TEKO 2015: The Results of QF4!

TEKO 2015 smTHE Eurovision Knockout 2015 – The votes have been counted in Quarter-final 4 of The Eurovision Knockout 2015!  The last QF of the season saw Belgium and Slovenia going head to head to try and win a place in the semi-finals! There was  clear winner. Check the result now…

The result of QF4:

Belgium  36%
Slovenia 64%

Well done to Slovenia’s Maraaya with ‘Here for you‘ who progresses to the semi-finals.

Voting in the semi-finals will open tomorrow!

10 comments on “TEKO 2015: The Results of QF4!

  1. It seems that those slovenians from last year kept voting and voting…. :P

  2. Sad it’s such a massive result to me. But now, don’t see who can stop Mans from winning TEKO too!

  3. I expected Slovenia to win this.I wish they’ll have a shot at claiming the esc crown on May 23rd!

  4. Expected and deserved!

  5. Slovenia is good but better than Belgium? Nope! I have Slovenia down as one of the surprise non qualifiers

  6. Good songs both of them :-)

  7. I am suprised to see Slovenia win this duel by such a margin …

  8. Judging the comments thought Belgium would win

    Much prefer sLOVEnia though, I currently have it ranked 5th.

    By in large it has been a good Teko for me, my #1 (Sweden) #2 (Israel) and #5 (Slovenia) have all made it to the Semi Finals, only Norway spoils it for me (37th)

  9. I voted Belgium knowing full well that Slovenia would win. Sad-but-not-surprised face.

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