballad dominated year, it’s obvious to met at least that if not Moldova, other upbeat entries (Israel, Australia, Sweden) get a boost in their chances.

    • We had ballads winning in 2007 and 2008. You never know. :)

      • True, the thing with ESC is that nothing is certain, and 9 times out of 10 the best song wins regardless of genre.

        But on balance, in terms of probability, it is more likely to not be a stripped back ballad, so any country seeking to maximise it’s chances like Ireland was, would be better off not sending a stripped back ballad.

        There’s nothing wrong with liking and sending a stripped back ballad, but if your thinking tactically like Ireland was and other countries do, probs best to avoid them.

        • My money is on Estonia and Sweden … or would be, if I was the betting type. :)

          • I think Estonia is starting to fade away now.

            For me it’s Sweden ,Italy or Australia. Though personally as 1/4 Italian I think it’d be a terrible shame if italy won. Both Swedes and Australians love ESC, Italians just do not care and even refused to host jesc.

            • Estonia is probably fading because you have listened to it too much. Most people will hear the songs for the first time in the final. I don’t want Italy to win either. Pompous stuff my late aunt Gertrud would have got her knickers in a twist about. :) (Sorry, dimitris, shevek etc. I don’t think that you are Gertrud reincarnate …)

            • I personally have never been able to listen to the thing all in one go so I doubt its from listening to it too much. I meant fading in terms of hype, betting odds, discussion etc of course that doesn’t necesarily mean anything, after all no one was really talking about Netherlands being a contender last year until after the first semi final.

          • Well,since your aunt Gertrud was a fan of “Euphoria”in 2012 when again you couldn’t see the song winning then it’s a good thing i and aunt Gertrud seem to agree one more time.We may end up celebrating together on the night of May 23rd. ;)

            Joking aside,i want Slovenia to win but it’s going to be an uphill and bumpy road.

            • I always thought that it would be between Italy and Sweden in 2012 and hoped for Italy because that’s a song destined to age well. Unfortunately, I don’t see Slovenia winning at this point either. Good night Gertrud. :)

    • Hi Max! I’m Jane :) *waves* I’m a friend of Lynn and Jade, we go to Eurovision together every year but this is the first time I’ve written for Eurovision Times.

      • Hi Jane, nice to meet you. Great interview by the way.

        Would love to actually go to Eurovision one year, you’re so lucky (though probably not this year)

        Will we be seeing you around the site more now?

  4. Moldova used to be a solid ESC country but they seem to have lost it since last year. :(
    Good luck in 2016!
    Thanks for all the interviews Jane!

  5. After “The Moon” , the chaos…

  6. It’s coming….

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