Greece: Meet Maria Elena Kyriakou

Maria Elena KyriakouGreece – This year Maria Elena Kyriakou has been chosen to represent Greece in the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. She will be singing her ballad “One Last Breath” in the First Semi Final hoping to qualify for the grand final.

Song: “One Last Breath”
Composers: Efthivoulos Theocharous, Maria-Elena Kyriakou, Vangelis Konstantinidis and Evelina Tziora

About Maria Elena Kyriakou:
Thirty-One year old Maria was born in Larnaca, Cyprus and has three siblings including her brother Kyriakos Pavlou who is a professional Soccer player for the Cypriot team  AEK Larnaca F.C. In 2006 Maria got her degree in Greek literature and Humanities becoming a professor afterwards. Her musical career started after winning the first series of The Voice in Greece under the mentorship of Despina Vandi. She has three children from her marriage to journalist Gregoris Gregoriou.

Maria Elena Kyriakou

Maria won the right to represent Greece after beating four other singers in the Greek National Final on MadTV where she managed to win both the jury and public vote. Greece are currently 18th favourite to win in Vienna

(Taken from eurovision.tv)

My soul, I guess I’m just no one
you killed me and I am done, without a gun
my light has fade, I feel betrayed
just can’t be brave, without faith
How could you leave?


I’m begging you take me
wherever you have gone
come back and save me
don’t want to be alone
nothing left, I just have
one last breath

I’ m begging you take me
out of this firing hell
come back and save me
what happened wasn’t fair
nothing left all that I have
is one last breath
only one last breath

Couplet II

Just pain, fake love and drunken lie
Ι struggle to survive, I’m still alive
I’m fighting tears and fears apart
but still it’s dark, inside my heart

Maria Elena Kyriakou on Social Media:
Twitter: @kymrlnkrk
Facebook: Link
Website: Link

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15 comments on “Greece: Meet Maria Elena Kyriakou

  1. 5,5/10
    Prediction : 7-12 in semi.
    Good luck (we are gonna need it)

  2. I think she looks stunning in that white and blue dress. The Greek entry sounds so much better in Greek, but she will sing it in English. :(

  3. Love her and the song even if it is in English

  4. I like Maria-Elena’s voice!She seems to be a rather shy person but when she gets on stage she knows how to perform a song.The song itself is nohing to write home about.It’s an average esc ballad with a smart hook at the end that may help it a lot in the semis.For now and without knowing how they’ll stage it,i see it as a borderline qualifier.Good luck!

  5. Okay, I’ll call it – worst ballad of the year. Sorry, Greece.

    • One of the worst yes but I think Norway, Cyprus and Latvia and France are worse

    • I disagree. It’s far from being an above average song, but there are worse ballads available – Russia, Azerbaijan and Hungary for instance. It reminds me of last year’s winning song actually and Maria-Elena is a classy performer.

      P.S. – I must face the inevitable and rank these 39 songs now that FDLC 6 is over; oh well…

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