TEKO 2015: The Semi-finals!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – We now know our final 4 acts in this year’s Eurovision Knockout competition!  They will battle it out in 2 semi-finals over the next few days and the pressure is now really on.

The Semi-final draw:

SF1: Norway v Sweden

SF2: Israel v Slovenia


Please listen to the two competing entries:

Norway  Norway – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – ‘A monster like me

Sweden  Sweden – Måns Zelmerlöw – ‘Heroes’

To hear the song click on the respective flag!

The Voting:

As you have now listened to both songs, let’s go on with the voting. Please vote for your personal favourite out of the two songs.

Europe… start voting now! (and visitors from the rest of the world of course!)

Unlike other polls on this website you will not see the current standings of the voting! The winners of the SFs will be revealed on this blog in the next few days, so stay tuned!

26 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Semi-finals!

  1. Why not Israel VS Sweden!? Grrrrr!
    I voted for Norway but I am almost sure that overrated Sweden will win!

  2. Two clear choices for me: Norway and Slovenia.

  3. My vote went to Scandinavia. :)

  4. Norway VS Sweden?? OH THE PAIN!!! My vote came down to the one I most want to win in Vienna.

  5. Congratulations Norway you have made me vote for Sweden that is how rubbish your song is

  6. norway for me. i just want sweden to stop being so hyped. and slovenia has to win teko.

  7. How well do you know this year’s Eurovision Song Contest participants. Find out, and take the quizzes below:

    • Took 2 tests, Sweden and UK, got 4/5 on Sweden and 5/5 on UK

      Only question I got wrong was the year he was born and ESC hosted in Bergen, I put 87 turns out it was 86

    • I was very lucky. I tried Måns Zelmerlöw, and I didn’t really know the answers, except that of his birth year (because they said it was the year of the Bergen contest). I just answered randomly and got 5/5. Now I don’t even remember the questions anymore.

  8. My number one vs my number two. I hope Norway wins

  9. NORWAY by miles! Stop the gimmicks.

  10. I like both songs, on different genre I find them both “good” but not “excellent” and both overhyped by fans. Based on performance to decide for now, I vote Sweden. But I’m open to change my mind with the Vienna performances…

  11. Well going against my own country (Sweden) and voting for my neighbour instead ;)

  12. How is this difficult? Sweden, easily.

  13. 12 points go to, (easiest vote I ever gave) to SWEDEN!!!

  14. My own country, Norway!

  15. Norway is sti my favorite

  16. We´ve already reached the semis. I only really lile Slovenia among this four. TEKO has become very uninteresting as far as I am concerned. I voted for Norway with no enthusiasm.

  17. I just peeked at the votes so far… wow it’s close, get your votes in fast if you haven’t done so already and want your favourite to win!

  18. Voted for Norway. It may be a bit too depressive for my taste, but it also goes a bit deeper than “Heroes” – which is very complete and catchy, indeed a good pop song, but “A Monster Like Me” wants to be a bit more than that.

  19. Sweden by a mile. I can’t stand Norway

  20. Gosh
    Not long now :-)

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