Interview: Boggie from Hungary

interviewInterview – Boggie came to the London Eurovision press conference with her guitarist, and before talking to Eurovision Times she treated the press room to an impromptu performance of her Eurovision entry for Hungary ‘Wars for nothing’.

With a deep calm around her it’s no surprise when we get talking that she describes her song as “a peaceful song, a song about peace and a song for peace”.  Her interview shows how committed she is to making a positive change with her music.

We talked first about her Flashmob tour of Europe, where she is promoting ‘Wars for nothing‘ in a Facebook co-ordinated campaign.

“Now I’m doing my flash mob tour all over Europe, and my last station will be Vienna.  And in Budapest as well when I did this flash mob I invited my Facebook followers, my friends, to sing along with me – more than 200 people came to sing with me on a Saturday morning, and it was quite beautiful.

“So my flash mob tour is not just Budapest and Vienna , there are 7 countries and London is my 4th station now, in front of St Paul’s Cathedral, and I really hope that people will come to sing with me.”

Boggie Hungary

I wondered whether the song’s message was coming close to putting something political on the stage in Vienna?

“I don’t think so, its a really global song, nothing political inside the lyrics, just feelings, thoughts about peace, and I think every human being has to think about it … because some European countries live in peace but the others don’t.  Or just think about Africa, or just think about Asia, enough people suffering, and I think with positive thoughts and positive feelings we can raise people’s attention to this issue, and I strongly believe that through music we can make the world a better place.

“I think music is much more powerful than some people might think.  And you know why I’m thinking that? Because I had a wonderful song last year which went viral all over the world, its called ‘Perfume’, and this is also a really communicative song with a strong message, its about self acceptance.  And after the song I got hundreds of letters from all over the world, a lot of people could connect with the song, and I saw a lot of positive changes because of my song, and that was the moment that I decided that I have a big responsibility and I have to sing a lot for people.

“I know that I am able to help people with my music because I already could with my song ‘Perfume’, and I think that ‘Wars For Nothing’ has got the same way.”

So is entering Eurovision part of a deliberate plan to reach a wider audience?

“Yes of course.  In my career its a big step to be performing in Vienna and reach a big audience.”

I wonder whether she already knows Vienna well, and whether she has plans to do anything during Eurovision, apart from the Flashmob and rehearsals!

“Not so well but I’ve been there 4 times, I had 2 concerts there and I went to a Beyonce concert at the Stadthalle, and I went to the Porgy & Bess Jazz Club.

“I will spend 2 weeks there and I will have a very busy schedule now, interviews, conferences, little gigs, rehearsals …”

So you’ll be doing some performing while you’re there?

“Yes definitely!

Thanks to Boggie for the chat, and Jane for conducting the interview!

jane Boggie

3 comments on “Interview: Boggie from Hungary

  1. Boggie is a sweet young lady. Good luck!

  2. This is brilliant. One of my faves!

  3. Love her!!

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